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  1. FS: Longblock: 1g 6 bolt/2g head

    I have a 6 bolt block with 2g head, long block assembled. Unfortunately both the block and head are mysteries, so I can't guarantee they are okay, but they looked okay visibly. Comes with 1g intake/2g exhaust cams, balance shaft delete with proper spacer, intake manifold with egr blockoff, 2g...
  2. maaco paint job

    My guess is he was looking at the wrong year, or the wrong make somehow. This definitely looks closer to K Grey than the Nile Black it was probably supposed to be, but I think it's a nice color. And for that price I'd say you did good.
  3. FS: JDM RS Front Bumper Price Drop!

    Where will you be in the US?
  4. FS: JDM RS Front Bumper Price Drop!

    Last price drop. Won't even be for sale after tomorrow evening.
  5. FS: JDM RS Front Bumper Price Drop!

    I thought it was an RS but wasn't 100% sure. Thanks!Edit: Dropped the price too.
  6. FS: JDM RS Front Bumper Price Drop!

    It's white but the paint isn't in great shape. Other than that it seems to be in great condition, aside from a broken bolt in the license plate bracket. No fog lights at this time. I'm willing to ship, but it's totally up to the buyer how I ship it. I'm fine with just wrapping it and dropping it...
  7. Flashback time - 2005 Galant VR4 Calendar

    Quoting EMX5636: Quoting transparentdsm:f***ing love nates car. i drooled over this thing at MOD a few years ago. i love that intercooler. i want one so badly.If I ever sell mine, I'll let you know.Nobody wanted mine either when it was for sale.Click
  8. how much por15 do I need for my car

    If I recall, it "adheres" better to rust, but if you use their metal etching solution it should be fine. I took my entire engine bay down to bare metal and followed prep to a tee and there was rust starting the spring after I did it (in the fall). There hadn't even been rust in that location before.
  9. FS: New set of four Hankook Ventus Evo2 K120 255/40-R17 tires - sold

    Haha, seriously? What's stock on those, like 195?
  10. FS: New set of four Hankook Ventus Evo2 K120 255/40-R17 tires - sold

    If I had a set of 17x9 wheels I'd have bought these. GLWS!
  11. FS: MI jdm galant vr4 rs $10k

    OPs post still doesn't make a ton of sense. A rusty GVR4 is the perfect car to drive in the snow.
  12. My first gvr4

    Those are simply not a GVR4 item, or they've been recovered.
  13. My first gvr4

    The battery tray rust and the lidded airbox are both standard on GVR4s.
  14. Ohio or bust

    I couldn't think of too many places I'd rather live less than Ohio, but Cincinnati is as good as it gets for that state. You won't actually be all that close to the shootout, although you will be way closer than PNW obviously. I don't know the car scene there very well but there was another...
  15. FS: Hallman Pro Manual Boost Controller BNIB

    Selling a blue Hallman Pro Manual Boost Controller. Brand new in box. Can bring to shootout. Asking $65 obo + Shipping.
  16. FS: Apex'i Turbo Timer

    Someone pm'd me literally 2 minutes before you. Sorry man! Sold.
  17. FS: Apex'i Turbo Timer

    Can bring to the shootout. Apex'i turbo timer with DSM/GVR4 plug and play harness: $30 + shipping obo.
  18. FS: Stainless Brake Hoses

    Full set of Goodridge stainless brake hoses. Look to be very low mileage, but I can't say for sure. Can bring to the shootout. Asking $90 + shipping OBO.
  19. FS: Master Bushing Kit

    This is the kit. Not really looking to separate anything, sorry.
  20. FS: Master Bushing Kit

    Can bring to the shootout! Energy Suspension bushing master kit, black, 1g/GVR4, BNIB: $110 + shipping.
  21. FS: Brake Pad/Rotor Set

    Can bring to the shootout! Brakes: Front and rear pads, front and rear rotors. Pads are Raybestos Ceramic and Rotors are 5 lug standard Raybestos, will split up but prefer to sell whole, all BNIB: $110 + shipping for the set.
  22. FS: FMIC

    Can bring to the shootout!! Used FMIC, Apex'i Skyline front mount intercooler core with custom end tanks and brackets made for the GVR4 by JNZ Tuning. It's definitely not in perfect condition but it looks okay to me. It has some oil in it but that's the only real problem I see: $180 + Shipping.
  23. FS: Awesome Turboback Exhaust

    I can also hand this off at the shootout!
  24. FS: Awesome Turboback Exhaust

    If you were on the west side of the state we could definitely work something out as I travel between NY and KY quite often. I'll take some measurements if I can and see how bad shipping will be, but you're probably right.I also should have made this more clear, but this can be picked up in...
  25. FS: Awesome Turboback Exhaust

    Price drop. Probably won't advertise for much lower than this: $625 OBO.
  26. FS: Awesome Turboback Exhaust

    Beautiful 3" CMPE exhaust with HKS carbon fiber muffler, it came with my car and I presume it is used but extremely lightly, it is in great shape. Comes with an 02 sensor bung for a wideband (I can plug this with a bolt in plug if requested), and test pipe, no cat. That one section is slightly...
  27. FS: Manual Seat Belts and All Trim, Correct Color

    Yup, you're right. Based on what was in that bag (4 bolts), I must have all of the bolts for the belt anchor and the latches. Went out to check and the upper bolts were still attached. Here's a blurry pic. Honestly I'm surprised yours came out slugs, it seems like they're permanently attached.
  28. FS: Manual Seat Belts and All Trim, Correct Color

    Here is the mounting hardware. Sorry it's so blurry. I must not have gotten the latch bolts, but if I didn't they should be the same as auto ones (again, I gad this kit mounted) and if they're not, any bolt should work as the latches don't really need to swivel the way the rest of the belt does.
  29. FS: Manual Seat Belts and All Trim, Correct Color

    Quoting slugsgomoo: do you have the special bolts & washers that mount the shoulder strap on the b-pillar? I only have one of them for my set and apparently that bolt is basically a unicorn. It allows the belt to be securely attached but still rotate.Just for posterity's sake, can you show...
  30. FS: Manual Seat Belts and All Trim, Correct Color

    I'm selling a complete set of manual seat belts with all of the trim and both buckles in the correct color. They are in great shape, but one of the headliner trim pieces has one broken tab and the belts are a little faded (not bad). As far as I can tell that is the only problem. If there is any...
  31. Newb to the forum. Just bought 675/1000

    KY only requires a notary on the actual title if the state you are buying it from requires a notary's signature. If you buy a car with a KY title in KY it doesn't need a notary's signature. You still want to get a VTR form notarized so you can pay taxes on the actual price paid instead of NADA...
  32. Newb to the forum. Just bought 675/1000

    Quoting T3mp0r: Thanks for the warm welcomes guys.92 talon awd: I'm not opposed to meeting up or trading or whatever you'd like to do. Keep in mind I have no idea how many miles are on the struts/springs.And as far as pictures I will post some up as soon as I can get them. I'm working on...
  33. FS: 89 Merkur XR4TI $1000....... Clarksville TN

    I'm guessing it isn't running now?
  34. GSTwithPSI

    Very easy to deal with, and good communication.

    BUMP. Updated prices again. I can only ship until Saturday, so after Friday night these things will no longer be for sale.

    BUMP. Changed some prices, updated some items.

    I updated the original post with what's been sold, and removed those pictures but kept the asking prices there for future reference.I also added a bushing kit to the end of the list.

    Quoting LIV4PSI: He had to add the 11% he is going to lose in ebay fees. I don't understand why you didn't just take offers from the interested members on here, and cut out the middle manThis is why. Sorry I didn't just take offers here, but I didn't want to break the rules: 3. Post must...

    The trunk is now on ebay here: Ebay Ad I've added a third brake light for the winner. As I said, I really don't want to ship but if the buyer handles every aspect of the shipping I will do my best to accommodate (especially if it's something like drop it off at UPS and let them do the rest)...

    MAJOR UPDATE: Despite what the list shows, I have not taken money for the trunk lid or promised it to anyone. I listed it as sold in the hopes that I wouldn't receive any more PMs about it. Also, because of the high level of interest and some confusion with PMs and timing, I think I may just...

    Quoting prove_it: I sent him a PM at 8 about the underdash, hopefully he sees that I was first.Ugh, this is kind of a nightmare. What time exactly did you send that PM, and do you have a screenshot? According to my PM list, and this thread, I got that reply from 15psi88 at 9:12 AM and I got...

    I have some stuff to box up right now and once I'm done with that I'll reply to all of the PMs and posts here. I'd appreciate it if everyone who definitely wants something would PM so I can more easily see who responded first. I'll still make sure to check here to keep things fair. If it's just...

    Sorry, looks like they're sold. Updating with what's pending etc.
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