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WTB: automatic seatbelt - drivers side


New member
Nov 16, 2021
Hi all :)
Little background story if You have too much time ;)
I am from Poland and all my adult life driving Galanta E3 in various version. I love that car. I had one in 2011 in e39 specs.
You must believe me when i say that kind of Cars are very rare here, not to mention vr4 specs...
Anyway, i had one more than 10 years ago, but unfortunatly poor galant give up to rust, and become too dangerous to drive and too expensive to rebuild.
Recently i have luck and found one for sale in Ukrain. It costed more than my savings, but Hey... It is my dream to have one in decent condition.
So i bought it, and after about 2 months struggling etc.. Its an another time story, i am proud owner of e39.

Unfortunatly, in Europe we dont have automatic seat belts, so its next to impossible to obtain one fitting E3. I tried to create something wieh eclipse seatbelt, but they are too different to create something. So only place i think i have a chance buy that kind of part is here..
Soo, please help ;) You are propably my only hope to fixing my galant.

PS. I wanted to change to manual seat belts, but mounting holes are different in EU...
PPS. Shipping to Poland...
Many many thanks :)


Turn Right Racing
Staff member
Mar 5, 2001
Is this a US spec car? I seem to recall only US cars utilized the "mouse" automatic belts. What is the VIN?

The shape and size of this part will make shipping difficult as you can imagine.


New member
Nov 16, 2021
Yea, it is US-spec car, and VIN ( although I`m not sure if it is original :/ ) JA3CX56R1LZ018243
I know it can be difficult to ship, but what I need foremost is cable with mechanism, because in my car cable shielding was broken and probably was stuck too much time, and ultimately broke aluminum drive wheel that retracts belt.
So the package may contain only this with some rubber seals because those are also broken, it also depends on costs ...
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