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  1. FS: trunk lid from 431

    Thanks again gizmovr4! My buddy and I swapped it in the parking lot and stuffed the old one in the back seat somehow lol worst game of tetris ever.
  2. WTB: A/C compressor bracket and hardware

    Hey iceman, I need the bracket and bolts for the compressor. I have a dsm bracket and compressor that I just removed this weekend, was on the car when I bought it. I'm sure I can just reuse the bracket to block bolts. PM me a price and your Paypal info Thanks in advance.
  3. WTB: A/C compressor bracket and hardware

    WTB an A/C compressor bracket and hardware for a gvr4 specific compressor. I have a compressor but I seem to have misplaced my bracket and hardware. It's getting hot here and it would be nice to have ac in the old hoopty. let me know what you have. Thanks.
  4. FS: 960 Full partout UPDATED

    Money sent for timing cover.
  5. FS: 960 Full partout UPDATED

    Do you have a lower timing cover that you can sell? Started a timing belt job on 332/1000 last night and the lower cover is trashed.
  6. Evo seats for #332/1000

    Pressure washed it then submerged it in a tote with Ritdye for over 24hrs
  7. Evo seats for #332/1000

    I can make these for $120 a set raw or I'll work on getting a black powder coated option for $140 plus shipping. These brackets hold down the rear of the seat and you use the evo front and rear door side brackets to hold down the front.
  8. Evo seats for #332/1000

    Brackets ready for paint. I still need to run a quick bead on the bottom one.
  9. Evo seats for #332/1000

    Fixed the broken bolt issue and completed both brackets. Started the rears, I'll post better pics of everything later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks Curtis I do want the steering wheel bracket done but I'm gonna have to wait a while on that.
  10. Evo seats for #332/1000

    "HOW TO INFO" Evo Seats installed in Vinny's car This is the thread I got the general idea from, but mine are slightly different. I'll post some pics of them out of the car tonight or tomorrow.
  11. Evo seats for #332/1000

    Yes. I got the idea from a thread on here on how to make the brackets. Still need to make another for the driver side but I snapped a bolt while removing the old seats that needs fixed first.
  12. Evo seats for #332/1000

    Got a deal on a complete set and the evo steering wheel that I just began installing. During the install I will also be dyeing the headliner and carpet black and repainting the b and c pillar covers due to sun damage. Here's my progress.
  13. let's see your tint

    15% all around on 332/1000
  14. WTB: EVO ECU

    All the ones on here have been sold. I have an opportunity to use a chassis dyno for the next two weeks for free and really wanted to get this setup in my car and tune it.
  15. WTB: EVO ECU

    Looking to buy an evo ecu setup for 332/1000. I'll buy just an ecu for a good deal but rather buy a setup with jumper harness and logging/flashing cable. Let me know if you know of one or have one. Cash in hand. Thanks
  16. FS: evo 8 ecu with plug and play, injen intake with 2g maf, 950 fic,headlights e

    I'm interested in the Evo ecu and the injectors. Just shot you a text.
  17. FS: Red valve cover, ACT clutch, O2 housing Price drop

    payment sent for o2 housing! thanks in advance Will.
  18. FS: Red valve cover, ACT clutch, O2 housing Price drop

    I'll take the o2 housing... I'll send the payment before the end of the day. Thank you, Mario
  19. transmission compatibility?

    I would like to make this trany work but would prefer to keep the 3.545 gearing because i do a lot of highway driving. I have a few questions, if I changed out the diff ring and pinion gears in the trans would I have to get rid of the lsd? What is the benefit of the close ratio gear set and does...
  20. transmission compatibility?

    so i did some research and discovered that this trans is 3.909 final drive, close ratio, viscous front LSD out of a galant rs. is it worth the time or trouble trying to get this trans to work or should i sell it and get something that is a direct replacement? what do you guys think
  21. transmission compatibility?

    hey guys, i just picked up a trans for 332/1k and was trying to decode it. the code on the trans is w5m332-wqwk and from what ive found this trans has a lsd, my question is would this be a direct replacement for my ride or would something else be needed to put it in? thanks, mario
  22. Any way around the "over the top" turbo outlet?

    I just had my intercooler installed with Garfield at tuners nation and it came out great. I made mine very similar to 642's setup but I used 2.5" aluminum piping all around. So far I am extremely pleased by the performance of this kit and boost is almost instant now when compared to the stock...
  23. Pics of Drag brand wheels?

    These are my drag dr-31's and so far i like them alot! hope this helps
  24. VR4 Pictures Post Here !!

    behold # 332/1000
  25. New shoes for 332/1k NEW PICS!

    Great! Now the only two gvr4's in south Florida have the same wheels lol. Looks good
  26. New shoes for 332/1k NEW PICS!

    Thanks for the comments guys! For suspension I'm running agx with gc coilovers. Turbowop I couldn't agree more, the jdm bumper is already sexy but its usdm counterpart needs all the help it can get.
  27. New shoes for 332/1k NEW PICS!

    I also just finish mocking up my front lip. It still has to come off and go to the body shop to make it right and get painted. what do you guys think?
  28. New shoes for 332/1k NEW PICS!

    I got the 45 series to help with the short gearing. Just put them on and I didn't have to roll the fenders but a little strech would help cover them a bit. For some reason when you have a 5 lug conversion the wheels tend to stick out a little more than stock. Also I was only able to get 1.25...
  29. New shoes for 332/1k NEW PICS!

    Thanks, the FN10rc's are very nice wheels. I am on a budget so I went with the Drags to replace horrendous wheels that are on now. The car is summit white.
  30. New shoes for 332/1k NEW PICS!

    Got some new wheels for G-ride! I should have them on before the end of the week, still waiting on some things like lug nuts, hub centric rings, and a light massage for the front fenders Let me know what you guys think!Drag dr-31 17x8 35mm offset Hankook ventus v12 evo k11o 235/45/17
  31. ? about brakes

    Thanks for the replies guys. I bought my car with the five lug already and wasn't sure what replacement rotors to buy but, I test fitted them last night and they fit fine. I got all four rebuilt calipers all four oem replacement rotors and new pads now all I need is some free time to put it all...
  32. ? about brakes

    Hey guys I have a quick ?. Witch rotors do I purchase for a five lug conversion? I bought 4 new rotors for a 94 eclipse gsx, is this wright?Thanks, Mario
  33. Introducing myself

    Yea my dad's green car is kind of a nasty color but we know it has potential to be a looker ie: turbowop's bg galant
  34. Introducing myself

    Ha would you like to test that theory lol. just kidding!
  35. Introducing myself

    I'd like to thank all of the members of this board that truly enjoy helping the newbies like myself to understand the extreme complexity of these cars. Without you guys and this site many good cars would have discarded. .
  36. Introducing myself

    My car getting beat up by Garfield's car
  37. Introducing myself

    Hello everyone, my name is Mario and I've been on here since late 2008 and never really introduced myself. I'm 24 years old and have been messing around with cars since I can remember but did not really know anything about Mitsubishi's till I joined this community where I have acquired most of...
  38. FS: Summit White Partout A lot of interior parts GOING TO DUMP!!!

    Hello, Is this the white car you where parting out before? If so I'm in need of a clean trunk that does not require paint and the center section of the tail lights from a 92. Please let me know what you have and price shipped to Miami, Fl 33155. Thanks, Mario
  39. FS: Big Time Brox's Massive Parts Clearance.

    Hey, dibs on the tail light center section! Please let me know whats the best you can do shipped to Miami, Fl 33155. Thanks, Mario
  40. VR4 lip pt 2 with pics ** Shipping will start on 3/10**

    1: JSchleim18 2: dustyduff..................PAID 3: 381gvr4 4: charmcity 5: Tre3zy....................PAID 6: Sw4n3e 7: 4Grim 8: porcaro 9: Garfield Wright 10:prove_it 11:Ralli380Gvr4 12:Circuit 13:bustedsm 14. Jesse_W 15:Jordangvr4.......PAID! 16:thekid 17: Hittman 18: ducttapeguy 19...
  41. FS: Stock 91 GVR4 735/2k Fort Lauderdale FL, $3999 *SOLD*

    Thanks Garfield! Just got her registered this morning and man its nice having a/c
  42. Turbo lag issues! Please help!

    Sorry guys had to lend the g-ride to my old man while his truck gets repaired but was able to do a quick boost leak test before he took it. There was a few small leaks detected- biss, front tb gasket, and my sbr mbc. I went to the mitsu dealer and ordered a new biss & o-ring, rubber cap for...
  43. Turbo lag issues! Please help!

    Hello all, I'm having a weird lag issue with my new mhi e16g that you guy's might be able to help me with. Prior to the installation of my sbr mbc I was seeing max boost from the factory wg (approximately 9-11psi) at about 3000 rpm. This is where it gets weird, after I installed the mbc and...
  44. car wont build boost! WTF? please help!

    Not really sure what was in there. I did a flow test with my compressor and found that it was clogged but I had a replacement so I didn't even bother messing with it
  45. car wont build boost! WTF? please help!

    Good looking out but I already handled that potential catastrophe!
  46. car wont build boost! WTF? please help!

    Sorry for the late reply. Thank all of you for the great advice! Good news is I fixed the problem!! Can you believe it was a clogged intercooler I can't believe that none of us or several other qualified professionals that I explained my problem to ever considered the intercooler to be the...
  47. VR4 lip pt 2 with pics ** Shipping will start on 3/10**

    Your killing me Any info on this would make my day!
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