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Recent content by MellowVR4

  1. constant clouds of white smoke out of exhaust

    Check to see if the pcv is clogged or stuck.
  2. FS: Rear subframe and mustache poly bushings

    As title says, these fit the 1gs and GVR4's as I'm sure everyone here knows. Looking for $140.00 shipped and paypal fees. Hit me up for the paypal if you want these.
  3. Occasional stall issue

    Yea sorta sounds like an ecu issue. If remove the plastic piece under the dash on the passenger side, closer to where your right foot sits when your sitting in the car. that's where the ecu is. With ot removing it see if you can get a rotten egg smell coming it. You could also remove it and...
  4. Spare engine - should I buy?

    I believe the 93 & 94 engines are 7 bolts. Unless they swapped it with a 6 bolt.
  5. FS: 1094/2000 Roller project, Merrimack NH

    What car are those Steele's from?
  6. 736/2000

    That thing sounds sweet, their is a montero thread in the anything goes section. I had a few of these in the past. Recently gotten back into 4runners and stuff but sure do love the 1st gen Montero.
  7. 736/2000

    Holy crap that sounds intense lol you inspiring me to do a fast truck build like that because I just know its wicked sweet. Nice job dude
  8. 736/2000

    I've had a few of those Montero's 1st gens and always wanted to install the 3000gt TT engine. But that set up is sick and I bet is tons of fun!! What kind of suspension do you have on the Montero? How does it feel hauling ass? Lol
  9. CV axel

    Have anyone that rebuilds them in your area? If you have the OEM axles in the car now I'd say just get them rebuilt. By the way have you checked your axle support bearing for wear? That sometimes causes some noise if bad.
  10. 736/2000

    What's the engine set up on the Montero?
  11. FS: rear doglegs

    These are still available, only have what's pictured as far as which ones are passenger and drivers.
  12. FS: rear doglegs

    Hello everyone, I have a passenger & driver side rear doglegs body pieces. One is Belize green and the other is some money green type color. Obviously not a factory color. Shipping on these items would be somewhat expensive I'm guessing. 30$ shipped each one. Let me know
  13. How much does recirculating BOV help keep boost up between gears?

    I have mine on SD also with a synapse bov vented and have been tossing the idea of recirculating to see what happens.
  14. WTT: My 272s comp cams for your 264s cams

    Hello all. As title says, let me know.