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Jul 29, 2002
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Please read the following forum rules.


1. If your title is "Newbie" you can not post here. Do not post your FS ads in other forums, as they will be deleted. If you'd like to post here, please establish yourself on the board by introducing yourself, assisting some other members or contributing wherever you can. You'll drop the Newbie title before you know it.

2. Subjects must begin with FS:, WTT:, EB:, FREE: or FEELER: and contain a good product description.
a) FS: For Sale
b) WTT: Want To Trade
c) EB: Ebay Auction
d) FREE: Free
e) FEELER: "Feeler" threads

3. Post must contain asking prices, this is not eBay and we don't do auctions.

4. Do not sell items that are not yours. Any attempts to get around rule #1 will be deleted. This rule also protects us all as we have had issues where transactions have gone bad and the poster denies any responsibility. The owner of the items must post their own thread. If they're not members here, don't sell it here.

5. You are limited to 1 "bump" of your thread per week (a bump is replying to your own post with the specific purpose of moving it to the top of the post list). Note that a week is 7 days regardless of the day of week. If you insist on bumping your thread all the time it will be locked. Please give everyone else with posts that have interest and activity their rightful place.

6. When your item sells, please add "SOLD" to the end of your thread title and/or in the post, so no one wastes time PMing and emailing. We would prefer that prices remain in place to assist in establishing market value of parts for future members.


1. If you add unwanted comments, opinions or you try hijack someone's thread it WILL be deleted no questions asked. Asking questions related to an interest in purchasing the items is okay, complaining about the price/quality/etc is not.

2. It is your responsibility to determine the trustworthiness of the seller. Check the Bad Guys and Good Guys forums for seller feedback. Buyer and Seller must enter into a purchasing contract soley between themselves. (the site), it's management and membership are not responsible for any claims or damages.

3. If you have a dispute with another member that involves a solicitation to buy or sell merchandise or services that originated from a post on and you are unable to resolve the situation in a reasonable amount of time you are encouraged to resurrect the post in question by replying to it and detailing your situation in as much of a level-headed, non-accusatory and mature way as possible. If anything, this will serve as a warning to others and hopefully provide a means of general arbitration with your peers. If this does not generate a response please visit the Bad Guys forum to make a post.

4. Although you can send PayPal without fees (send as a gift) you may then have limited recourse in the event of an issue with the purchase. Use this carefully.


If you fail to follow the above we will either EDIT, MOVE or DELETE your post and may do so WITHOUT WARNING.

By posting to this site you agree to follow these rules and our potential enforcement of them.
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