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  1. - WTB/WTT: Galant VR4 -

    Price Range: Up to 7500 Location: Utah Range: within 1000 miles Contact: [email protected] Details: I am looking for a good rust free vr4 that is in excellent shape. email me what you have and i can close quick. Thanks Matt
  2. SOLD: 1991 galant vr4 slc utah $3,600.00 obo sunroof, white, no rust

    Sold to a great soldier he is picking it up friday. Pending pickup its sold.ThanksMatt
  3. SOLD: 1991 galant vr4 slc utah $3,600.00 obo sunroof, white, no rust

    3300.00 last price drop before car goes to storageMatt8016605543
  4. SOLD: 1991 galant vr4 slc utah $3,600.00 obo sunroof, white, no rust

    3700.00 last price drop before it goes on ebay.Matt
  5. SOLD: 1991 galant vr4 slc utah $3,600.00 obo sunroof, white, no rust

    Battery moved to trunk, and diffrent intake thats it, everything else is all stock and never modded.Matt
  6. SOLD: 1991 galant vr4 slc utah $3,600.00 obo sunroof, white, no rust

    More picturesRight now has boost gauge on pillar buyer is getting stock pillar boost gauge is going back to asmo.I will get some more pics this weekend.
  7. SOLD: 1991 galant vr4 slc utah $3,600.00 obo sunroof, white, no rust

    clickabove has more pics and details.Matt
  8. SOLD: 1991 galant vr4 slc utah $3,600.00 obo sunroof, white, no rust

    1991 galant vr4 white with sunroof, no rust, runs and drives great has 184,000 miles on it. Runs and drives great has new capacitors in the ecu, new brakes all around and brake hoses and cv axles all around 15k miles on the timing belt.3800.00 or trade for fj40Matt...
  9. FS: 91 GALANT VR4 352/2000, SAN DIEGO, CA - $3000

    Is this still available?Let me know.Matt
  10. 185000 mile car maintenance questions and motor questions

    My 91 galant vr4 just turned 185k miles within the past month it has blown 2 rear brake lines, is that normal? They were the rear inner brake lines, what would cause this, age?Also at idle all stock what sort of vacuum should i have, i currently have about 17lbs of vacuum at idle.Lastly...
  11. TPS voltage at idle too high 91 galant vr4

    I was told the ecu had new caps is that one of the symptoms of bad caps on the ecu or leaking caps?Do you think its a bad tps? I did the whole voltage sweep and it went from .87 to 4.9 volts but it wont go lower and it has no flat spots voltage wise on it.One last question will a...
  12. TPS voltage at idle too high 91 galant vr4

    Yeah i have A 91 galant and my tps at idle is .87 i know its supposed to be at 10 percent or roughly .5 at idle what would cause me to have such a high value I tried to adjust it and .87 is the lowest it will go. ALso what voltage trips the check engine light? I am thinking .90, is this bad to...
  13. Body Cladding Removal

    Is the body cladding on the vr4 bolted on or is it done with double sided tape?I saw a couple screws on the rockers but was just wondering, I want to remove mine and spray it with some rust preventer paint because there is alot of salt in utah? Also is there any areas specifically that rust...
  14. Water On passanger side floor, leaky winsheld or what?? Heater core is good.

    Just was cleaning my car and noticed water was on the passenger floor pulled up part of the carpet and its pretty wet, its been raining here alot, is this caused by a leaky winshield or what would cause it? I know its not the heater core at all. Seems to retain water when its parked outside...
  15. wheel picture thread

    I looked and can't seem to find a wheel picture thread. Is there one? If not can u please post a picture of your vr4 and the wheels and size and backspace on your car. Thanks. Matt. I need to get new wheels my wheels are cracked.
  16. Cold start issue ect?

    I am actually looking for a computer or ecu or ecm whatever you call the computer for a 91 vr4 with a manual transmission where is the best place to get one at? Also can I send in my current computer to get it configured for the vr4? Thankd matt
  17. Cold start issue ect?

    So where could I get a socketed ecu at? Maybe I can just keep this one as a spare ecu. where are u guys getting your ecu at? Thanks for all ur help. Matt
  18. Cold start issue ect?

    No check engine light. I do have a small header exhaust leak till it warms up.Matt
  19. Cold start issue ect?

    It also has md 165531 ecm in it which according to the tage is for a auto transmission with a manual trans would that be the main cause of the issue?Where is a good place to get a manual ecm?\ThanksMatt
  20. Cold start issue ect?

    Motor has 182k miles on it and runs about a maximum of 8-10 lbs of boost on it. Its all stock and has never been modified with regular oil changes.The car runs perfect when its completely warmed up just runs a little rough if i dont let it warm up in the morning. I would think it has...
  21. Cold start issue ect?

    I have a galant vr4 1991 and its extremely cold here in utah, the issue i am having is if i dont let it warm up for 10-15 minutes it is pretty low on power, what would cause this the engine coolant temp sensor or what?I try to let it warm up as much as i can but sometimes i get in a hurry...
  22. 1992 galant vr4 passenger door is stuck closed?

    Issue has been resolved, it looks like a chunk or piece from my door handle fell off and lodge between the door because it wouldnt unlock all the way so neither the key nor handles would let it open. Got a piece of wire and dislodged it and lubed all my door super good.Thanks for all your...
  23. 1992 galant vr4 passenger door is stuck closed?

    Still cant get the darn door unstuck. Got a slim jim to no avail. Open to other options pm me the info or suggestions.Its like the door is still locked closed and the actuator is seized down. Tried a slim jim, and that didnt even work.Matt
  24. 1992 galant vr4 passenger door is stuck closed?

    Nope not really at all just like moving nothing.Pulled it and its moving the rod just not releasing it.Matt
  25. 1992 galant vr4 passenger door is stuck closed?

    It is the front passenger door, and yes I tried the inside handle.Still wont open.Matt
  26. 1992 galant vr4 passenger door is stuck closed?

    I just bought a 1992 galant vr4 and the door is stuck closed, i go to open it and it wont open. Anyone have any tips or tricks to open it up? The door lock opens and closes but when i go to pull on it, its not releasing the door?Kinda frustrating to say the least. Where do I start at to...
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