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Recent content by turboflanagan


    I've not even been able to start digging yet.

    I have to see if I have my stock one first. Let me look for it and get back to you.

    Does it have to be an AMG? I have a cyclone on mine that I might be willing to pull off.
  4. Floor mats

    I still have these floormats available. You can see info about them in this thread. Feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions. They are great mats.Scientifically proven to shave 2/10ths off your quarter mile!! :grin:
  5. Floor mats

    Apparently, my Google account does not like getting emails from Yahoo. Yours went to spam. I'm glad you posted a message here!
  6. Floor mats

    I'm still doing floormats for members. You can find info here. I just delivered a set to one member and there is another who's order is shipping soon. Maybe they will chime in with their experience. I don't think it is my place to say who they are without permission.These are not factory...
  7. Member Cars section - do you want one?

    Here are threads that don't pull photos in. Though it could be they no longer are hosted elsewhere.
  8. Member Cars section - do you want one?

    Speaking of data loss... Are all the pictures from the old board lost? I have been looking for some for coils on Cyclone intakes and they won't load as if they were not imported. Any way to bring those in?
  9. Member Cars section - do you want one?

    You are probably aware but those witty tag lines were only editable by mods. They were usually funny to some degree, but hilarious when you knew the backstory.I think another question to evaluate regarding the creation of a Vehicle Profile section would be: Would it be worth building here or...
  10. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    They are still available. Best course of action is to email me directly at turboflanagan @ the with your inquiries. I'm not even giving estimated delivery times anymore. Thanks covid!
  11. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    There have not been any orders since Covid started, but I should still be able to get a set made for you.Just email me at [email protected] to get the conversation started. Last sets made were $135 shipped to the contiguous US. They are probably $580 now with "covid pricing"...I'll...
  12. New To Site

    Thanks for saving it! I sure do love the Kensington Gray ones!Good luck with the rebuild!
  13. Back in the house

    Alive and kickin'.Have had a few orders even though I haven't been around in ages. I have a couple of sets that I might post up for sale. They were sets that I had to eat because they were embroidered wrong from the order.It took some work to get the mat embroiderer (that looks really...
  14. Back in the house

    Yup. Far too long...
  15. Back in the house

    Hey VR4 crew!I have had my Galant for more than 18 years. I can't really believe it's true.It has been parked for ages and currently isn't licensed for street use. I hope to rectify that very soon and start daily driving it again.I feel like a newb all over again and I suck at the...
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