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  1. WTB: Jdm headrests

    Price shipped to 76227
  2. Filler hose

    Thank you thomcasey! He still has some and I'm gonna pick that one up!Also thank you everyone for the help! Now I won't be leaving puddles of fuel everywhere lol
  3. Filler hose

    I have tried both:(Think it's gonna come down to me taking it off and going to a parts store and getting something as close as I can go work or make my own with 2 rubber hose ends and a pipe in between with clamps
  4. Filler hose

    MB678633So this part has been discontinued, mine is currently leaking pretty bad. Has anyone been able to just us a universal hose?
  5. Both front turn signals not working

    Yes it's the stock bumper
  6. Both front turn signals not working

    In the bumper? Maybe that's why they aren't working at all then, I have 4 holes in my bumper, and I knew 2 of them was fog lights, didn't think the turn signal assembly's are gone to when I saw the amber side marker, I figured it was thoseGreat so I need a entire assembly in both sides
  7. Both front turn signals not working

    Ok pulled the passenger side out marker out. Has 2 bulbs in it, one is wired and the other isn't. The one that isn't is the turn signal correct? A little peanut bulb? When I turn the lights on both turn on, but when I hit the turn signal it just stays on solid like it was. Maybe they gave me the...
  8. Both front turn signals not working

    HelloI'm trying to get my 91 galant vr4 Front turn signals to work I have replaced both the front bulbs and they still don't work. The rear flash fast as if there was a bad bulb somewhere. I have tried multiple new bulbs and they still just do nothing in the front . Any ideas?
  9. small battery tray

    Sorry to bump a old thread but I've been trying to find out if a 1g jmf mini battery tray will work in a galant?
  10. WTB: harness,jpipe, lower intercooler pipe, mount bracket

    Looking for a complete engine wiring harnessJpipe(aftermarket or something for a fp68) Lower intercooler pipe from jpipe to intercooler(prefer 2.5, ETS, or even something homade as long as it's clean Front motor mount bracket with block bolts and mount bolt
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