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  1. About Frickin' time!

    Yes, it's true, I had to sell it. I ran out of money to keep fixing it, and I am going back to school to get my class A, so it had to go. I refused to let it JSB and collect dust, there's too many cars that this happens to and it just becomes less likely for them to ever get going again. It's...
  2. Is this anyone's on here?

    Interesting, where at in seattle? I live in the area and have never seen it.I wonder why it's just parked in the back of a target or something.
  3. FS: parting out jdm rhd evo 3

    how many times has this happened now?
  4. 1226/2000

    Yes. actually after driving it more it seems to have stabilized out, the car is idling closer to 1100 now. it still wants to creep up sometimes to about 1400 and then surge down to 1200, repeat.
  5. 1226/2000

    An update on things. Replaced the intake manifold, got a new coilpack. This seems to have fixed my weird cutting out issue and the TPS/coilpack codes being thrown. Car still idles high though. I did a boost leak test, fixed some leaks, but no change in idle. It will idle around 1500rpm with the...
  6. #613/2000 build thread... now prepping to run 10's and/or sell?

    Car looks real nice with the evo wheels, I am doing the 5 lug swap on my car next weekend so we will both be rocking the 8s.How did you block the 4WS lines, at the rack?
  7. 1722/2000 burn victim rescue

    can't wait to see you get it back together
  8. #613/2000 build thread... now prepping to run 10's and/or sell?

    that looks good, you will just have to peel it the old fashioned way.
  9. #613/2000 build thread... now prepping to run 10's and/or sell?

    it's the only way. or take a wire wheel to it, but then you will have to repaint.
  10. #613/2000 build thread... now prepping to run 10's and/or sell?

    Plastidip? you just have to peel it off. it's a bitch if it's not very thick.
  11. maaco paint job

    definitely worth the cost.
  12. 303/2000 Build

    +1 on the wheel/tire fitment
  13. Car cover

    Tarp it
  14. maaco paint job

    looks good. that's one big ass intercooler.
  15. FS: Garage sale

    do the used wheel hubs come with mounting hardware?
  16. Mystery button

    pop the hood latch, but don't lift it fully. take your key out and lock the doors and close them. Then go and lift the hood up all the way. To my car, this makes the horn by the brake booster go off. No lights flash or anything though.
  17. FS: Garage sale

    Quoting G: I would sell the smaller one for $50 shipped because it has a few abrasions on it.can you take photos of the abrasions on the wheel?
  18. Mystery button

    Pop your hood while the car is locked, see if it works still. Mine does.
  19. where does this wire go?

    The shorter length plug goes to the solenoid that mounts on the back of the air can. Forgot what it was. I removed it
  20. where does this wire go?

    The one on the fender looks like the BCS. The other similar wire on the same portion of harness goes to that solenoid that fits on the back of the airbox can. The one in your hand looks like the MAF or ISC plug.
  21. where does this wire go?

  22. More Newbie Questions for 560

    Quoting prove_it: A real MHI turbo will cost close to 1k dollars.Brand new, maybe. You can find a used one in good shape for 300-400 dollars. A rebuild kit is another 50-60 and they are relatively easy to rebuild if you are mechanically inclined. A 16g is a good turbo and can make a lot of...
  23. #613/2000 build thread... now prepping to run 10's and/or sell?

    I have some Evo 8 wheels with some super sticky summer tires on them, zero miles. they have just been sitting around waiting for me to do my 5 lug swap.
  24. 1226/2000

    Got a different TPS as my old one tested bad, got it dialed in. Although, I can get it in spec with the multimeter, it reads closer to 16% with MMCD. Car runs better if I spec it with multimeter or put TPS to 10% with the datalogger. I am not sure which value I should stick with...
  25. GSX_TC's Galant VR4 Build Thread #550/2000 (Samara)

    I want one too, but they are $$$$. I'd be ok with a RWD R32.I will be ok with getting an Evo I or II in a few years.
  26. 1460/2000 New Owner

    welcome, car looks nice.
  27. DD Build 474/1000

    clean and tidy engine bay, looks good.
  28. Sized top end?

    It can be tricky to get it right. I put it around the camshafts first, you may have to use a wrench on the cam bolt to get the notches to line up. put a ziptie or two around the sprockets to hold the belt in place. go around everything clockwise from there, all the extra slack in the belt has to...
  29. Sized top end?

    Ok cool. I have made it a best practice to do, although I still have my balance shafts. Good to know though
  30. Sized top end?

    Yes, but to properly align the oil pump.
  31. Sized top end?

    clickhere is the video in question. Use this to make sure it is lined up properly or your engine will have bad vibration once it's back together.
  32. Sized top end?

    Make sure that your oil pump is also properly in the right position. The mark can line up but it can still be out of synch. Use a neat trick to make sure it's in the right spot without having to pull the bolt on the back of the block to check. I linked the video in my next post
  33. Sized top end?

    Use these tips to help you get it all lined up right: clickand use the guide in the link at the top. that's the best way of making sure it is done right.
  34. Sized top end?

    Your timing marks are definitely off, you need to line them up right and see how things rotate after that. Hopefully nothing has been damaged.
  35. need ideas

    I will need to look into this as well, my datalogger reads my TPS at like 14% at closed throttle. I can't read the voltage with it, I will have to do it the only fashioned way.Before my throttle body was rebuilt it also read around 10% when closed. WOT would only read 90%.
  36. New Owner of 1837/2000

    what paint did you use on the block? and what is that cover for really?nicely done though, your work is always super clean
  37. New Owner of #1899/2000

    I had an Evo III ARC box in 981/2000:It was mounted into a sheet of carbon fiber which was glued into place creating an effective heat shield.
  38. help with rims set up

    which ones are you going to get?
  39. #613/2000 build thread... now prepping to run 10's and/or sell?

    I don't mind the cut bumper, but the edges need further modificaiton in order to look right. I am going to take mine off and clean it up later this season.
  40. A proper build thread for 1501

    you don't have to explain yourself! I am dumb with my money and spend it irresponsibly. but I have been broke lately so the vr4 hasn't got much love
  41. A proper build thread for 1501

    Mr. Moneybags
  42. A proper build thread for 1501

    those are pimp. nice grab
  43. More Newbie Questions for 560

    At what RPM does the car idle at? If the rpms jump up you are either pushing in the clutch pedal before you're fully off the gas or the tension on your throttle cable is too tight.VR4s are not DSMs, as they were made in Japan. All DSMs were made in the Ill state. Compare build quality between...
  44. FS: PA, 637/1000, 97k miles, Gray, $7000 (SOLD!)

    Car looks nice, some interior and engine pictures would be awesome as well.Is there a list of maintenance done? Timing belt?
  45. #613/2000 build thread... now prepping to run 10's and/or sell?

    Agreed, looks nice. it's so easy to make hondas look ricey but that one is clean and simple. Makes me miss my GSR.
  46. #613/2000 build thread... now prepping to run 10's and/or sell?

    got a decent pile of parts going. it was nice meeting you yesterday, I would have chatted longer but I could feel my boss's eyes on the back of my head.
  47. 0 mile refreshed engine different build ideas

    what are your desired boost and power levels? I have pretty much the same setup about to go into my car this year, I only plan on running an hx35 on 25lbs or so. nuthin fancy
  48. 1226/2000

    This weekend. I don't think the Crack is causing a leak though. But going to do my injector seals while I'm in there.the Crack has been there a while, I've done nothing to cause it.
  49. VR4 Pictures Post Here !!

    that is a big ass intercooler
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