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FS/FT 92 Expo $4k obo TRANSMISSION FIXED - Watertown WI

Just a quick note, $2700 is my rock bottom, lowest I can possibly EVER go on the Expo, it's priced to sell FAST, hopefully will close a deal one way or another asap, at this price I can't imagine it being around very long, but if for some reason It's not sold by this coming friday, I will be tearing it apart and swapping all the parts into a 1g dsm, and throwing the expo into a storage shed until a later date. Cash talks, it's ready to be sold as of yesterday, I've officially stopped working on it. I'm available basically 24/7 to show it, sell it, txt or phone convo's, if someone would like to make something happen, get a hold of me and we'll see if we can't reach an agreement.

Btw, thanks to for your leniency on my FS thread (Being an expo, new member ect...) Much appreciated.


I for one enjoyed this thread, but I', sure you'd enjoy it more when you sell it finally!!

Best of luck!!

Tis true! I've had the pleasure of owning the expo twice in about a year and a half's time, put alot of work and money into it, had a baby boy, and need to weed eat the projects out for a while lol! But I thank everyone for their support, I've listed this on quite a few websites, and believe it or not, it wasn't always posative (No names, but chitown dsm was quite hostile LOL)


Well-known member
Jan 9, 2005
Tampa, FL.
This maybe a crazy question, but is it a 5 passenger or 7? I need room for the wife and kiddies.

You could always pick this one up /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif What did you have done to the summit wagon?

would you trade for a 92 plymouth colt swapped 4g61t my car is a 8 out of 10 its white evo seats frank 3 turbo it went 12.6@112 on street tires my number is 860 307 6614 my name is tony give me a call i also have money

Relisted it on ebay again, any takers? $2500 cash, great price! Can't believe I still have this LOL

Just a quick note, im open to trades that are awd or 4wd, dont be afraid to ask, worst I can say is no thank you

Monday, December 8th: Transmission replaced, works beautifully, power steering put on also. Price back up to 4k OBO or trade for gvr4 or awd 2g dsm.

Uploaded a video of me and a few guys playing in a parking lot in the expo, lots of fun haha

Damn the distance, the best cars are soo far away..

bump for good seller and truly awesome swap /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/applause.gif

Okay, so I have been getting SWAMPED by emails on this thing (It was sold quite a while ago) BUT I have a project coming along the same lines as this... I am planning on taking the 2.4L Mitsubishi Expo fwd, 5 speed, and doing this: Eagle talon rear suspension + hubs + drivetrain, Eagle talon front suspension + hubs + drivetrain, 4g63t 6 bolt w/ 23 spline trans n xfer case. If I can get a good offer on it, I'll build it with a stock engine and simply do the swap with the intensions of selling it. If I don't end up selling it, it'll recieve the same treatment, just a different engine/trans/turbo setup (Same styles).

The end result should be a fairly light expo (This one is the SHORT expo/summit) that is awd, 5 speed, turbo, and 6 bolt swapped... I haven't found a single expo/summit in the world that has been awd swapped (THe short ones, only the huge big expos came awd from factory, like my first one was) so it will be pretty wicked, comparable to a honda wagovan in size + weight, awd (Both platforms are) and a 4g63 to boot. Will update this thread with information on the new project as its available, as I can imagine it will be sold a dsmer. Will take pics along the way, log parts + reciepts ect! If anyone wants to get ahold of me, 920 941 9176 (Call on weekends, txt anytime) or [email protected], or pm me! Thanks for the interest, i'll have another toy for you guys soon


Well-known member
Mar 16, 2003
Haymarket, VA
Are you talking about the 5 passenger Expo's? I think they did come awd. If short Expo didn't the Eagle Summit wagon did. Check it out. I think are a lot more of the short awd's around than the 7 passenger, not swapped though.

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