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  1. FS: Injectors $100 OBO shipped

    Now on eBay:click
  2. FS: Injectors $100 OBO shipped

    $100 OBO shipped for everything pictured. I think the non-OEMs are 680cc but could be 720cc. I believe 4 are high impedance and 4 are low.Call or text for fastest response since I rarely check this forum: 301 706 0908.
  3. FS: Grab Box $30 shipped <- Going in trash tomorrow

    All this stuff is going in the trash Friday. Flat rate shipping for a large box is $19 so please no offers less than $20.Hopefully I'm making this cheap enough that if someone has at least some need for at least one of these things then they'll pay $30 shipped for the whole thing, which...
  4. FS: Final Garage Cleanout

    $20 shipped each for boxes of random stuff. I put one of the sets of 680cc on eBay. Feel free to make an offer for everything I have left.
  5. FS: Final Garage Cleanout

    $25 shipped each for boxes of random stuff. Make an offer on all remaining items on eBay or the 2 sets of 680cc injectors pictured in this listing.
  6. FS: Final Garage Cleanout

    $500 obo
  7. FS: Final Garage Cleanout

    $600 shipped OBO for everything on eBay (save for watches and Nissan coils) plus both grab boxes and the 8 injectors pictured in this thread but not listed on eBay.
  8. FS: Final Garage Cleanout

    $30 each shipped for boxes full of random stuff. Feel free to make an offer on everything left on eBay plus the eight 690cc injectors listed in this thread but not on eBay.
  9. FS: Final Garage Cleanout

    Price drops on both boxes of random stuff. $40 shipped each.Also, still welcoming help IDing injectors and very much interested in liquidating what I have left on the cheap. Shoot me an offer.
  10. FS: Final Garage Cleanout

    Have 2 boxes of random stuff in medium flat rate USPS boxes. $50 shipped each. One contains a GM MAF and one contains HIB ballasts. Both contain some or none of: - 1g to 2g MAF pigtails - 1g to EVO pigtails - revised injector clips - NA injectors - IAC motors - throttle switches - other...
  11. FS: 2001 mirage/Evo 4

    Wow, that is nice! MOAR PICTARS PLEASE!!!
  12. FS: 4/1000 Galant VR4 for sale - $5000 (SOLD)

    ^^^The level of assembly required is not at all clear from the ad.
  13. SOLD

  14. Gsxconvert

    Wow, a "professional" scammer. Just from a quick read of your links, it looks like he's been scamming people online and in person for over 6 years. How is he still walking under his own power?
  15. WTB: 2g MAF and 1g -> 2d adaptor

    I can do one for $37 shipped. PM'ed as well.
  16. EB: Misc. Parts, Everything Discounted

    Prices lowered bump.
  17. EB: Misc. Parts, Everything Discounted

    I've already had people send me offers through ebay noting they are board members. Don't do this. Just PM me here on the board.Also, I'll have a large flat-rate box up for grabs with all my small left-over parts some time in the near future.
  18. EB: Misc. Parts, Everything Discounted

    I'm trying to get out of selling DSM parts. I may or may not continue to sell adapter harnesses once the rest of my inventory is cleared out. I can offer discounts on everything I have on ebay as long as you paypal directly. I will offer package deal discounts. I also have multiples of some of...
  19. FS: Kids Destroyed the PS3 game sale

    Quoting Hondasi88: I put it on craigslist and got 100 for it last week.Put what on craigslist? The games? Are they sold?
  20. FS: Kids Destroyed the PS3 game sale

    I'll take Terminator Salvation DC vs MK if you decide to split up and the price is right.
  21. FS: Black Top CAS

  22. FS: Black Top CAS

    $60 shipped OBO. Please PM all offers.
  23. FS: Black Top CAS

    $70 shipped. PM me for my paypal address.
  24. WTB: 450cc injectors

    Please PM price and condition. Thanks ahead of time.
  25. FS: 93 Eagle Summit minivan, AWD, 5spd, $2500 OBO, Waco, TX

    2250 OBO. It probably needs a new battery. I haven't started it in a few months. If it's still here in early August then I'll probably keep it for another year.
  26. EB: Used 2g Upper Heat Shield

    Price lowered. $5 off still applies.
  27. WTB: 390cc grey top injectors

    Please PM price and condition. Thanks.
  28. EB: Used 2g Upper Heat Shield

    $5 off listed price for board members that buy directly rather than through ebay. PM me if you're interested.Listing Link
  29. WTB: 450cc injectors

    Please PM me with price and condition. Thanks.
  30. WTB: Non-Cruise Control Throttle Cable

    I'm pretty sure they're cheaper than $50 new.
  31. EB: Greddy Type R BOV

    I'll give a $25 discount to any board member. The discount will be taken at the end of the auction.Auction Link
  32. Gsxconvert

    What about the fact that you said you sent my parts before I filed a claim? You even insisted that you sent the parts after I got my refund. Either you lied, or the parts you sent were lost in the mail. I think it's the former.Here's a message I got from this clown: "you got your money back...
  33. grocery_getter

    Excellent seller!
  34. Gsxconvert

    I never received my parts. Dude logged in yesterday. I'll PM you the contact info I have.
  35. 93 Eagle Summit Wagon AWD project

    That is one sexy summmit!!!Here's mine: clickIf it doesn't sell soon then I'm going to have to start gathering parts to turbo it, leaving it SOHC, of course.
  36. Gsxconvert

    I'll publicly state that if the items show up in the condition described then I will refund my original payment in full, even though it's been a huge hassle and almost a month since payment was sent.
  37. Gsxconvert

    I've heard nothing from gsxconvert other than him calling me some names. Still nothing about if he shipped my items or not. An "I'm sorry" would be nice, but I'm not going to hold my breath.
  38. Gsxconvert

    I hate to do this, but here it goes. I will stick to the facts:Price for items agreed upon and payment of $200 sent via paypal on 4/12.As of today, 5/2/12 at 4:52 central, I have not yet received my items nor proof of shipping.Seller is unresponsive to PMs. I know he's read them because...
  39. thedsmguy

    Not a good guy, but a GREAT guy!
  40. EB: Greddy Type R BOV

    I can go a little cheaper if you paypal directly versus buying through ebay.Ebay Link
  41. WTB: 450cc Injectors

    Please PM price and condition. Thanks in advance.
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