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Clutch - SB Endurance Stg 3 vs Clutch Masters FX300 or Fx350

Dan D

Well-known member
Feb 27, 2001
Brownsburg, IN
My Centerforce finally gave up. Love the clutch. It's always been the weak point though. It could never hold what the car wants to give so I've always dialed it back to the limit of what it would tolerate.
Car makes 400 ft lbs on 93 could probably be 450+ on E85 but the one time I tried, the clutch cried for a week.

I'm so far from the galant's days as a daily it makes no sense to hold it back for the sake of a nice to use clutch. I don't drag race so a puck is out. I'm focusing mostly on the clutches in the title as 450ft-lb capable clutches with a street, road race type nature.

Has anyone used either the SB or Clutchmasters? Good choice, bad choice?
Can you get 10k or so miles out of either near their limit (assuming you don't do stutter box dumps often)?


Staff member
May 17, 2004
Seattle, WA
Has anyone used either the SB or Clutchmasters? Good choice, bad choice?
I don't make that much power and can't speak to other brands, but the SB clutch I have are awesome. I went with the SS pressure plate (2200lbs.) and the TZ-B, both held really well. I've mostly seen praise for their stuff and would definitely buy them again. Hopefully others with more miles or power can chime in.


Active member
Oct 27, 2017
I've used so many combinations between my cars throughout the years. I love southbends disks and are the only disk i use for the past 10+ years. I pair the disk with a act 2600 PP. There full kevlar disk is by far my favorite and took a lot of abuse and hot lapping. A simple cool down and it's good as new. I was low 500's on that disk and it only gave when i switched to a T4 turbo. My 2nd favorite disk is there dual friction disk. This was in my last galant and it held low 600 all day. I've only installed one clutchmaster clutch on a locals car and it felt okay. He wasn't making any real power so i can't give to much input on it. If the car is something to have fun with on weekends and you don't mind a little rattle the comp twin disks are nice as well as the 8 leg quarter master.
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