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  1. ggsxkid

    MAF cleaner. 3rd gen V6/ EVO

    I may or may not give it a try with my 3g maf. I know for sure that I have start up/idle issues after the car has been warmed up/driven. It usually has a hard time after I come out of the store or get ready to bring it into the garage after a drive.
  2. ggsxkid

    New Galant AMG owner from DUBAI - UAE

    Welcome! Clean and beautiful car sir! I've always loved the AMG spoiler.
  3. ggsxkid

    RPM resonance. Front hood, dash?

    That's a bummer! I was really curious too. As time has gone on with my exhaust I'm more like an old man. Kinda wish it was quieter. :rofl:
  4. ggsxkid

    VR4 at Pick-n-Pull in Tacoma WA

    I spy intercooler pipes from an ETS kit?!
  5. ggsxkid

    Drivable Galant VR4s

    My laziness is part of the reason why I don't drive it so much. Im pretty sure I've got a junk axle on the stock 3 bolt. I have a 4 bolt that needs to be refreshed and go in. But I also will be doing a 4ws delete and the original front rack leaks. So it's a combination of all the work involved...
  6. ggsxkid


    Honestly it looks like an eBay special of back in the day. Most look like the key above.
  7. ggsxkid

    RPM resonance. Front hood, dash?

    All good I totally understand. I'm at stock boost level right now. But 20 psi and some light suspension work is all I plan for mine as well. OEM + if you will. I feel like with today's current issue for drivetrain parts it's the best way to enjoy these cars.
  8. ggsxkid

    RPM resonance. Front hood, dash?

    Man all of this is the truth. My car was stock when I bought it and not half bad lol.
  9. ggsxkid

    94' JDM 7th Gen VR4, new owner. NEED HELP FINDING PARTS! And anything else a 6A12tt owner should know? guys may be helpful to you. They specialize more so in 8th gen rebuilds and parts allocation. Hell they even sell/piece together manual swaps for customers.
  10. ggsxkid

    RPM resonance. Front hood, dash?

    Yes, I have the exact system 3" with dual tips. I'm just chalking it up to the regular "mods have trade offs" mindset. If I'm not mistaken I get a nice vibration/shake in the rear view around that rpm as well. But I also have the boostin fab rear engine mount, and roll stop/crossmember and I...
  11. ggsxkid

    Drivable Galant VR4s

    1104/2000 is alive and well!
  12. ggsxkid

    Who’s still alive in here

    There's an "old crew" thread in the anything goes area with Iceman, ohb, and few other names i recognize from back in the day. I joined the original page around 05 or so. Glad to see some more guys making their ways back! :rofl:
  13. ggsxkid

    New Product Proposal for W5M33 Owners:

    Haha I just came here to share this.
  14. ggsxkid

    Worth parting or try to get driving?

    I mean if it's a clean chassis it's not worth parting out. It's gonna take time and might be hard to find all the parts. But if your not willing to go through with the rebuild you might want to try your best to sell that shell to someone who will. Just remember you can use a lot of parts engine...
  15. ggsxkid

    waste gate actuator

    So it seems. As long as it's of the 16g flavor.
  16. ggsxkid

    waste gate actuator

    If it is for sure an original actuator it should be 11psi for 1g, VR4, and evo 1-3 actuators according to extreme psi and the OEM wastegate they used to sell.
  17. ggsxkid

    What is that smell?

    I feel like its the leather. Back in the early 2000's when I had both my GSX and my VR4 I noticed a distinct smell difference between the two. Obvious difference was the GSX had cloth seats vs the leather of the VR4. And I agree I loved the smell of the VR4. Best part was smelling that smell...
  18. ggsxkid


  19. ggsxkid


    As in the oil cooler that the filter screws down against? If so I have my original that didn't have any problems before I took it off. Just upgraded to a 90 ofh is all.
  20. ggsxkid

    '92 spotted on I-40 near Raleigh, NC

    "that's a name I've not heard in a long time" 😂Welcome back! Quite a few old school guys are making an appearance lately!
  21. ggsxkid

    Old new member

    Welcome back! I just returned about 2 yrs ago from a 10 year hiatus as well!
  22. ggsxkid

    Mediocre s16g, so now what??

    Other than the 68hta and the Evo III for the power numbers your looking for and stock appearance that's about it. That or their is a guy named Justin whitsell on the tuners pages that rebuilds turbos. He does hybrid turbo stuff as well and can build you a bastard 20g.
  23. ggsxkid

    FS: Thule/OEM Roof Rack - [Sold]

    Good price on an ancient relic from the past.
  24. ggsxkid

    WTB: GVR4 3 bolt axles.

    No worries. I'll be doing the same as well. Just was trying to stave it off for a bit. Looks like I'll just have to put it on jackstands sooner! :rofl:
  25. ggsxkid

    Getting there! 1410/2000

    I can dig it! Im getting ready to fluid film my car as well.
  26. ggsxkid

    WTB: GVR4 3 bolt axles.

    Any word guys? 😂
  27. ggsxkid

    Rear knocking noise?

    I've had a drive line vibration like it. It was only on decel and from 2-3k rpm. For me I swapped a trans with matching t-case, and rebuilt the driveshaft with no change after either. It was only after I swapped out the clutch and flywheel then it disappeared. Now the rivets for the hub on the...
  28. ggsxkid

    WTB: GVR4 3 bolt axles.

    All good man, we all get busy for sure. honestly my idea that I might have one going out a while back seems to be a reality now. Otherwise the post would have probably stayed dormant 😂
  29. ggsxkid

    WTB: ARP Head Stud Kit 6 Bolt 1G ARP # 207-4201

    I have a brand new set if you never found any?
  30. ggsxkid

    Newb with with stripped down vr4

    Yeah finding the parts will be the worst part but there are a few places where you can find them. Performance partout is one of them. Along with here, dsmtuners, and there are a few galant FB specific pages as well. Not to mention DSM classifieds/parts pages on FB too. Safe to say just stick to...
  31. ggsxkid

    Newb with with stripped down vr4

    "Hey everyone, new to DSM world and excited to get car running and enjoy these great cars." I always have to appreciate the early "DSM" optimism! 😂😂 Welcome! Personally I'd ditch the maft. plenty of newer/better options that are plug and play as well. I'd suggest just getting it running on stock...
  32. ggsxkid

    Back into it

    Glad to hear it finally sold! That car was worth every penny. If I had the room and an extra 16k I'd have bought it myself haha.
  33. ggsxkid

    Back into it

    I was able to purchase a stock one for $3500 last year but I attribute that to luck. Ther's a KG one for sale in the classifieds right now for $7500 rust free and pretty straight. I feel it's a worthy purchase.
  34. ggsxkid

    Smoking like a freight train. Looking for some diagnosis help...

    Agreed a good leak down test would help determine other things as well.
  35. ggsxkid

    Smoking like a freight train. Looking for some diagnosis help...

    I could be wrong but if I'm not mistaken smoke on decel/vacuum means leaky valve seals?? And if that theory is correct it would line up if you ask me age wise. I to had smoke with long idle times but not under boost. I changed the valve seals last winter and so far (knock on wood) have since...
  36. ggsxkid

    I'm Back

    No worries I've been following your build on FB. 😁
  37. ggsxkid

    FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    Another happy customer! Thanks again!
  38. ggsxkid

    93 headlights

    PM sent.
  39. ggsxkid

    WTB OEM rear Differential (Stock with pump)

    Right on, keep me posted or just message me. Thanks!
  40. ggsxkid

    WTB: GVR4 3 bolt axles.

    Perfect! And as for the cups I'm referring to the part that the tripod joint of the axle shaft goes into.
  41. ggsxkid

    WTB: GVR4 3 bolt axles.

    If anyone has a good set with little to no play in the cups I'd like to take them off your hands. Thanks for the space!
  42. ggsxkid

    Hard to believe I kept my VR4

    Get her back on the road! I sadly had to get rid of my first car back in 2012. Just bought another a year ago as the yearn never left. Let'er rip tater chip!
  43. ggsxkid

    WTB OEM rear Differential (Stock with pump)

    I know another member has the same exact listing as above but I just didn't want to hijack his thread. I am on the look out for another rear diff. I'm looking for something that was known good and working before removal (pump and all) and at worst just needs the case cover to be resealed. Let me...
  44. ggsxkid

    Wrong Timing Belt Pulley Installed?

    I mean I guess it can't hurt to do it. But I personally have never had an oil leak at the tensioner bolts with the two 4g's I've had and multiple t belt replacements. But maybe other people can chime in as to why it may happen?
  45. ggsxkid

    Wrong Timing Belt Pulley Installed?

    And that's the beauty of this website. I've never personally used the gates stuff so therefore i wasn't going to go recommending it right off the bat. However I myself am getting ready to install a full gates kit on my car.
  46. ggsxkid

    Wrong Timing Belt Pulley Installed?

    I've always stuck with OEM pulleys. I have seen non OEM fail/lock up. And honestly if you're there doing the one you might as well do all of them along with the belts, tensioner, and water pump. Especially if you don't know when the last time it was all done. And as far as the lower cover goes...
  47. ggsxkid

    Wrong Timing Belt Pulley Installed?

    Yeah I'd say it definitely has the wrong pulley. This is the original. And I'd say get your lower belt cover back on but obviously you have to replace that pulley first judging by how far it's sticking out haha.
  48. ggsxkid

    WTB: Evo III exhaust manifold.

    Hey guys, I'm on the hunt for a good condition Evo III exhaust manifold. Let me know what you guys have. Thanks!
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