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  1. FS: 1991 White Gvr4 for sale Cali $3500 - SOLD!

    Sorry just put some bigger ones up
  2. FS: 1991 White Gvr4 for sale Cali $3500 - SOLD!

    CAR HAS BEEN SOLDI've owned #827 for about 9 years and it's finally time to sell. The car has a clean title, no rust (i've checked and cleaned the wheel wells). I purchased the car off a friend and since then have put lots of time and money into it. I purchased a town home a few years back...
  3. AEM EMS V1

    Hello, anyone in the SoCal area good with EMS V1? I recently put #827 on EMS and right now cant even hold an idle. I'm really trying to get it ready for MOD but time is running out. Any help appreciated. Right now its pretty much base map with minor tweaks. If anyone is close and is willing to...
  4. MOD 2014

    Imma be there, unfortunately I have to tow 827 since I couldn't smog or tune in time
  5. FS: '91 G-VR4 #363/2k shell; Santa Maria, CA; $800 *SOLD*

    would you be interested in selling the front bumper possibly? i live in ventura and mines pretty hacked up and white.
  6. FS: SAFC-2 $125.00 obo

    Item is SOLD! Post can be deleted. Thanks
  7. FS: SAFC-2 $125.00 obo

    What's up guys. I recently switched to EMS and have no need for this. Apex I Safc-2 (black) with harness. Unit works perfectly and has minor scratches on screen (not able to see when illuminated). Im asking $125.00 obo + shipping. i live in Westlake Village CA and will ship or local pickup...
  8. timing belt issues

    gates is fine, they make quality parts. its more autozone and cheepy parts that fail. I run gates belt and personally i wouldnt be worried. Just my 2 cents
  9. Official SoCAL GVR4 Group

    I'm definitely in. My car should be ready for MOD this year
  10. FS: More parts left over from part out

    What kind of valves and retainers in the head?
  11. Bryce O'Cains 91 VR4 #827

    Hello everyone. I've owned my galant for about 5 years now. She has 186,00o miles on the body and 12k on the rebuilt motor. No dyno numbers or et's on the new turbo setup but coming soonEngine ModsForged Aluminum bottom end Wiseco Pistons Eagle Rods Stock Crank 264/272 Cams ARP...
  12. WTB: non turbo water pipe

    awesome, let me know how much total, and i will get you the $. is paypal ok?
  13. WTB: non turbo water pipe

    hello i need a non turbo water pipe for a 1g (one w/o the nipple to feed coolant to the turbo) if anyone has or knows where to get one i would appreciate it as i am upgrading turbos to one this is not water cooled. ive been looking everywhere and suprisingly these are hard to find.. thanks...
  14. What's this in my oil pan?

    Has no writing on it and whatever it is broke in half and looks like it snapped off of something.
  15. What's this in my oil pan?

    Hello, so I pulled off my oil pan today because I am having a 12an drain welded on and I found this in the pan. It doesnt look like anything in the bottom end is messed up, (fully forged bottom end) and the oil squirters look good so in thinking it came from the head. Maybe part of a Lifter? Any...
  16. WTB: holset hx35 turbo

    holset hx35 turbo preferably with a bullseye exhaust side, or as a kit. thanks i look foward to seeing whats out there
  17. fuel pump ?

    like 20 bux with tax and shipping
  18. fuel pump ?

    found it DENSO 952-0003 if anyone needs one
  19. fuel pump ?

    found the problem. bag on the end of the pump was clogged. does anyone know where i can get a replacement bag? thanks
  20. fuel pump ?

    im just gunna wait till i have my new filler hose then go from there. i pulled the pump and everything seems fine but whos knows. i know that its sputtering after 20 min cause the pump is over heating from working so hard so either way ill prolly need a new one. once i get the parts in ill...
  21. fuel pump ?

    its really loud, def not supposed to sound like that as ive ran it for 3 years and it was quiet. it litterally started right after i switched the hose around. even when the hose was leaking fuel it didnt whine or cut out so i know the pump is having extra strain put on it buy something. when i...
  22. fuel pump ?

    i pulled it and didnt see any clog and the wiring looks fine. the pump is def whining like its working overtime though so something is def wrong
  23. fuel pump ?

    i mean when i flipped the hose some rubber pieces def fell on the ground so im almost positive some got into the tank. the thing is shouldnt the bag on the pump not allow anything to get in and clog the pump or anything down the line from the pump? and why would turning off the car then back on...
  24. fuel pump ?

    so i have an in tank wlabro 255. last week i smelled a little gas and found that my fill hose was leaking out of the bottom. i oredered i new one but for a temp fix i switched the hose around so the leak was on the top (so it wont leak). right after i did this the pump started whining really...
  25. Anyone using this Aluminum Radiator?

    i use one and my car runs super cold all day. i dont know exact temp but the gauge never even sees half way (straight up and down) even on a super hot day
  26. Nile Black w/ Evo MR Wheels

    love the wheels heres mine
  27. please help!

    yeah this was my first one and its lasted about months but its also summer and its pretty hot outside. ill try another one tonight and hopefully i get a better one. i make sure they test it before i take it home ha and at least they arent very difficult to install
  28. please help!

    so the ser thing is just a setting. the belt is tight and the fuse looks good, so im guessing its the alt. yeah its shitty one, lifetime warranty time! wouls this cause the idle to be really wierd and off since the car isnt getting 12 volts?
  29. please help!

    so i go to leave for work this morning and my battery light comes on, my alternator is aonly putting out 11.6 volts, my car is idling like crap and my zeitronix where it should read boost is reading user 2.98... what happened. i put new shifter cables in yesterday. before that it was working...
  30. turbo rebuild ?

    REALLY? WHERE?? ill buy it today ha
  31. in depth idle issue.

    another thing. when im rolling and i put it in nuetral i do get a little surge from like 1000 to 1500.. thats the only time i get surge and i have to be rolling pretty fast. i have the iac and fiav hooked up also. its like when its warming up it idles fine, but then when i start goin and come to...
  32. in depth idle issue.

    thats call the biss screw and you cant just turn it. you have to ground the ecu to adjust the idle, but thanks.. not my problem though
  33. turbo rebuild ?

    the 14b is actually my friends and he sold it ha i really just want to go with the fphta68. this thing looks bad. just gotta save some $$
  34. WTB: fp68hta

    want this turbo. if anyone has one in new or close to new shape im willing to $$ my evo316g is starting to lag from in and out play
  35. turbo rebuild ?

    me either i always thought the 20g compressor housing didnt bolt to a j pipe.. im seriously just debating getting another evo3 or going with the fp68hta. is it worth the extra 400. i can get a new evo3 for 549 shipped. my only other option is is someone has a used turbo they wanna lend me for a...
  36. in depth idle issue.

    Ive replaced the throttle body gaskets intake manifold gasket all injector seals made sure all my clamps are tight. ill do a blt tonight but i dont think thats the problem. wouldnt is surge is there was a boost leak. it seems like a sensor or maybe the isc isnt in the center of operation range...
  37. in depth idle issue.

    so after my ecu (re learned) i reset it, the idle dropped back to around 700. the thing is is hunts a little. it doesnt surge. it hunts from about 700 to a little over 800. its doesnt just go up and doen like surge its kinda random like its trying to find its idle. changing the biss doesnt...
  38. turbo rebuild ?

    thanks, but here is my problem. this car is a daily and i dont have another turbo to run her on while i end this one out.. thats why i wanted to stay local.. i would guess shipping would take over a week to get there and back. im thinking of just getting the fphta68. anyone know of any deals out...
  39. in depth idle issue.

    unfortunately an safc, im saving up for dsm link. i put a new o2 in last night and it raised the idle a little bt it is smoother and it raised the idle to around 900.. i was also wondering. when the car is warm and you unplug the isc what is supposed to happen?
  40. in depth idle issue.

    also the car never stalls or comes close to stalling.
  41. in depth idle issue.

    so i have been searching for hours and i just wanted to get some input. i have a forged bottom end, hks 264 272 cams big16g all supposrting mods, ie injector front mount ec.. at idle i am having two issues. my car reads low vac(between 10-12) and it almost seems like i get a slight miss...
  42. turbo rebuild ?

    so i have an evo3big16g. its got some in and out play so im trying to figure out what to do. as far as rebuilding it goes does anyone know who does a good job preferably in cali.. and also is there any way since in rebuilding it to possibly put like a 20g wheel in it or something along those...
  43. MOD pic

    clickCheck it out
  44. MOD pic

    Found this pic online of my girl ha MOD 2011
  45. Hunting Idle on Hot Start is driving me nuts!

    turning that valve essentially closes the fiav. its like putting a blockoff plate on but cheaper. this works if your fiav is the problem
  46. WTB: shifter cables

    i found a site that sells em cheap is anyone else needs some click
  47. WTB: shifter cables

    the rubber boot broke that hold the right shifter cable to the bracket, anyone know where i can get replacements without spending 200 bux? any help appreciated thanks
  48. o2 housing removal?

    i have an evo3 o2 housing. it has one stud and one bolt where it meets the dp. of course the 02 is stripped where the bolt goes so i have to remove it and stud the other side. i am just looking for tips on removing the o2 while its still in the car.. any help appreciated as it looks pretty...
  49. Mitsubishi Owners Day 2011 July 9th (Cypress, California)

    ill bring out the vr4 so your not alone ha. my cell is 805 279 0159 hit me up cause i am def planning on going and i might even be leaving from SD
  50. WTB:o2 sensor pigtail harness side

    o2 sensor pigtail. the side from the wireing harness. mine is all hacked up and i threw code 11 today. thanks
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