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  1. FS: LKQ GREENVILLE NC is showing a Galant VR4 on their yard

    It’s totally ransacked. The dash looked like was was perfect and just needed a deep clean... someone came through and decided to cut air vents out with a dull butter knife. Dog legs/body panels all gone. Front fenders are there but not in good shape. Fuel pump hangar was gone etc etc
  2. FS: 1992 galant vr4 project in NJ-5k

    Nice to see you still have the car Muggus! Although its in pieces, at least its not another lost cause sent to the scrap yard.I'm the previous owner of 597/1000. I bought the car in the Lehigh Valley, PA area back in 2009 from someone on a local forum. When I bought it the passenger side...
  3. GSX_TC's Photoshoot Pics

    looks awesome, only thing i can complain about is the weather stripping needs some TLC. car looks great otherwise!
  4. 504/2000 Restoration project and 2 other VR4. Why do I love these cars!!

    your car is absolutely spotless. seriously man, awesome work... white is my favorite as well!!
  5. FS: 92 Galant vr4 439/1000 $8,000.00 Portland OR

    Well I can possibly work on the price if you can give me more info on the galant and some pictures that aren't 3 years old.
  6. FS: 92 Galant vr4 439/1000 $8,000.00 Portland OR

    i was thinking 19kif you could send me some pictures of the galant and more specs with mileage etc that would be great! if you didnt notice i am in hawaii, stationed at schofield barracks. not in PA anymoreany rust on the galant?
  7. FS: 92 Galant vr4 439/1000 $8,000.00 Portland OR

    2006 evo 9 with 23,XXX miles. have to double check for a positive number. bought the car with 13,8XX on it all stock november 2010. since then ive put quite a few bolt ons. i didnt go crazy with the car so i can keep it as my reliable DD, which it has been for me!map rev3 IM map rev3...
  8. from a evo to a vr4?

    Quoting evox2vr4: Want to trade? Cash on your end? HahaQuoting dsmgst: im about to do the same. i regret getting rid of my vr4. i now have an EB ix with super low miles, and i absolutely love the car but there are just too many driving around. i miss that unicorn feeling the galant had lol...
  9. from a evo to a vr4?

    im about to do the same. i regret getting rid of my vr4. i now have an EB ix with super low miles, and i absolutely love the car but there are just too many driving around. i miss that unicorn feeling the galant had lol.anyone looking to step up to an evo, lmk!
  10. SOLD JDM white power mirrors with switches and harness SOLD

    motor and turbo set up sold already?!im pissed youre parting it out, more pissed i missed this whole thread until now!
  11. FS: 1991 Vr4 Roller 801/2000 in CT SOLD

    sorry for the late response! but yes if you could find a company and price that would be great. i would be able to let you know if its something i can do right now!
  12. FS: 1991 Vr4 Roller 801/2000 in CT SOLD

    debating on picking this up right now. i leave for hawaii the 4th and will be shipping out 597 to DD. depending on price to ship this out and when i am getting deployed i think ill pick it up from you. i really want a white roller to work on to keep me busy and turn into a monster!
  13. FS: DMS 50mm "Giant" Coilovers VR4 Specific w/ Noltec Camber/Caster Plates

    Pardon my ignorance but are these that good of coilovers for 4k?!!
  14. Feeler: 1992 White GVR4, Lake Orion, MI, --not for sale any more--

    Definitely would be intered in the roller.. Cash in hand, just waiting on orders to see where I'll be stationed at next!!
  15. FS: 1991 GVR4 Badgeless Shell Tucson AZ $650 (SOLD)

    I havent forgotten about this. My orders changed on me so I'm stuck in limbo not knowing where I'll end up at the moment. Once I find out where I'm going I will let you know and try to get the car over to me!
  16. FS: 700whp + 91 Galant VR4 $15,000 OBO Hanover,PA

    muscle cars also bring in the money, these dont as i am sure you already know.
  17. The never ending build of 1062.

    makes the diff a lot stronger, and distributes the power up 50% to the front and back wheels.
  18. OK who is this

    thats funny. people cant spell, and make it into a neighboring city of Ft hood. never been to ft hood, but i hear killeen is not that nice.
  19. FS: 03 tarmac black evo VIII allentown pa 15k or partial trade

    how much for back to stock??
  20. ATTENTION: Evo Owners....

    are you in 1st ID... i would assume so! my very good friend is in iraq and coming back to ft riley in 3weeks or so. he has an '05 ww RS and grew up on dsm's. PFC walker is his name. thats kinda crazy haha. how do you like 25S? im at ft gordon right now for 25U, kinda wanna reclass to combat??
  21. ATTENTION: Evo Owners....

    a diesel and my gvr4 race car. im happy. was really leaning towards an evo with fpred/stock block combo but now im deciding against it! stay with your roots and have something to tow the car when it breaks
  22. FS: 06 evo 9 51k miles 17.2k firm!! IL

    far fetched, but is this still available?
  23. FS: 03 evo 8 78k miles 11,995 cash!! IL

    198,XXX and 78,XXX miles are two totally different animals LOLglws!
  24. FS: 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Quad Cab SLT HD 4x4 $22,500 Cali.

    awesome price for a cummins with oober low mileage!!ill be in the market come fall time when im done boot camp, AIT, and jump school. really not a fan of dodges, but id pick this up in a heartbeat for that cummins! glws
  25. FS: 1991 654/2000 Nor Cal $8,000obo

    Still running a pathetic amount of boost on the 35r lol
  26. WoooHooo Snow! Post Your Snow Pics

    I feel like I was out all day today ripping Round town. I was definitely like the only vehicle out there other than plow trucks. LolI'm amazed at how well the car handles snow, let alone this much (20-24") I got it stuck once on a road that was no plowed for quite some time and then got closed...
  27. AWD Chrome moly crossmember w/ roll stop ?

    i would like more info on these as well.their lighter and cleaner/less bulkier looking!
  28. FS: 1994 Eagle Talon TSI w/ 89k miles SOLD

    those 7bolts are perfectly fine, and very strong like a 6bolt. it looks like a pretty clean car, and a great price now too!im not a huge fan of 1g's but if i got one it would be a 1gb black talon for sure!! glws
  29. #925 makeover, AMG wing,smooth sides, 3k big brakes, wheels.

    so AMG sides panels are smooth?!! i want these.
  30. dying carpet instead of painting. Update w/ pics!

    Quoting 4thStroke: Sounds like you should give those seats a good cleaning, too.
  31. 597/1000

    here is my relatively new acquisition, and the new vanity plate i got for it.the car was in need of a bath, but it was right after i had some fun in the snow
  32. a honda beat me

    this guy is cool haha
  33. Who here has a trailer/truck in PA or NY and wants to help?

    If you have the truck then just rent a trailer from uhaul for 40 dollars for the day!
  34. my new gvr4

    thank you!heres some of my DSM history i have. and the unfinished build i had going this past summer 2g2g2.3 s362and my newest edition! big plans in the making for it. ill make sure i finish this new project this time around though vr4vr4
  35. my new gvr4

    whats up guys!just picked up a '92 vr4 597/1000 (belize green) its my first galant. i have had 2 2g talons prior to this, so i am pretty familiar with the car. i had to scrap my big build i had going for my latest 2g(650ish) since i had no income. picked this up to drive around in until this...
  36. SOLD: 1991 Galant VR-4 #1267 of 2000 Pittsburgh, PA $1700

    He is out if town right now he told me... Once he gets back to me I am sending him money for the car and to get it shipped out to me this week hopefully!
  37. SOLD: 1991 Galant VR-4 #1267 of 2000 Pittsburgh, PA $1700

    If this other guy falls through I will get out there with a trailer asap to pick it up!
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