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  1. 1dvsdsm

    WTB OEM rear Differential (Stock with pump)

    I will have one shortly
  2. 1dvsdsm

    FS: 4 Bolt Diff with axles and CUPS

    Is this still available?
  3. 1dvsdsm

    WTB: 92 center taillight garnish w/ vr4

    Rebuilding my vr4 and looking for a clean one. Let me know what you have!
  4. 1dvsdsm

    Does anyone make a "new" engine/wiring harness for the gvr4

    I am about to start on 666 when I get back to Texas and pull it out of storage. One of the first things after frame and body will be engine wire harness to Maxxecu connector. If you don't know about maxxecu you need to look at it if you are going through a full wire harness replacement.Best...
  5. 1dvsdsm

    Rock Auto Parts Discount Code

    expires on September 20, 2020145734374134375798
  6. 1dvsdsm

    Just signed up - ‘90 JDM Galant VR4

    Welcome to the community!
  7. 1dvsdsm

    New To Site

    Rear ended while sitting at a light behind a 3/4 ton truck with a hitch.
  8. 1dvsdsm

    New To Site

    I had offered that if the car was restored I would send it, otherwise I'm keeping it. The car was totaled and sold at auction.
  9. 1dvsdsm

    New To Site

    I do and it's with me always
  10. 1dvsdsm

    old video just uploaded

  11. 1dvsdsm

    FS: three speed, fans, afpr, fuel pump

    It's an aeromotive with gauge, line to fuel rail and some fittings. Used about 10k milesI'll have to check on the fal fans itlf they have the connectors but I'm pretty sure they do and will be pnp
  12. 1dvsdsm

    FS: three speed, fans, afpr, fuel pump

    Harness bar and licp sold
  13. 1dvsdsm

    FS: three speed, fans, afpr, fuel pump

    Few thing for sale.aeromotive stealth 340 with hanger 250 plus ship Fal radiator fans 150 plus shipping Maradyne fan 50 plus shipping Aluminum fan shroud 50 plus... you guessed it.. shipping Afpr with gauge and a line. 125 plus ship6bolt head 100 no valve train.Tial bov with...
  14. 1dvsdsm

    WTB: GVR4 Radiator fan

    I have a maradyne and a fal plus an aluminum shroud.
  15. 1dvsdsm

    J pipe?

    I'm looking to start making turbo outlets pretty soon. I'll let you know when I have a few
  16. 1dvsdsm

    Rock Auto Parts Discount Code

    8211707663704783Good till june 24th 2018
  17. 1dvsdsm

    Rock Auto Parts Discount Code

    6006330048833801 6/4/17
  18. 1dvsdsm

    FS: Random Vr4 Parts

    amg half cut?
  19. 1dvsdsm

    FS: H&R springs kyb agx. 6 months old

    im looking to make some changes to my supension so my old set up is for sale. Have about 6000 miles on them. 550 plus shipping
  20. 1dvsdsm

    WTB: fog light brackets

    im looking for the brackets that are on the crash bar not the ones on the light me, I'll take the ad down when i get a set
  21. 1dvsdsm

    Swaybar install without dropping subframe.

    I am in the middle of the whiteline sway bar/ complete bushing replacement install. Did any of you have any clearance issues with the swaybar hitting the underside of the trailing arm by an inch and a half? also the swaybar links dont line up very well. I will get some pics up after IFO tomorrow.
  22. 1dvsdsm

    WTB: passenger dog leg, interior light, center bezel

    I need a rear passenger dog leg in KG, the interior ceiling lights and covers, 1992 center trunk bezel. LMK
  23. 1dvsdsm

    FS: 567/1000 part out /fire sale

    do you still have the passenger dog leg?
  24. 1dvsdsm

    FS: Replica Keyfobs - Updated FEB 2023!

    payment sent for 2 92 key fobs, can i get a response?
  25. 1dvsdsm

    FS: 1992 vr4 255/1000 Harwinton, CT $5-$150

    i need the middle tail lights!!!
  26. 1dvsdsm

    FS: Replica Keyfobs - Updated FEB 2023!

    Payment sent for Thomas Dahl
  27. 1dvsdsm

    Rock Auto Parts Discount Code

    3560500932430257good till November 8th
  28. 1dvsdsm

    FS: leftover parts from 539.

    Power mirrors?
  29. 1dvsdsm

    FS: 3.909 Rear diff ring & pinion

    Shipped to 76001?
  30. 1dvsdsm

    WTB: 6 bolt rod and main bearings - standard

    i got acl and king in stock for 6 bolt
  31. 1dvsdsm

    WTB: dog leg

    I lost a leg to a tire. Missing passenger rear, let me know. Prefer grey. Also looking for 92 trunk vr4 badge.
  32. 1dvsdsm

    WTB: 93 Passenger Headlight

    I may have one, I'll check this weekend.
  33. 1dvsdsm

    FS: 2 galants are being parted!

    I am looking for the vr4 badge for the passenger side rear tail light for a 92 LMK!
  34. 1dvsdsm

    DFW auto enthusiasts day 4/26/15 8 am

    Rangers stadium this weekend. says there should be a few car
  35. 1dvsdsm

    FS: 554 and 619 are being parted out.

    send me pics of the grey one!!! 402.609.9334
  36. 1dvsdsm

    WTB: Dogleg body piece, some misc interior bits, and 1 stock wheel

    i left some dog legs and parts with Kristen Bond. You can reach him at 505.440.2954. He is in San Tan Valley, AZ. He should also have the wheels you are looking for.
  37. 1dvsdsm

    FS: MI jdm galant vr4 rs $10k

    I have an s10 zr2 I would trade ya
  38. 1dvsdsm

    FS: Brand New AEM wideband 30-4110 160.00

    I bought while they were switching over to their new design and now I have already installed my Innovate LC2 in Green (its very nice). PM me
  39. 1dvsdsm

    FS: 774/2000 Full partout (updated with more pics/parts)

    price on drivers door handle and mechanisms to 76001
  40. 1dvsdsm

    FS: 1988 MX-6 GT (Turbo) , Pittsburgh, PA - $2,400

    you still have it because while a interesting car..... its no vr4
  41. 1dvsdsm

    FS: enkei 17 4x114 215x40r17 600

    + 66$ shipping XD
  42. 1dvsdsm

    FS: enkei 17 4x114 215x40r17 600

    i have a set of enkeis on the 666 im thinking about selling. asking 600
  43. 1dvsdsm

    Slowboy Racing (Built 4g63)

    that doesnt look like 1g intake ports
  44. 1dvsdsm

    Dont hate me RIP 1900/2000

    the total dick move was posting it here in video. no one really cares what you do with your stuff. but that was just rude
  45. 1dvsdsm

    FS: Carbon Fiber Hood Group Buy (Feeler)

    anyone got a real jdm hood they would want to lend for this?
  46. 1dvsdsm


    clickTHIS sh*t IS FOR REAL?
  47. 1dvsdsm

    Age of you VR-4 Owners?

    <----- ownes 666/1000 35,000,000 years old
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