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Whats this connector?

I got my car back together and went to start it and all it does is crank. I also heard clicks coming from where the MPI relay is. So i'm guessing it died. So as I was taking the MPI relay out I found a connector just dangling. I have search around the area and can't find anything that its supposed to connect to. Anybody know what this goes to? I know the bigger connector goes to the MPI relay, but what about this little one?



Staff member
Aug 8, 2004
KC, Missouri
I'd have to double check, but I believe there is a single wire connector in that same area that is hooked up to the 02 wire that goes into the ECU. Not sure if it's meant for diagnostics or what. If this is the case, it's supposed to be unplugged.


Well-known member
Nov 24, 2008
Oconomowoc, WI
Yup... Looks like the O2 voltage wire. My bliky light A/F gauge (don't laugh - came with the car) is hooked up to mine.


Turn Right Racing
Staff member
Mar 5, 2001
If you hear the MPI relay clicking, it is quite possibly still good. With a wiring diagram you can easily test it or bypass it to try to start the car. What have you done to the car? How long has it been sitting?

I figured out what was going on. Since I had the ECMlink V3 chip in, It wasn't setup to run the car. So after I about gave up all hope, I decided to take a another stab at it and finally got link and my labtop to connect. (I didn't read the intial start section on the link forum..I Fail) After I followed the steps she cranked right up. (Huge relief) At least while I was puzzled about it not starting I went ahead and replaced the starter to battery wire and the ground wire. But I broke some piping I JB Welded (Dang DSM'er In Me), so I won't start it until I get the piping welded the right way. So that leaves me perfect time to put the KYB AGX's in and drop the Walbro 255 in and re-wire it.
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