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  1. KiNgMaRtY

    speaker dimension

    4" in the dash, 5.25" in the front doors, and 6.5" in the rear.
  2. KiNgMaRtY

    New to the forum? Introduce yourself here.

    Good news for you! Someone makes them!
  3. KiNgMaRtY

    JIC coilovers too stiff

    I've had KW V3's and currently on Ohlin's with 9/9 rates. They are very comfortable for being a coilover. I use to have Muellerized JIC FLT2's in a 2g GSX and they were very daily driver friendly. Mueller would revalve the shock and change the springs. Seems like yours may be off the shelf and...
  4. KiNgMaRtY

    Socal vr4 meet!

    Sure would. We can try to plan something in a couple months.
  5. KiNgMaRtY

    - WTB/WTT: Galant VR4 -

    Brett Adams just posted one of his GVR4's for sale on FB for $13K.
  6. KiNgMaRtY

    1992 Galant VR-4 #802/1000
  7. KiNgMaRtY

    Some Throw backs!!!

    He still has it. He just posted a video on his FB about a month or so ago seeing that the car is back in action.
  8. KiNgMaRtY

    Some Throw backs!!!

    Same. I use to look forward to it every year. I think everyone took it for granted till it was gone. I went to the new mini MOD this year that was thrown by locals.
  9. KiNgMaRtY

    Part out!

    Nope, no reply received.
  10. KiNgMaRtY

    Blow off valve options on stock car

    Any that recirculate back will work well. Just get know brand one from a reputable place as there are tons of replicas that are not very good. I run a Greddy Type-S in my GVR-4 and a Tial QRJ in my Evo IX.
  11. KiNgMaRtY

    Drivable Galant VR4s

    802/1000 is alive and well.
  12. KiNgMaRtY

    New Product Proposal for W5M33 Owners:

    Hopefully this does move forward as there are so little options left available when doing a rebuild.
  13. KiNgMaRtY

    Power steering switch connector.

    Did you put in a new reman PS pump? It is very sensitive to the piece with the spring inside. You must remove it and put it in the PS pump for it to work properly. I had a similar issue in a prior VR4 and could not solve it. Bought an OEM used pump and put in those pieces in the reman pump and...
  14. KiNgMaRtY

    what coils?

    Yes you can. I am running Evo 8/9 Ohlins in my VR4 with the SCE adapter kit. You will also want to use Galant specific top plates or reuse you OEM's.
  15. KiNgMaRtY

    exhaust manifold gasket

    I've used the 4 layer on my GVR4 and the 2 layer on my Evo and they both seal well. Just make sure to clean the head and manifold mating surfaces well.
  16. KiNgMaRtY

    FS: Central IN

    Seems like a great deal for someone for a clean car. GLWS
  17. KiNgMaRtY

    91 galant 929/2000

    Welcome Posting some pictures of the questioned switches will allow us to see what is in question.
  18. KiNgMaRtY


    Welcome to the board Richard!
  19. KiNgMaRtY

    OEM Top Mounts. Front.

    If KYB still makes them, I would try to source some of those. Most users have moved over to Coilovers and will use the Pillowball mounts. You can also install Pillowball mounts on the OEM tophats.
  20. KiNgMaRtY

    Mediocre s16g, so now what??

    FP use to sell the FP68 HTA with the stock appearing housing. You can see if they can custom one up for you or as mentioned contact Justin. To get you at that 400 level, you will want to swap out the 190 for a 255 Walbroh and bigger injectors. You will also need to step up to the 2g DSM or Evo Maf.
  21. KiNgMaRtY

    Part out!

    PM sent
  22. KiNgMaRtY

    Back into it

    Sounds like a steal!
  23. KiNgMaRtY

    1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 478/2000 Summit White - Rust Free - New York - $16,000 *SOLD*

    Very nice car. Mind sharing the final selling price?
  24. KiNgMaRtY

    San Diego / So cal meet

    Perhaps we can do a meet up at the mega Cars and Coffee in San Clemente or a nice mountain drive up GMR/Azuza followed by some breakfast.
  25. KiNgMaRtY

    HotBits Suspension

    Correct. Mueller still offers the service or you can just buy the Ohlins and adapter kit from Supercar Engineering. I sourced the Ohlins DFV and then bought the adapter kit.
  26. KiNgMaRtY

    802/1000 Diary

    Exactly what he said. The Cusco Camber plates would have worked as well but I sold them with the KW's. I ended up ordering BC camber plates and just used the metal plate with the Ohlins pillowball hardware. Quick trip to HD or Ace for the longer bolts and it was good to go.
  27. KiNgMaRtY

    802/1000 Diary

    Relocated the battery to the trunk and run 0 gauge wire to it.
  28. KiNgMaRtY

    802/1000 Diary

    Haven’t updated the thread in a while. Sold the Robispec KW V3’ s. Now on Ohlins DFV. At the same time replaced the brake lines with some SS lines. Put in new front control arms and axels as well.
  29. KiNgMaRtY

    I'm Back

    Nice build Terrance!!
  30. KiNgMaRtY

    WTB: VR4 near San Diego CA

    Did you get it? Do we have anothe SoCal GVR4?
  31. KiNgMaRtY

    EVO 3 radiator in your vr4

    I also have a Koyo Evo III radiator. One other thing to note is that it does sit a little lower than the OEM unit. Use can can just wedge something under or add shims to push it up. Other than that, it fits great.
  32. KiNgMaRtY

    1992 Galant VR-4 #802/1000

    This is the Build Thread for 1992 Galant VR-4 #802/1000. Reply below.
  33. KiNgMaRtY

    Good 4WS alignment shop in So Cal?

    4WS won't have an effect on front tire wear. Road Race does not do alignments. One of the best alignment places in SoCal is Westend Alignment in Gardena. If you know the specs you want, just about any knowledgeable alignment place should be able to get you to the settings you request. Just make...
  34. KiNgMaRtY

    Coolant issues

    Is the thermostat an OEM unit? 70% water, 30% coolant mix?
  35. KiNgMaRtY

    Hard to believe I kept my VR4

    Wow! At least there's hope to getting it back on the road.
  36. KiNgMaRtY

    Rear Tubular Subframes, Control Arms, Trailing Arms

    I was on DSMtuners and came across this. click NatFab is making 1g rear tubular subframes, rear control arms, trailing arms and modified toe arms. He is also offering an optional 3000gt dif subframe for the 1g.Also saw that Volk is also offering both rear upper and lower control arms along...
  37. KiNgMaRtY

    How much does recirculating BOV help keep boost up between gears?

    I've always felt that running vented makes the shifts feel like you are describing. Just recirculate it and see how much better you like it. Being tuned on SD will help with not running rich between shifts but you still loose that air.
  38. KiNgMaRtY

    Vr4 coilovers on a zr4?

    You will be fine. Close enough.
  39. KiNgMaRtY

    Clutch swap, locked out of gears. Broken fork? How do I check?

    Great to hear you got it worked out!
  40. KiNgMaRtY

    What kind of Coilovers?

    I currently have Robispec Street KW V3's with 8K Front and 9K rears. I've had a number of suspension setups. I would rate them like this:Most comfortable spring/strut aftermarket in order: Koni Yellows with H&R springs GR2 with OEM springs Bilstein MR's with Swift R Springs On even...
  41. KiNgMaRtY

    WTB: roof rack o roof rack towers

    Sorry, would only sell as a kit.
  42. KiNgMaRtY

    WTB: roof rack o roof rack towers

    Thinking of letting my Thule roof rack go. Comes complete with the keys, endcaps, and the wind deflector. Will you be in Cali any time in the near future to pick it up? I could do $300 if you pick it up.
  43. KiNgMaRtY

    Consensus on spring on spring rates?

    The higher spring rate in the rear as mentioned definitely helps these car rotate. I am running 8K front and 9K in the rear on my KW V3's.
  44. KiNgMaRtY

    Brake pads suggestions

    I just replied to another members post and will copy and paste here:I had Stoptech in an Evo a few times and always hated them. I really like Porterfield R4-S. I've had them in various cares and are great for DD/ mountain roads. My Galant with R4-S out braked my Evo with Stoptechs. I know if...
  45. KiNgMaRtY

    Best Place to Source Quality Brakes

    I had Stoptech in an Evo a few times and always hated them. I really like Porterfield R4-S. I've had them in various cares and are great for DD/ mountain roads. My Galant with R4-S out braked my Evo with Stoptechs. I know if wasn't a bad batch either because I got them twice and one on the...
  46. KiNgMaRtY

    FS: OEM AMG Galant 3-piece Wing

    You may want to try to reach him on facebook: Mike Valencia
  47. KiNgMaRtY

    PI car lawyer in LA, CA needed.

    Please contact me.
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