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  1. strokin4dr


    That is sick!
  2. strokin4dr

    New owner of 1908 here! / build (Ocala, FL) Lots of pics UPDATE

    Would love to know if this one ever made it back to the road. Anyone out there know where it ended up?
  3. strokin4dr

    Notable Galant VR-4 Sales

    1135/2000 Asking price $12,000 Sold for $10,500
  4. strokin4dr

    504/2000 Restoration project and 2 other VR4. Why do I love these cars!!

    Quoting iceman69510: Hmmm, I guess from the second picture you are in Australia, not England.
  5. strokin4dr


    I have one. Text me. 912-856-1159
  6. strokin4dr

    FS: Replica VR-4 Trunk Badges

    Looks very good!
  7. strokin4dr

    FS: 1991 Galant VR4 -All Original 90K miles SOLD

    Here are a few videos I made to give a better idea of the overall condition of the car.GVR4 videos
  8. strokin4dr

    FS: Replica VR-4 Trunk Badges

    I'd take one or two for sure.
  9. strokin4dr

    drivetrain noises on deceleration RESOLVED

    What was the solution?
  10. strokin4dr

    E85 question

    I ran into the issue of the factory return being too small for a walbro 450. I am waiting to install my fuel pressure sensor to confirm suspicions but everything is pointing to that being the case. When running E85 it wasn't an issue but when going back to pump gas, with the engine using less...
  11. strokin4dr

    15's on the Galant

    My 15x7 slipsteams clear the vr4 brakes on my mirage. It's very close but they clear.
  12. strokin4dr

    JDM Projector Fog Light Wiring.

    I would recommend just adding a 3rd wire to the corner markers and switching to a dual element bulb. Looks correct this way and works great.
  13. strokin4dr

    FS: 1991 Galant VR4 -All Original 90K miles SOLD

    Not looking for any trades. Need to downsize by two to three vehicles unfortunately. If others sell first I'll be keeping this one
  14. strokin4dr

    FS: 1991 Galant VR4 -All Original 90K miles SOLD

    1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR4 Belize Green 90,6XX milesAll systems and features on this car are working and intact including: Power steering 4 wheel steering AC (R12) ABS Cruise control Power sunroof Original floor matsThis is a true surviver car. It has been in this area it's...
  15. strokin4dr

    FS: Evo 9 suspension w/ TEIN springs SOLD

    Bumping this back up. $400 shipped to you!
  16. strokin4dr

    Alternator dash light

    I have made some custom heat shields as well. Used the factory firewall shields off of a turbo mini cooper. They are easy bend and manipulate to the shape needed. The one I am using on my white VR4 is bolted in between my wrapped FP O2 housing and the GM alternator I installed last year. Seems...
  17. strokin4dr

    Instrument cluster swap

    1g/dsm vss in in the cluster. 2g unit is on the trans. The signal is compatible though. I'm using a 2g ecu in a 4g mirage with and evo 3 cluster and everything works like it came from the factory that way (once wires were ran to correct locations). I would try a montero or even a gvr4 cluster...
  18. strokin4dr

    FS: Regamaster Evo 16x8 +35 4x114.3

    Looooooong gone!
  19. strokin4dr

    A proper build thread for 1501

    Looking forward to the pics!
  20. strokin4dr


    I've got a few of them too. I can snap some pics this afternoon if you still need one.
  21. strokin4dr

    FS: 1991 GVR4 Green, 300k miles. Feeler for whole or parts?

    Man, I wish I could have picked this up with the FD wheels on it. Is anything else gone from it? Pic with the lancer wheels?
  22. strokin4dr

    Mitsubishi Evo 1 GSR vs. Mitsubishi Galant VR4

    Quoting idreamidrive: Evo 1-3 is more like a 2g dsm. From what I have gathered, the trans will not fit in 1g cars, but the internals will.Evo 1-3 trans will bolt into 1g dsms/ vr4, but not the other way around. Vr4 trans will not bolt into evo 1-3.
  23. strokin4dr

    WTB: MD171056 Water Pump Inlet Pipe

    I should have a couple. Shoot me a PM
  24. strokin4dr

    WTB: Shifter base

    I have what you are looking for. Text me at 818-856-1159 since messages aren't working on here.
  25. strokin4dr

    226/1000 Mild Restoration Build

    Quoting thomcasey: If my temp gauge gets anywhere near the location yours is in I start checkin stuff. That is why I have an aftermarket Coolant Temp gaugeSame here, Thom. I set my CEL to come of at 206 through ECMlink instead of having a separate gauge. On really hot days when sitting in...
  26. strokin4dr

    Gear shifter cable question

    I would just get the correct cables for the car. I installed these along with new bushings and a 3000gt shifter in both my vr4s. Shifts feel amazing. Money well spent!!New OEM VR4 shifter cables
  27. strokin4dr

    New guy from Mass with a 4G63 Ram 50 and now a GVR4

    Nice work! The car looks great
  28. strokin4dr

    Saturn alternator swap/relocation.

    Good to hear, Luke. Did you drill out the front case and block to allow the larger GM thru-bolt at the bottom?
  29. strokin4dr

    FNG with 556/2000

    Welcome! Looks like a pretty nice example there. Keep us updated with the progress.
  30. strokin4dr

    Saturn alternator swap/relocation.

    Good to hear. Mine is in the stock position and while voltage has been much improved, I've had to re-tension the belt a couple times due to it squealing. I did not enlarge the lower holes in the front case to accommodate the GM sized mounting bolt, but instead used a spacer on one side in an...
  31. strokin4dr

    WTB: 4 bolt axles

    Pm sent
  32. strokin4dr

    WTB: Fuel Filler Hose

    I have the last couple of the new ones. PM me an offer. It's gonna have to be damn good for me to let one go though!
  33. strokin4dr


    I believe the lowest number to come up on the board was number 3. 1000/1000 is on here.
  34. strokin4dr

    FS: Found 1990 Galant GSX in Houston

    Something looks a little off with that valve cover!
  35. strokin4dr

    Brake question.

    Same calipers that come stock on the vr4. Waste of time.
  36. strokin4dr

    Car Starts but Stalls Immediately after Built Engine Install

    I would not use that rail. Hell, I wouldn't run bare aluminum fuel components with E85, period. After noticing my factory rail starting to have flakes inside after running E85 for just months I swapped to a FIC rail, new soft lines, inline filter setup and E85 safe fuel pump. I'd check out all...
  37. strokin4dr

    WTB: GVR4 rear window

    Looking for options on a rear window in good shape with intact defogger element. LMK what you have.
  38. strokin4dr

    Car Starts but Stalls Immediately after Built Engine Install

    I called that oneAs far as sticking in the rail, I've had lots of injectors do that. Some to the point where the oring is destroyed removing them. I would send those back to FIC for cleaning. Hopefully they can be saved. Ethanol can potentially do some damage.It sucks, but glad it...
  39. strokin4dr

    Cry for HELP

    It will be a tag similar to this. click
  40. strokin4dr

    Cry for HELP

    Quoting kron_jdd: ...I currently have a 3 bolt. So this confirms I have the wrong diff ...That doesnt confirm anything. 3 bolt axles can be connected to one of a few different ratio diffs. Take a pic of the tag on the diff cover and post it here. But, yes, it is most likely the stock 2.846...
  41. strokin4dr

    FS: Clear headlight protectors for '93 headlights

    One set left for the '93 lights.
  42. strokin4dr

    Cry for HELP

    Take a pic of the tag on the rear diff. That will give us a clue as to what's going on. Unless someone swapped the guts, but that is unlikely.
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