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  1. GotInsulin

    LinkECU Users?

    Most people will probably not outgrow ECMLink to a point where they would need the LinkECU, BUT the amount of additional inputs etc makes it an attractive option, but may not be necessary depending on plans for the car.
  2. GotInsulin

    3 inch exhaust

    I've got one that is turbo-back that I'd let go for like $300. Where are you located?
  3. GotInsulin

    Timing belt time

    Yep, the Aisin pump is the same as Mitsu just with no Mitsu part number. I've used a handful of them over the years with great results. $50 trumps $150 every time.
  4. GotInsulin

    Rear subframe bushings

    Ostar motorsports and RTM usually have them handy as well.
  5. GotInsulin

    FS: OEM active toe bushings and links, free to a good home.

    For the 4WS purist in your life. These appear to be very new or lightly used Active Toe Bushings from my parts stash. A parts car I bought long ago had brand new OEM arms installed and it would lead me to believe these are in fact new or newish. I recently removed the 4WS and installed am ATE...
  6. GotInsulin

    FS: Replica Keyfobs - Updated FEB 2023!

    Just got a pair of 92s from Steve. His FB post indicates that he still has quite a few left.
  7. GotInsulin

    Fixing up 1292

    Transmissions are relatively easy to pull and inspect vs the amount of money and aggravation they can cause by not pulling them in the first place to diag. Put it up, pull the trans, and work backwards through the car that way.
  8. GotInsulin

    FS: SW wingless trunk and hood, TriState area

    $75 each to .org members. The hood was poorly resprayed by a previous owner but is all metal and has no rust. The trunk has a few dings in it, but is likewise free of rust. There is a lock, but you'll need to swap in your lock cylinder as I don't have a key.[
  9. GotInsulin


    Another perfect transaction. Bought a Quaife diff from Juan, seamless purchase as always. Quick shipping, thorough communication. A++ as always.
  10. GotInsulin

    WTB: Curtis Brackets

    For the seats or for the bumpers?The seat brackets are an overpriced joke. Do yourself a favor and buy the Planted brackets.
  11. GotInsulin

    Rust protection

    I pop the dog legs off at the end of Autumn and clean them out to prevent it in the worst spots. I've used Por-15 with success over the years, but have yet to coat my GVR-4 as it sits in the garage during the winters that we have in the NE.
  12. GotInsulin


    For the first time, I sold Juan something he needed. Just as smooth as any other transaction. A++
  13. GotInsulin


    Bought a pair of JDM bumpers from Mark. One of the easiest transactions I've had in a long time and wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
  14. GotInsulin

    Fiberglass hood insulation available!

    How bad was the freight charge?
  15. GotInsulin

    Radio: OEM options or period correct upgrade

    </font><blockquote><font class="small">Quoting SRDK:</font><hr /> GotInsulin, i would like to see pictures of that setup. I’m a Big fan of that kind of OEM+ upgrades <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /><hr /></blockquote><font class="post">If I'm near the car in the...
  16. GotInsulin

    FS: my nile black 1877/2000 up for sale

    Just out of curiosity, what ever became of the orange gradient power Recaros? Don't see very many sets of those pop up.
  17. GotInsulin

    Radio: OEM options or period correct upgrade

    I've got a Bluetooth amp in 72 under the front seat with the OEM double din head unit still plugged in. Let's everything function as normal, but when I want to listen to anything via BT, you just activate/connect your device and it ignores the head unit aside from the volume knob. Would love to...
  18. GotInsulin

    Offsets Wheel

    I've got 17x9 +35s. I'd have to looks, but 2°ish camber all around. Rear fits close to the lip on the subframe but clears if shaved down. Fronts are aggressive.
  19. GotInsulin

    FS: Custom Steering Wheel Horn Buttons

    Got mine in the mail yesterday. Thanks again, brother. Quality is impeccable.
  20. GotInsulin

    '13+ outlander rear rotors

    Quoting iceman69510: I also collected the parts for the front Outlander brake upgrade, but I plan to use it on my 2g Spyder. I stumbled across an '05 Outlander by accident one day in the junkyard, and couldn't believe my luck (as you can't even find the aftermarket brackets on-line anymore)...
  21. GotInsulin


    Another silky smooth sail from the master of obtaining weird, rare parts. Thanks for the roof rack locking trim!
  22. GotInsulin

    FS: '92 Kensington Grey GVR4 Partout

    Quoting DSSA: Do you mean "perfect" as in "not cut/damaged", or as in "with perfect paint"?I have this one up on the lift and will be checking things/starting to strip it today and tomorrow.Josh [/quoteJosh, more as in vein of not cut/damaged. Paint is less of a priority in my mind as my...
  23. GotInsulin

    FS: '92 Kensington Grey GVR4 Partout

    Josh- Any great-to-perfect front USDM bumpers in the stash? Beam is optional. I'm down in Willow Grove if so. Thx
  24. GotInsulin

    FS: 1991 galant vr4 829/2000 $7900

    Could be due to the fact you're asking $8k for a car that features an ad with no real info?
  25. GotInsulin

    FS: 1991 GVR4 Green, 300k miles. Feeler for whole or parts?

    Think about it and let me know. I have a spare front bumper and lights at a very minimum I could donate to the cause and cash in hand. I could probably stir up a rear bumper too if really need be. Please do whatever suits you, but let me know if you wander down that path. Thanks for the...
  26. GotInsulin

    WTB: front bumper filler

    I just gave Nate at performance partout 2, one white and one black.
  27. GotInsulin

    The "Registry"

    782/2000 has been parted down and Nate Crisman-d 72/1000 is now in my possession.
  28. GotInsulin

    FS: 1991 GVR4 Green, 300k miles. Feeler for whole or parts?

    Where about in NJ? Philly burbs here, but I definitely wouldn't mind taking the F/R bumpers +fogs, grille, corners, and probably the headlights off of your hands. Have a price in mind for a package deal? Thanks for the consideration!
  29. GotInsulin

    WTB: AMG front grill (1991/1992 VR4)

    Juan has one kicking around.
  30. GotInsulin

    Feeler: JDM Front Bumper

    Wow, there's a username I haven't seen since the DSMTalk days.I'd be interested in both hood and bumper and may also have suitable USDM components to trade in NB if interested.
  31. GotInsulin

    Hey folks, new to the forum. Owner of 1211/2000

    PM'd with adoption papers.
  32. GotInsulin

    JDM Bumper

    Pretty sure Juan has them for sale regularly, too.
  33. GotInsulin

    Has anyone ordered from Mitsubishi Parts Warehouse?

    What they claim to have in inventory is far different from what they actually have. If you're looking for hard to find/NLA parts that just happen to be in their inventory (think 1G door seals), you should call them before ordering. They drug a transaction out for more than 6 weeks with me before...
  34. GotInsulin

    Sold: CM 3" Stainless Exhaust

    I'll take the cat if you wanted to split them apart....
  35. GotInsulin

    FS: Evolution 5 interior / SOLD!

    Including whatever rails sliders? Looking for any trades or just cash?
  36. GotInsulin

    SOLD: CM dual tip SS catback &amp; test pipe

    Thanks again, brotha!
  37. GotInsulin

    Mitsubishi parts warehouse

    Unfortunately, they list a TON of parts as available which are NLA for both them and Mitsu. Their database does not seem to be very current though I keep them in the rotation after JNZ and STM for OEM things but only as a last resort as they have occasionally come through with some weird...
  38. GotInsulin

    WTB: Front rack

    PM Juan. He always seems to find one in stock.
  39. GotInsulin

    Wideband routing in GVR4

    That's clever, MX. I usually send route mine through one of the firewall boots like a boost gauge.
  40. GotInsulin


    Phil was a pleasure to deal with. He secured some non-power seatbelt plastics for me. Great communication, quick shipping from down under, and fair pricing. Hoping I can return the favor sometime in the future!
  41. GotInsulin

    FS: Specialized Epic Expert - $2500

    Great price for a well sorted rig!I'm sure you have already, but make sure you post it on Pinbike. Great resource for buying and selling.
  42. GotInsulin

    FS: Hood Struts GVR4

    Charles- Any idea when the next batch of 1G DSM struts will be available? I'm ordering a set of those and a set of GVR-4 and would like to do so simultaneously. Thanks!
  43. GotInsulin

    Alternative OFH feed

    I actually had a bit more luck using a very long breaker bar with slow and steady pressure cracked mine loose when heat and the impact wouldn't work. There was a loud pop when the thread locker popped and it spun right out with no problem. Good luck!Also, I ran my JB Green from the lower...
  44. GotInsulin

    WTB: Evo 3 o2 housing

    RRE still has them....
  45. GotInsulin

    FS: Racecar partout - 90 GSX Eclipse

    Any chance the door gaskets on both sides are any good? Is the hood CF or FG? Thanks!
  46. GotInsulin

    Kevan (engiekev)

    Two happy transactions here totaling more than $800. Good communication, shipped fast, easy purchase. Thanks again!
  47. GotInsulin

    WTB: Passenger side Evo seat bracket

    Supposedly the Bride rails bolt up to the Evo seats with a little widening of the bolt holes. EliteJDM in Philly had one a while back, so so may want to try with them.
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