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SOLD: 1992 Galant VR4(199-623/1000) $3,300 - Bradenton FL

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$3,500 - Willing to trade for Jeep Cherokee 4 Door 4WD OR 1G-2G Auto AWD/FWD

I have had the car for 3 years now, and I have loved every moment of it. I daily drive this car, and it just made the 1500 mile trip from NY to FL with out a single issue. Other then getting 35 MPG and not breaking the bank on fuel costs.

With in the past few weeks its made many trips to Tampa and also to Orlando (110 miles 1 way)

The Original badge number was 623/1000. Her interior was needed help. Center council was busted seats were ripped and all in all. Not up to my standards. I picked up 199/1000 as a non running parts car. The dash was in much better shape, and so was the front seats and center council. I switched dashes and since I had both badge and matching fob for 199 I left it on there. Due to hard times and unemployed I let badge number 623 leave my hands. Everyone can hate me but I made 1 good car out of 2.

The Shell has 161,XXX I drive it daily so miles will change
There is a Hallman pro MBC on it set @ 15 psi

OEM Mitsu head gasket
BS Elim
40k on water pump and T belt.
Wiseco Pistons
1G rods
Bored .50mm over
Done in October of 2004.
ACT 2100 pressure plate - Excedy clutch disc

Whats been replace in the last few months:
Outer tie rods
Right front inner tie rod
Sway bar links
Left front control arm
2 new 10 inch slim fans

AC does now work, No leaks. Blows out @ 48 degrees

Transmission shifts smooth

All pictures are current as of today

Exterior is a 8 out of 10. It needs a hood and a R/F fender. It was in a accident (minor) before I got her. The hood came off 199 and is rusty. I installed new hood pins to hide the rust


There is some very minor surface rust on the L/F fender by the door

The drivers door I believe will need some hinges. It doesn't line up 100% with the rear door.

Here are some more general pictures.






I have installed a FMIC, I got it for free and didn't leak. Painted it flat black and put it behind the bumper. I didn't see myself ruining something so nice.

Engine Bay

Interior: I would give it a 8 out of 10. It needs some sewing on the drivers seat and the passenger side sun visor needs some love


The drivers seat has developed a rip. Looks like it can be repaired


Has the typical TEL shifter inside

Current interior, need a vacuum.








2 Pillar gauge pod with Prosport Boost (mechanical) and Oil Pressure (Electronic)

JVC CD player, HKS Type O tubro timer. Sorry, the XM wont stay.

Under body:




The 4 Wheel Steer is still intact and does not leak.

The ABS fuse has been pulled, and light removed for cluster. I started to removed the Electronic component.

The downpipe and "cat" need to be replace. The cat broke off at the flange to the I pipe back. I sleeved the cat and slid it inside the I pipe (temp fix so I can drive it to work and back with out getting bothered because of the noise) Will be fixing it in the next 2 weeks

The right front wheel bearing is starting to make some noise, Not lose just starting to make a rotational noise while driving

I have a clean title on hand!

I'm sure I am missing stuff, So just let me know.

Thanks for looking
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Valve cover looks good professionally done not cheesy. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif

I think he is in Florida. He said that he made a drive from New York to Florida with no problems.


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Quoting Turboman_456:
Valve cover looks good professionally done not cheesy. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif

Thanks,I did it one day because I had it laying around. Turned out well.

Coreyc123, I live in Florida now. Car still has NY plates on it and a NY Title.


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Weekly bump, Trying to get rid of this so I can start a new project I have in mind. Still 4G63 powered of course.


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Weekly Bump, I would like to see this car gone. Debt needs to get paid off so I can start over. Toss me an offer


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I need the car gone, After a trip to Orlando this afternoon the ACT failed 3 miles from my Apartment. I will take a reasonable offer. I have another clutch and PP to put in it, But if someone wants it before I toss the new clutch in it, Take it and I will leave the other clutch in the trunk. Its just a OEM replacement style.

Looking to get $3,000 OBO at this point. Needs clutch, PP, Plugs and a Knock Sensor (logging phantom knock)


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Plugs and a knock sensor are nothing. Sounds like the car just needs some preventive maintenance. Great deal, glws.


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Quoting stealthtt24:
Plugs and a knock sensor are nothing. Sounds like the car just needs some preventive maintenance. Great deal, glws.

Thank you for the kind words. I will be ordering all of that from my buds @ STM on Tuesday.


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Transmission and Clutch have been fixed
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Its been a few weeks, Car is back to DD Status. I finshed up fixing the transmission and replacing the blown up ACT disc with a new Excedy disc I had from a past part

Looking to get $3,500 - OBO. Car is going to get cleaned and detailed this week after being pushed around the shop for the past 3 weeks. Will post pictures after that happens.


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New Year, and I am still looking to get rid of the Galant. Nothing has changed just installed a new slave cylinder that was leaking. I have driven it to Tampa and back a few times and she is looking for a new home.

$3,500 OBO, Will consider trades for a 1G AWD plus a little extra cash.

Thanks for time,

Lets get a little bump for Cory, BUY ME IM A GALANT /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/ooo.gif


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Adam, Never got your PM. I sent you a PM though.
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