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TMO Wiring to the Diag. port

Finally got a working OS on my laptop and got TMO Installed, the car came "pre-wired". Here's how it looks down there.

Whole Fuse box/ Diag. Port

What it should look like I'm guessing

Question, how do I know what wire needs to get power? Are the existing wires even going to the right pins? The plug I see in the picture from TMO does not elude to which pins it connects to. or which wire needs power.

Funny thing is, I got a split second of data from the diag. port when I plugged the laptop in, then nothing. It would connect and then say "link down" right away. Now it says there is no power, well duh!

Which wire do I power and which pins do I connect the wires to??

That picture is showing a TRUE TMO logging cable, which needed 12 volt power to run the interface. The cable you have is evidently one that receives its power from the notebook's serial port, as it doesn't appear to have a power wire. Do you know for sure the cable works? Where did it come from?
What OS are you running? What COM port is your serial port configured for? Is it a hardware serial port, or are you using a Keyspan USB-to-Serial adapter?
The TMO software was written for older Windows software, so you can sometimes have problems getting it configured properly with newer OS's that want to control all the ports themselves.

The cable came with the car, Adam(previous owner) installed it as far as I know. It had an extension on it that I took off, no real change. The notebook is running XP Home. It's configure for COM1, which is what TMO is set to. It's a factory serial port, no adapter or aftermarket deal. It's an older OmniBook 4150 from HP.

Are there any particular settings I should use under device manager?? bits per second? data bits? parity? stop bits? Flow control?

I get one of three message. Something to the effect of "Not properly connected to the ECU" or "Datalogger not found or lacking power" and finally "Logger is working properly", but along with the last message it always says "Link down". I will sometimes get sporadic bits of info if I get the "working properly" bit and go to the DRBII tab. But only the occasional bit of info, no constant flow of information. More like snapshots.

I'd imagine a real TMO cable is not at all able to be had.

Do you know if Adam was using a Palm or a notebook computer? Was the serial connector on the end of the cable the right one for your notebook?

IIRC he was using a laptop, but I can ask him. He pops on here from time to time. The serial cable fits like a glove. The notebook dod not come from Adam, it came from Tom who owned the car for about 9 months tops but did not drive it much. He was able to log the car using XP and this laptop from what I know.

Also, Jon(toybreaker) hooked up his pocket logger to my car when I first got it to diagnose my poor idle. Worked like a champ. It was dark however when he re-hooked up the TMO wiring, maybe a missed placed connection?

Here what it will say when I try to connect:


or I'll get this but never lose the "link down" status

And here's some random "snapshots" of data I'll get sometimes

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Is this the terminals that you are connecting to:

Are you sure that your COM port is COM1 on that notebook? Have you checked for any conflicts from any other devices, like an internal modem? Does XP show the port as being 03F8 and IRQ 4?

I will check that on my lunch break, I won't be able to post once I'm at work though, site is blocked. Thank you for the pin diagram!! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

In the BIOS Menu the I/O address under the serial port is 3F8h IRQ4.

Everything this is hooked up right. No dice.

I'm thinking the cable may be to blame, the connectors are way too big for the size of the pins, plus the no power thing. I dunno what I'll do.


I was browsing eBay and saw this. The cable in there, that is warned against, looks exactly like mine!! You think I have an eBay cable???

That cable being sold in the ad is the one I used, and have highly recommended. You can't believe how long I searched yesterday for that ad, and eBay gave me nothing! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/banghead.gif
I hate to tell you to go and buy that cable, because it still could be a configuration issue, but you can't go wrong with his cable. And, for $5 more he will give you the adapter so you can use it with a PDA also.Be sure to let him know what configuartion you want.

Even if it is an configuration issue, that cable is much easier to plug and un-plug and takes one unknown out of the equation. Now, by configuration you mean laptop or PDA? OS?

If I recall, he used to ask you if you wanted a male or a female DB9, for a PDA or for a notebook. I told him I wanted the male for the PDA and Pocketlogger, but also wanted the $5 null modem adapter so I could also use TMOLogger on my notebook.
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