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FS/FT 92 Expo $4k obo TRANSMISSION FIXED - Watertown WI

Update! Video of the expo playing in the snow

UPDATE!!!!: Monday, December 8th: The transmission has been replaced, shifts beautifully, also the power steering was put on, works great!!! $4k OBO CASH OR GVR4 ONLY

Hey guys, I was pointed to this forum in attempt to sell this unique monster. What we have here is a 1992 Mitsubishi Expo Wagon, It has been properly converted to running the 6 bolt 4g63 talon engine, the 91 talon awd transmission, completely rewired with 91 talon electronics (Engine wiring mostly) and is fully functional. The wiring is not hacked by any means, and is able to be troubleshooted/used as a normal dsm wiring harness, simply look at the colors in your chilton for a 91 eagle talon, match your wires, and wire whatever it is your attempting to modify, pretty cool eh? As far as driveability is concerned, it drives pretty good, and hauls pretty nicely. The interior is VERY nice, clean, complete. The exterior I would rate an 8/10. For the most part, it's extremely unique and on the market, and looking for a new home. The first time I owned this vehicle, I threw it together, beat the snot out of it and parted it out n sold the shell. This time I bought it back, completely rewired all the electronics with new, unhacked or molested wiring, crammed a bunch of brand new parts in it, and now am attempting to sell it as a running, driving, very easy to understand and work on vehicle. Essentially, as far as mechanical is concerned, it's 99% identical to a 91 eagle talon, as far as electronics, drivetrain, engine ect...

Please note: I should be able to provide receipts for all the new parts, either printed out from ordering online, or store carbon copy receipts!

For ANY information that may be helpful in understanding more about this vehicle, please read these previous threads, also pictures are available their, more upon request.

Here's the parts list, It contains all the new parts, and/or used parts of INTEREST.
-New timing belt
-New balance shaft belt
-New hydraullic tensioner
-New timing pulley's (Idler and tensioner)
-New water pump
-New alternator
-New alternator belt + tensioner bolt
-Used 2g exhaust manifold (Ported pretty good, and tapped for an EGT probe)
-New Big 16g Turbo
-Used evo 3 o2 housing w/ mild porting
-New Bosch o2 sensor
-2.5 to 3" downpipe
-3" V-band clamped exhaust (With Jspec's optional side exit track pipe)
-Magna flow 40 series muffler (Nice deep tone with this setup)
-New master & slave cylinder
-Non abs brake setup
-Dual piston calipers upfront
-8.5mm Magnacore spark plug wires
-New ngk platinum spark plugs (.040 gap for now)
-New injector resistor pack
-New coolant temp sensor + coolant level sensor
-New oil pressure sensor
-New knock sensor
-New oil feed (From the housing) & oil return for turbo
-New turbo coolant lines/fittings
-New turbo mounting bolts/gaskets
-Fresh 10-30 Mobil 1 synthetic
-Fresh Mobil 1 synthetic 75-90 in trans, rear end, and transfer case
-90 throttle body w/ 90 TPS w/ new biss screw
-Used HKS SSQV (Not installed, factory is on right now)
-Standard dsm smic setup
-used Dejon TB elbow -> 2.5" (Not installed anymore, stock is on)
-New non cruise throttle cable
-New starter
-New thermostat
-New U joints in the driveshaft
-Reman (New?) Intermediate shaft/jack shaft (Drivers front)
-2x 255lph walbro's (Hump tank style)
-Asa 4 lug rims wrapped in Pirelli tires
-New 34-78 1000cca Redtop Optima (All wired to the rear)
-New Centerforce stg2 clutch w/ new matching pressure plate
-New Fidanza 9lb billet aluminum flywheel
-New Sbr 4ply couplers for the intercooler piping
-Cometic head gasket w/ ARP Head studs
-Python Injection ecu: Redone with new fuel caps, socketed for 680 cc injectors + no fuel cut, also have new terminal connectors for ecu harness

Every single gasket on this thing is brand new (Aside from head gasket, was on engine when I purchased it) w/ most of the gaskets being Nippon Racing nitrate treated (Mainly the exhaust ones)
Internally, this engine appears to be stock, and I am 100% Sure this head was either rebuilt, or from a very low milege car. It's picture perfect on the inside, looks brand new heh. We checked valve lash, looks great too. The block was checked over a little bit also when we swapped oil pans n what not, everything looks really good, didn't see any kind of metal to worry about, piston walls look very nice. I Believe it to be a stock block internally. Basicly a good solid motor on the inside w/ the cometic and the ARP's.

Another thing to note, is that the remainder of the sensors (Cas, coil pack, mpi ect...) We're all fully tested to make sure they were in spec, and weren't replaced because they work beautiful, and are within the peramiters that they should be. I didn't skip anything on this project, I had plenty of time, the cash & resources to do it at the time, and had plenty of free time while waiting for the parts to come in heh

I'm also open to trades, here's my stipulations:
-Must be a grv4, 2g awd dsm, and must be even up at the MAX.

TEST RIDES AVAILABLE!! Must bring either $4000 in cash, or the pre arranged *Trade* proposal, if you want a straight up ride in the car, be honest, I don't mind
Thanks for the interest, let's find this thing a new home, I've got a baby to keep me busy this winter lol

Vehicle is located in Watertown, Wisconsin 53094. Feel free to call me @ 1 920 248 2899 if you have a serious interest in the vehicle. I can answer ANY questions you could possibly have for this vehicle, and am a rather easy guy to negotiate with. My price is pretty FIRM given the type of vehicle i'm selling, it does have a few rough spots, but nothing that a normal mechanic couldn't work on, my loss your gain, wanna own something truly unique? Hit me up! Thanks guys, I will still try to check these forums daily, but Like I said phone works much much better.






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Well-known member
Mar 26, 2008
Wilmington, De
Nice, not too many of these swaps are followed thru with. I'm going to see if I can't come up with some cash, what a sleeper!

Definately, if you have serious interest and want to line up a deal, feel free to call me at any time! Or pm/email whatever works for you, thanks guys


Well-known member
Aug 6, 2002
central Indiana
I bet that thing would make a STi owner cry. That and a few other drivers who can't figure out why that ugly POS van thingy just spanked them off the road.

Any takers? The expo gets power steering, an egr valve setup, some more fine tuning with the ignition, and possibly a new trans this week (no gaurentee on transmission, but none of these will effect price). Will trade even up for a clean gvr4, or something interesting or nice? Take a shot, The worst I can say is no


Well-known member
Jan 11, 2007
Aurora IL
I usually don't like to extraeneous post in FS ads.. but this thing's badass, and I would own it yesterday if I had any room for it. Almost tempted to sell my Volvo. Good luck!


Well-known member
Aug 30, 2005
Savannah, GA
I love it. Would buy it in a heartbeat too if the shell was clean and none of that rust damage on the fenders. GL bro!!!

The only bad spot is on the one fender (pics located in links) Other then that the shell is VERY clean, under body is very nice, no real dents or gouges, she's beautiful.

Also I have your pm, working on those pics still, will get those asap!

Just a quick note, if anyone would be interested in it as a SHELL (I pull my engine n trans n transfer case, leaving axles, ecu, custom engine mounts, ect... drop engine/trans/xfer n go) lmk, I can try n get some more current pics, pictures of how it looks as a shell (it really hasnt changed exterior lol) can be found in those 3 links, but I will try n get some more pictures as soon as I can.

Okay it's raining like crazy, but I wanted to get some more snapshots of the expo, here's some pics!













Any offers at all? Getting pretty motivated to get this thing gone, want to start a new project

This thing looks pretty cool, PM me and give me your bottom buck. I'm in Wisconsin also so this could happen quickly.

Got a couple guys interested, 1 local on a trade, 2 possible with cash, and Bill! First one to make a deal gets it, it's not sold until It's gone! Odds are you won't see one like this again, come snatch it up while it's still available, you won't be disappointed.
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