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  1. #940-1000

    Street #940-1000

  2. #940-1000

    This is the Build Thread for #940-1000. Reply below.
  3. The "Registry"

  4. turbo problems

    i am thinking of getting the fp green dsm turbo, it seems the easiest fit with the least amount of extra hot side parts. the web page says that i have to buy a oil feed line that goes from the filter housing and its like 110 bucks. its totally ruining my budget, is it absolutely a must? or can i...
  5. turbo problems

  6. turbo problems

    Just took those, kumfasa yes pressurized the system from turbo inlet (everything connected),then capped TB and then at turbo outlet and barely any air pushing my hand. And I mean a compressor on big tank started twice. I could hear the aid just go in and that compressor is at the gas station is...
  7. turbo problems

    i am not looking for big boost just that the would handle 16 psi and act normal. so i can start palnning the next mods thanks
  8. turbo problems

    to have my crappy obx turbo rebuild is like 330 dollars, buying used oem turbo seems to be more than that or buy the cx td05 (or another china turbo). those are my options. i will take the turbo off and inspect it before i make a purchase (maybe its a seal like tektic said) my setup for...
  9. turbo problems

    thanks for the feedback. i will take the turbo out and have it checked. i sprayed soapy water on everything. i dont even hear the air go out, just go in. i went to gas station and used a big compressor,didnt even hear a hiss. i am pretty sure that the leak isnt in the piping because i capped the...
  10. turbo problems

    hello, if i do leak test and i get no psi can the air be going through the turbo?? lately my car wont go to full boost, looses pressure at 5000-5500 rpm, looses arf and jerks, once i get off boost its normal. the car works great but no high rpm or full boost. doing the leak test get no psi, dont...
  11. ignition timing

    hello, so i bought the car a year ago and have been sorting it ever since. alternator, rebuild the turbo, timing kit, radiator, oil leaks, cylinder hear and all the gaskets,evo 8 injector(pink), i have had my hands full. since i live in colombia getting the parts or the help is really hard. but...
  12. Vas for haltec

    Thanks the clutch switch is. I will look for pin 18, I also found that pin 11 on diagnostic port might be a signal. Will check later. Thanks
  13. Vas for haltec

    Hello i have sp1000 and havent Been able to activate my launch control. I have no vss input and think that's my problem. We're is easiest place to get a signal? Is a vss signal necessary as cur switch or can I use another parameter? Stuck on this for days, any ideas thanks
  14. New owner of 940/1000!!!!

    So I'm guessing my problem with pulling over 5500 rpm is the turbo.
  15. New owner of 940/1000!!!!

    I got the new alternator in, new NGK wires and plugs, fixed leaks, new fluids all around. The car is running pretty good. Found out car has a obx g20 turbo and is a little loose on the intake side but doesn't touch the housing.The car runs good, picks up boost, revs and pulls nice until 5200 and...
  16. New owner of 940/1000!!!!

    Thomcasey how does your 300e dd treat you, I can get those in station wagon for very cheap, they look so clean because the owner usually takes car of them. They look kind of cool everyday drivers!
  17. New owner of 940/1000!!!!

    Thanks for the help, and for supporting the red, maybe it wil start growing on me. I think I will go with the denso that way I will have alt in the future. The thing with wrapping the down pipe is that here at sea level and so much rust we wash our car underneath once or twice a week so...
  18. New owner of 940/1000!!!!

    Yes it was andres car, he sold it Cesar , that changed a lot of parts but never quite finished, so putting some love into the galant. I've reading about he heat and the alternator, also the ps leaks, got does. Refurbish mine here is 300 dollars and the guy says he can make 130A, so I looked on...
  19. New owner of 940/1000!!!!

    Yes I believe u are right about him being on forum!!
  20. New owner of 940/1000!!!!

    It already has a amp and some hid fog lamps and high beams I took out the low beams they were shorted. Thanks for the info I am looking at a denso 210-4282 remanufactured but it's 140a does that or stick with the 90a and save a couple of bucks, I'm trying to keep the Ac and its hot were I live??
  21. New owner of 940/1000!!!!

    Car specs that i now. It has a haltech platinum, graveyard block (not sure which,) but a 2.3, the turbo is g20 not really goodie, I think that's the origina head, 3 inch exhaust , bad his bov but kinda works and I'll be learning mor about the car in coming days. But picking a good alternator is...
  22. New owner of 940/1000!!!!

    Beside the color which I wish was green, it's pretty straight. By now I'm waiting on some new plug wires and looking fir a good reference for an alternator, read some stuff online but not sure which one. I'm thinking remanufactured couse those look the best online
  23. New owner of 940/1000!!!!

    Hello everyone so ended up buying the red originally green galant vr4 I asked you guys about. It was three weeks ago, I live in Colombia, so I bought the car 3 weeks ago in bogota which is almost 9000 ft high and everything checked ok for a 23 year old car, had it shipped to my hometown...
  24. Prospective buyer

    Ok got moré info its 940/1000 it used to be green, it look a well done in the picturres have to want tilo i see it in person. Males me Thiele it got wrecked!
  25. Prospective buyer

    I will get more info on the car later in the week. What are the main pointer that I should look out for( besides rust and timing belt) or questions for the seller that will help me make a better decision!! Thanks
  26. Prospective buyer

    I have only seen one in this red on the Internet no idea what side the driver goes. On this one its rhd and looks really clean I will ask the seller if he knows what number it is
  27. Prospective buyer

    Ok, could it be that it wasn't one of gvr4 that didn't go to the Usa??
  28. Prospective buyer

    Hello everyone!!! I am negotiating a nice gvr4!! Is this red oem??
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