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  1. 848/1000 new project build.

    Great! I will send you a pm once we have warmer weather .
  2. 848/1000 new project build.

    Once it gets a bit warmer out I will be able to go through my parts list, but I'm right across the river in Iowa and have a ton of spare parts (block, crankshaft, cylinder head, 4 bolt diff, etc). Let me know if you need anything.
  3. FS: Lots of engine parts

    Flywheel, Clutch kit and cams.
  4. WTB: 4 bolt rear end

    I think I have one in the back of my garage. Let me check and I will get back to you.
  5. FS: Lots of engine parts

    Still have this stuff. Make an offer!
  6. WTB: rear subframe bushings

    Still got these if anyone needs them.
  7. WTB: rear subframe bushings

    Let me know if this is what you need.
  8. WTB: rear subframe bushings

    Pretty sure I have new ones green in fact. I will get some pictures for you tomorrow.
  9. FS: Lots of engine parts

    Bump again.... Make an offer!
  10. FS: Lots of engine parts

    Prices lowered, if not happy make an offer. Remember most of this stuff is brand new. Need it gone!
  11. FS: Lots of engine parts

    Wow I need to bump this thread. Seriously make me an offer I need this stuff gone!
  12. Glad to join the community!

    Don't let the rust get to it
  13. FS: Lots of engine parts

    Make me an offer need this stuff gone!
  14. FS: Lots of engine parts

    Bump Bump!!
  15. FS: Lots of engine parts

    BUMP, bump and bump!
  16. FS: Lots of engine parts

  17. FS: Lots of engine parts

    Lowered prices. Make offer need this stuff gone!
  18. FS: Lots of engine parts

    pistons, rods, and headstuds sold! BUMP!!
  19. FS: Lots of engine parts

    Still have lots of parts. Don't be afraid to make an offer.
  20. FS: Lots of engine parts

    Bump bump
  21. FS: Lots of engine parts

    Bump da Bump
  22. FS: Lots of engine parts

  23. FS: Lots of engine parts

    Brian Crower Cams Part #: BC0101 I bought these off a member and have decided to go a different way with a build. I never ran them, but I was told there were only 4000 miles on them. 380 shipped obo let me know if you need more pictures.
  24. FS: Lots of engine parts

    I also have a cup holder for sale 15 dollars shipped obo
  25. FS: Lots of engine parts

    alright guys I have a few engine parts to get rid of.Part #: BC0100 SINGLE SPRING/TITANIUM RETAINER KIT (Mitsubishi 4G63 Eclipse/Evo.These are BNIB. I would like 205 shipped oboFidanza flywheelThis is BNIB. I would like 180 shipped oboThis is a MB1-xtss DSM...
  26. seizer

    Got an oil cooler from seizer and it came in the mail fast! He did an excellent job on packaging the goods as well!!
  27. FS: Wiseco Pistons and Eagle Rods 850 Shipped OBO

    I have for sale a brand new set of Wiseco 1400 HD Pistons 20 over 8:5:1 compression. I also have a brand new set of H beam Eagle rods. I'm asking 850 shipped obo. These are both for a 6 bolt motor. I would like to sell together as a set if possible.
  28. overheating

    Well at least the thermostat is a cheap fix plus its always good to change if you don't know how old it is.
  29. overheating

    Maybe the thermostat seems like if it was overheating before that maybe the issue. Just one question I have both of my fans pulling air why do you have one pulling and one pushing? Just curious.
  30. FS: Custom Galant Vr-4 Shift knob buy is over and done!

    I will take mine as is as well!!
  31. volume air flow circuit malfunction

    I knew I forgot to post something . It was rebuilt by dsmlink about 4 months ago and haven't had any issues with it, but I will pull it out this weekend to make sure that everything looks fine.
  32. volume air flow circuit malfunction

    Hey guys I'm getting this error on dsmlink and not quite sure what to make of it. I had a 3g maf plug in so I switched it out for two different working 1g's and still getting the same thing even after I reset the codes. I removed the safc that was in place but its still doing the same thing...
  33. Remove rotors frozen to the hub, dust shields....

    Well when I was changing mine I had to heat them up to get them off since they were so rusted. I heated them while my brother hit them with a 15lb sledge hammer for 20 minutes. Not trying to discourage you, but mine was on there bad
  34. FS: Cam Timing Tool

    Payment Sent.
  35. FS: Cam Timing Tool

    Add my name to the list.
  36. 1969 Rebuild Project aka Snow white

    Well guys I'm starting to do some more work today as its nice outside. My only question is it looks like the PO hit something and on the underside there is two dents right across from each other. It looks like nothing is wrong but should I get it fixed? Or how should I get it fixed? I will post...
  37. WTB: Non cruise control throttle cable

    Still looking for one...
  38. piston and rod suggestion's

    Seems I have put a lot of thought into this for my build I think that I've finally settled with manley rods and ross pistons. This was after reading a lot of other peoples build and info from this sit.
  39. WTB: 91 ECU

    91 ECU for a 1g talon tsi awd much be in working order, the one i have blew up.
  40. Just picked up #147 *Need Advice*

    I have had mine in the garage for over 3 years. I just hit at it a little at a time because between work and school I don't have a lot of free time.
  41. WTB: Non cruise control throttle cable

    Just like the title says a Non cruise control throttle cable.Thanks,Scott
  42. FOR SALE: evo flip key reopened!!! 40$ shipped 35$ for 2 or more

    I'm in as well!!1: boostedbeast - 2 2: LIV4PSI 3: PlatypusOfFury - 2keys 4: JamesFoster 5: DustyDuff 6: MellowVr4 7. desant78 8. LordAthey
  43. camshaft identification help

    click Is the bc101 on there??
  44. install arp head studs w/o removing cyl. head

    I thought that the oem bolts were TTY.
  45. install arp head studs w/o removing cyl. head

    I prefer to do it while the head is off but that way I make sure the studs are in the block
  46. Urgent help! Coolant leak coming from RH side?

    I had the water pipe leak the oring went out and was a PITA to change out
  47. Rust Dissolver

    I figured just was trying to find options to fix it. It's just on the pitch welds, but I haven't taken off the side skirt. I'm not getting rid of the galant as thats the only bad rust on the car.
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