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  1. FS: PA, 637/1000, 97k miles, Gray, $7000 (SOLD!)

    Could you post some engine pics I am interested in the car
  2. Finally got car back from shop 398@23psi

    It definitely makes me happy to see my old car put down some good hp, I am glad it ended up with someone who loves the car as much as I did. Can't wait to hopefully see this thing at the oc awd meet.
  3. Car Still Wont Idle (BC 272 Cams?)

    Quoting WesternMD_VR4: I posted a few Months back after getting some work done from Atlantic Motor Sports. I replaced the TB as thought could be problem but wasnt. maybe the ECU but I had cams installed a few months back and they have no idled right has to be something with the cams...
  4. FS: 1992 VR4 998/1000 in FL with JDM ( Super clean car) SOLD

    would you be willing to travel any, maybe meet me halfway? I am seriously interested in the car and have money, just cant drive from maryland down there with my schedule.
  5. FS:FT: md,91 galant vr4,holset hx35,built motor $5500

    A guy from northern md picked it up, it was bittersweet selling that car
  6. FS:FT: md,91 galant vr4,holset hx35,built motor $5500

    please delete car is sold!
  7. FS:FT: md,91 galant vr4,holset hx35,built motor $5500

    Thanks, they are 235/45/17.
  8. FS:FT: md,91 galant vr4,holset hx35,built motor $5500

    The engine has about 50k miles on it, there are no issues that keep it from being a reliable daily. I have actually been driving it daily since my vw broke and have had no problems. The a/c was removed from the car when I did the build.
  9. FS:FT: md,91 galant vr4,holset hx35,built motor $5500

    I am limited to my phone for internet right now and have not been able to get the pics to upload to the page.
  10. FS:FT: md,91 galant vr4,holset hx35,built motor $5500

    Md 1991 Mitsubishi Galant Vr4:holset+awdI am selling my 1991 mitsubishi galant vr4 it is belize green with black konig rated r wheels, I am looking for something a little more mild as I dont have money to keep putting into this car to get the full potential out of this setup. I am interested...
  11. WTB: 4 bolt axle cups

    I want to buy a pair of 4 bolt axle cups, I already have three 4 bolt rears with axles I just have no cups. Let me know what you have, my cell number is 443-880-0547
  12. FS: #627 partout leftovers, lowered prices again (added parts/pics)

    Would you sell just the 4 bolt axle cups i have three 4 bolt rears and axles just no cups to swap it
  13. FS: 5 lug swap. $100 shipped

    Hey man do you have any 4 bolt axle cups? I need a pair price shipped to 21874, thanks.
  14. FS: ACT 3200 6 puck clutch, Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel, Starter, DSMlink adapter

    Do you still have the intercooler piping with the tial bov on it?
  15. FS: 4 bolt, fwd flywheel, fsu, fuel pumps, abs delete

    how much for a walbro shipped to 21874?
  16. FS: 91 GVR4 partout belize green New england+ goodies

    could you send me some pics of the carrier bearings closeup 443 880 0547
  17. FS: 91 GVR4 partout belize green New england+ goodies

    I will take the driveshaft can you pm me your paypal info and ill send you the money
  18. FS: 91 GVR4 partout belize green New england+ goodies

    How much for the driveshaft shipped to 21874? and are the carrier bearings in good shape?
  19. FS: Parts - updated 8/4/13 - help me build a CSM - BIG PRICE DROP!!!!

    Hey man I tried pm'ing you about the driveshaft i could really use it, if the hanger bearings arent shot. I can work with you on shipping
  20. Parting out a GVR4

    I am interested in the driveshaft and fog lights shipped to 21874
  21. FS: every interior part i have and seats $150

    How much for the seat belts both sides shipped to 21874?
  22. FS: Parts - updated 8/4/13 - help me build a CSM - BIG PRICE DROP!!!!

    What condition are the carrier bearings on the driveshaft and how much for it shipped to 21874?
  23. WTB: Need 4 manifold to turbo bolts

    i changed my setup to t3 recently and have the turbo bolts still sitting from my mitsu setup

    i am looking for the intermediate shaft that bolts to the block with a good bearing, can be from any awd dsm let me know what you have thanks. my cell # is 443-880-0547
  25. FS: performance parts - too many to list-prices adjusted 7/12

    What are the measurements on the intercooler for $60 and the inlet/outlet size?
  26. FS: BG gvr4 shell part out.

    How much for the drivers door?
  27. 4ws delete and fuel system upgrade at the same time?...

    Yeah right where they are still hard line right before the diff looks like a good spot to run braided line to the pump, and in the engine bay right near the trans mount looks like a good spot to run the line to the rail
  28. 4ws delete and fuel system upgrade at the same time?...

    Yeah true it would still cut the cost of x amount of braided line to run the length of the car and eliminate having to drill and rivet line clamps all down the car since the 4ws lines are tucked neatly under the car in their factory mounts. Im not saying people should stop buying braided tank to...
  29. 4ws delete and fuel system upgrade at the same time?...

    This is just an idea me and a friend were discussing while underneath the galant on the lift, we were talking about the 4ws delete and I was showing him the lines from the engine bay to the rear rack and he said you realize you have good sized solid steel tubing running from your engine bay to...
  30. deleting power steering?

    I was curious to see if anyone has deleted the power steering on their vr4? I haven't been able to find anything through searching, I wanted to see how the steering and handling is without it. I plan on driving it mainly as a weekend car but I still want it to be driveable and manueverable on...
  31. External wastegate bumper exit

    That is exactly what I was looking for, I think the bumper exit wastegate looks and sounds great.
  32. External wastegate bumper exit

    I am doing a build on my gvr4 putting my built motor from my 2g in it and running a holset with 38mm wastegate. I am wanting to route my wastegate dump tube out the bumper with an aluminum plate, I know alot of 2g and 1g guys have done it but I have never been able to find any gvr4 guys running...
  33. Ocean City, MD cruise week-May 17-20 2012, Who Goes?

    The place to meet is either the burger king on 33rd street or the convention center on 40th street, those are the two big gathering places for locals. And the best places to sit and watch from too lol
  34. Ocean City, MD cruise week-May 17-20 2012, Who Goes?

    I live in ocean city and would love to see some GVR4's down here I am trying to get my holset setup together for this summer, my friend is trying to get his awd colt setup tuned too.
  35. FS: Cleaning out some Galant parts. Bucks County, PA

    Does the Profec B work, any pics?
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