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Recommended by Keydiver aka "Jeff O." for ECU socketing/repair.

Absolutely amazing work. I sent in my ECU on a Monday, got it back Wednesday. New Caps, ZIF socket, other parts replaced. His work is noticeable only if you look Very closely, otherwise it looks factory. The "board" also got a bath and a protective dialectic covering.

I'm Very happy with Steve's work.

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Steve Piette just refurbed my GVR4 ECU and did an amazing job. The ECU is beautiful, looks new and even came with that new ECU smell /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif. He was very responsive, helpful, professional and provided a service report. It was time for another set of caps and there was some acid damage left over that needed repair. Highly recommended!

Here's his web page:

and my summary report:
MD165810 91-92 GVR4 (E39A) Federal MT EPROM ECU
6578E Processor board from MD166262 6/90-6/92 Federal MT 1G DSM Turbo AWD
M60011-0131J E303
Custom EPROM

R129 Installed R25 Installed
R130 Not Installed R26 Installed

Reported Problem: Capacitor Replacement and repair.

ECU executes heartbeat on arrival.
Capacitors previously replaced and potted.
Electrolyte still present under potting

D118 removed to clean. Reinstalled.

C44 ground open. Replaced.
C108 +5 pad almost gone. Repaired.
C106 ground pad gone. Repaired.
C106 +12 pad almost gone. Repaired.
Pin 68 (ISC B2) open at C106 via. Repaired.
C19 damaged. Replaced.
R46 damaged. Replaced.

C106, C107, C108 replaced.

ECU executes heartbeat after repair.

Passes all sensor and solenoid tests.
Car starts, runs, no codes.


Well-known member
Nov 9, 2004
Cortlandt Manor,NY
+1 Steve socketed my eprom and made other necessary repairs as warranted, highly recommend anyone doing business with him!!!! Jason /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif


Well-known member
Sep 26, 2004
Chicago Suburbs, IL
Definately a great guy. My GVR4 ECU was throwing 5 codes. He fixed all of them and my ECU is as good as new. I did the whole transaction at his house and not through the mail. He was very helpful with driving directions and troubleshooting my car problems.

+1 for Steve.


Well-known member
Dec 20, 2005
Sheboygan, WI
I have to say this was absolutely one of the best transactions that I have ever had with a dsm'er. I sent in my ecu on a Saturday, he got it on Tuesday, and I had it back by Friday. He turned my dead ECU into a fire breathing monster. I had him repair the board, replace the caps and install my keydiver chip; and he did an absolutely amazing job. I think I might send him the "back-up" ECU that I bought from someone that was dead also. Thanks again Steve!!

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