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  1. FS: 1992 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 $3000 Louisville KY

    So is this a rolling shell?
  2. RaceFab Galant VR-4 Specific REAR Brembo Bracket With Parking Brake Option!

    So with these we have to weld it up, the're not bolt on right?
  3. FS: 23/2000 LOOKING TO LET SOMEONE ELSE TAKE OVER. $4000 location indiana

    Is that silcone on and around the exhaust manifold gasket?
  4. FS: 23/2000 LOOKING TO LET SOMEONE ELSE TAKE OVER. $4000 location indiana

    I only knew one of the previous owners a while back ago. He was on here and was know as agent23.
  5. WTB: tuning services chicago/milwaukee area

    There's P&L Motorsports. I think in Franklin park Il. but I think they moved somewhere out in the west suburbs of Chicago. I had a good experience with them. There's also Sound Performance but I don't know if they have an AWD dyno, the're out in Benseville Il. And there's One6 motorsports in elk...
  6. WTB: tuning services chicago/milwaukee area

    ^ Ahh yes I forgot about them
  7. WTB: tuning services chicago/milwaukee area

    AMSperformance if you want dyno tuning. I think Dan is his name over there that does the dyno tuning but from the last time I heard there was a wait list.
  8. 580/2000 Mystery!

    I don't know, I'd be too worry about how much water got in through the broken windshield. The whole dash, the wiring, standing water on the seats and carpet, hopefully it didn't rust the floor.
  9. 580/2000 Mystery!

    HOLY sh*t! It looks like a zombie Gvr4.
  10. 580/2000 Mystery!

    Well start a new history for 580/2000. The past is dead, if the car is pretty much rust free, than pick it up and mold into what you want to do with it.
  11. 580/2000 Mystery!

    Looks like user name on here by the name of Barnes was the last one to have some sort of info on it. Maybe try contacting him
  12. Evo 3 16g turbo from eBay.

    ^How much horsepower are you making on your S16G?
  13. FS: galant vr4 part out

    Has anyone heard back from this guy? It looks like he was last on back in October
  14. Robbies 1137/2000 build

    Here we're grammar nazi's. But yes welcome to the forum, also a guide to the internet on the anything goes section. Enjoy!
  15. JamesFoster

    Great guy to deal with. Shipping was fast! Had what I was looking for, for a great price too. Thanks James!
  16. 1458 and 539 what ID to use. Ethical Opinions.

    Nope its 1997. Thats the answer when you add them up.
  17. Roof racks

    Well I've been looking for a roof rack so I can mount a carrier on it but no luck. So has anyone found another one that would fit our cars? If not I'll just get a tow hitch but rather have a roof rack though.
  18. help with rear brake pad install

    Umm. I think that should be a bolt. I haven't done a rear brake in awhile. I have to take a look at mine again.
  19. help with rear brake pad install

    Yes that's the one I have. You just have to find the right combo.
  20. help with rear brake pad install

    Caliper should come off the bracket. There's two bolts that hold it on. Once those are off the caliper should slide right off. The tool is a speical tool, but I just picked up a unervisal tool at autozone for like 10 bucks maybe less.
  21. help with rear brake pad install

    Did you compress the piston back in? It's not a one that you can compress with a c-clamp, there's a tool you need to use and you turn it to compress it.
  22. Turbo rebuild Kits

    I have a small 16g that I want to rebuild. Which kit do I get? 16g or 14b? or a tdo5? There's so many out there I don't want to get the wrong one.
  23. FS: near mint set of evo 8 wheels 16k mile takeoffs 400

    Yes they will. I had them on my old one. They looked smashing!
  24. Have you heard this before??

    All I heard was a cracking noise and a humming noise(but I think thats your music)
  25. Is this anyone's on here?

    I would look up who owns the property that the vr4 is sitting on and see if its theirs or knows the owner.
  26. USDM 1993 Brochure

    the wheels on the LS look pretty sweet! Would like to see those on the VR-4 when it came off the line.
  27. FS: Second Owner VR4 1772/2000 Nile Black Mesa AZ $6500

    ^UMM does one of the girls come with the car?
  28. FS: Second Owner VR4 1772/2000 Nile Black Mesa AZ $6500

    Nice! Really quicky I see different pics one with spoiler and one with out. Does it have the stock spoiler on it?
  29. Need help taking a holset turbo apart .

    Don't forget the garnsh
  30. FS: PA, 637/1000, 97k miles, Gray, $7000 (SOLD!)

    Are the lines still there for the rear wheel steering if someone wanted to put it back togetheror did you delete the everything?
  31. FS: 1992 Galant Vr4 North Alabama $3000 SOLD

    ^ Considering all the black cars, I have to say Batman
  32. Polishing internal trans case.

    ^ Why not mount a cooler in the back bumper and have some custom air flow through one of the bumper and exit the back bumper? And like have a little scoop sticking out the side. Just throwing ideas out there.
  33. FS: Mobile Food Truck (Fayetteville, NC) $8,500.00 SOLD!

    ^ Bunch ofThis forum does have rules for certian things. If he read the rules he would have known that this food truck can be in the for sale section, instead of wasting a post. Or unless he was stating the obvious that it's not a GVR4 then thank you.
  34. FS: Mobile Food Truck (Fayetteville, NC) $8,500.00 SOLD!

    ^ No, just another one not reading the rules.
  35. FS: Mobile Food Truck (Fayetteville, NC) $8,500.00 SOLD!

    Did you read the rules?1. If your title is "Newbie" you may only sell Galant VR-4s (E39A) here. No other makes or models will be allowed to be sold by Newbies. Do not post your FS ads in other forums, as they will be deleted. Junior and Senior Members may sell other makes and models however be...
  36. FS: Gvr4 974/2000 automatic project schaumburg ,il

    ^was. Sorry had to do it. The head gasket was first.
  37. FS: Gvr4 974/2000 automatic project schaumburg ,il

    He did say headgasket is blown, so at least a headgasket. Second were grammar nazis. You should have said, What does the car need to get it running or to be driving again. I'm not just saying but I'm just saying. Welcome to forum.
  38. FS: Gvr4 974/2000 automatic project schaumburg ,il

    ^ what did I just read?
  39. FS: headlights, 4 bolt, brackets, and some other stuff

    Strut bars have been sold. Make offers
  40. FS: headlights, 4 bolt, brackets, and some other stuff

    To The Top! Like I said make offers. I dont want to ship the heavier items.
  41. Auto engine brackets + mounts

    I didnt think they were different from an auto to a manual. I thought the engine size would be different. Like a 1.8l would be different from a 2.0l. Maybe im wrong
  42. FS: headlights, 4 bolt, brackets, and some other stuff

    Pics of the fog lights. Just looked closer and the one with the good glass has a cracked plastic housing. So you can swap glass with the other one to make one good one.
  43. FS: headlights, 4 bolt, brackets, and some other stuff

    One is in good condition and the other 2 have cracked glass. All of them have mounting brackets.
  44. FS: headlights, 4 bolt, brackets, and some other stuff

    ^Good question. I don't know. I just bought used from a member a long time ago and just mounted them on my car. I never got my car running to use them.
  45. images

    O good, I thought it was my laptop acting up again. Make that 2.
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