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wiring up rally lights w/ high beams + override


Well-known member
Oct 19, 2005
Iowa City, IA
Probably not your typical lighting accessory question. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

The rule book says I must be able to dim ALL supplemental, forward-facing lights with the high beam switch. I'm planning on running a pair of pencil beams and a pair of euro, or wide, beams on the light bar/pod PLUS the factory fogs. Here's where the logic problem begins.

The pencils will have their own on/off switch.
The euros will have their own on/off switch.
The fogs will have their own on/off switch.

When the rally light switches are turned to ON, activating the Galant's high beams with the stalk will ALSO activate the rally lights (all six of 'em, including the fogs), otherwise, it's just the factory high beams.

Now, here's the tricky part, methinks. I also want an override switch, which will allow me to bypass the factory controls in case of emergency or whatever. As we all know, the headlights turn off with the ignition. If something goes wrong with the OEM controls, I want to be able to bypass them and still run the lights.

Throw in the factory harness always providing 12VDC to the high beams and merely switching grounds, and this project got me all confused. I'm looking for some feedback and advice on the attached schematic I sketched out today.

From L to R: left/right wides, left/right pencils, then the FSM schematic layout of left lo - left hi - right hi - right lo. (I did not include the fogs on this, though I suspect it will be another iteration of the solution for the pencils/wides.)

This schematic still shows things enabled by the ACC switch, but what are your thoughts on the way I've got the pencils/wides wired in? I'm using the voltage applied to the headlights as triggers on the pencil/wide relays, which pull their power direct from the battery, and since the headlights always have 12VDC, I'm just providing a shortcut to ground there to bypass the control stalk if desired.

Additional, potentially useful information: These switches will be mounted to the center console, likely where the radio used to be. Thanks, gents. Appreciate it.


Well-known member
Jun 1, 2011
Indianapolis, In.
With out going into great detail.....I always like to switch my grounds when doing wiring. If there is a problem it will just turn on the light instead of shorting something out. I.E. if the wire coming from your switch rubs or gets cut by some thing next to it it will just ground out and turn your lights on. I would run relay's to your lights for sure and trigger all of you grounds from a relay that is activated by you power wire coming from you dimmer switch. You can have a 2 way toggle switch that one way works from the factory switch or the other way bypasses it completely.

I will put some more thought into this today.


Well-known member
May 28, 2003
using relays, you're just talking about having different ground sources... no big deal. Very simple wiring.
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