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tps question regarding datalog.

ok so this is got me confused. i jsut got my pocketlogger up and running. and im going thru the setup and what not and i begin to logg at idle jsut to see what its all about. and i noticed something.... my TPS on my logger says im at 16.7% when i have no foot on the throttle. also it goes to 98.8 % when i floor it... yet my SAFC says im at 0% at idle and 100% floored... i am assuming my logger should show 0% as well.... any advice on why my afc is showing different and its pretty much a gimmi that i should adjust my tps..


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Mar 23, 2008
Ferndale, WA
If your using the pocketlogger software from digital tuning, your tps should read 9-10% at idle and should go up smoothly to 100% at WOT Digital Tuning TPS parameter . I know the AFC and I think ECMlink does as well, show 0% when its closed, I don't know if they work off the idle switch or what though. I would first check that your throttle cable does not have too much tension on it keeping the throttle plate open since the tps is reading 16.7%. If you haven't alread, make sure there is nothing obstructing your gas pedal from going the full distance to the floor since you aren't reaching 100%. Then if that stuff is ok, I would check your Idle switch and see if it is screwed in too far causing the throttle to be open when it should be closed. If those things don't bring the tps down to 9 or 10%, then you might want to adjust your tps.

Also I have the MMCD software on my logger and it too reads 10.1% tps at idle.
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Sep 11, 2003
Yeah you should be seeing about 9.8% with your foot off the pedal. And yes the SAFC "learns" the lowest voltage it sees, as 0%.
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