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Thinking about selling my GVR4...

I know, I just got it a few months back. But an opportunity to get another one of my dream cars has come up so I'm considering putting the GVR4 on the market.

I didn’t put this in the Cars for Sale section because of the strict rules it didn’t seem like a “testing the waters” type of thread is allowed.

The car is a ’91 w/ 107k original miles. It was one owner until about a year ago, then the guy I bought it from purchased it from his child-hood friend’s father (the original owner). He took it in right away for a T-belt and water pump, but the shop botched the job. That’s when I bought it, running but running poorly. I found both cams off a tooth, and a huge boost leak (blown out IC). I fixed both problems and it ran great, with 160psi in 3 holes and 165 in the 4th. So, since I got it running right I figured it was time to take it all back apart and start the modding.

The parts in it, along w/ what I spent on them:
[*]FMIC, DSMLink, GM MAF, ECU - 1000
[*]Evo 3 16g, DSM GT Mani, Evo 3 o2 Housing - 450
[*]Cusco LSD - 750
[*]Rear Subframe/Moustache Brace Bushings - 165
[*]HKS 264/272 - 400
[*]Whiteline 26mm Rear Sway, Front & Rear STBs - 500
[*]Oil Cooler, Full Gauges, Rebuilt TB - 450
[*]Trans & Tcase Rebuilds/LSD install - 2000
[*]ACT 2600 w/ Street Disc new throwout/fulcrum/fork - 500

It will also have a bunch of new parts I don’t have the pricing in front of me for (stainless steel clutch line, ARP head studs, Mitsu multilayer head gasket, oil pressure sending unit, oil pan, oil pan gaskets, knock sensor, upper and lower timing covers, both front half shafts, fresh u-joints and carrier bearings in the ds, poly motor mounts, full poly bushing kit, evo VIII springs/shocks modded for GVR4, HP+ brake pads, stainless brake lines, front rotors, etc) on it by the time it’s done. And finally it will be all tuned in and dynoed.

Any interest in it… and what do you think it’s potentially worth? I have over $7k of parts into it, let alone tuning and labor.



Staff member
Jul 29, 2002
Chicago, IL
I dunno, if you put it all together, probably about $7k. Would it sell for that? I don't know.

There's a sh*t ton of variables here, stuff you haven't mentioned (wheels, tires, paint, rust), etc. It's really all guesses.

I'd get it all together, running, tuned (with dyno print-out), aligned etc before selling. No rust on the car at all, original wheels and paint in good condition, RE-01R tires.




Well-known member
May 29, 2004
Chico, CA
painting that window trim would help the curb appeal /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


Well-known member
Apr 19, 2004
East Sussex, U.K.

$5 that could potentially make a huge difference in how people view the car.


Well-known member
May 3, 2007
Manila, Philippines
call me faithful and loyal to our gr4's but i suggest that you keep it. It's going to be (if not already) a classic. Remember that it's the father of all 4g63T's /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

chris b


Well-known member
Jun 19, 2008
new york, ny
im just curious as to which car you are thinking about getting to replace the vr4 with?

I'm looking at an all original, low mileage GNX. Looking into trading the Lexus in towards a new CTS-V too.


either one is a WIN in my book, both are awesome cars. If you can find a GNX go for it!!!
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