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SOLD: 1991 VR-4 Galant Harbor Springs, MI $2,500

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1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 - Harbor Springs, Michigan. Asking $2,500.

~180,000 miles
Black ext./ black leather int. and dash. Leather shifter knob and steering wheel.
Manual transmission
Turbo charged
All wheel drive
All wheed steering
Power windows/ locks
Tilt wheel
CD player (it has a hard time playing CDs now though)
Power mirrors
Turbo boost gage
4 new snow tires currently mounted. I may have summer tires for it as well you can have!

Body condition is good! There are minor shopping cart type dings, but no visible rust on the exterior. Some rust is beginning to form on the inside of the doors where the sheet metal is crimped...same with the trunk. It hasn't spread/ no holes/ can't see it from the exterior/ etc. The leather seats are in good condition. The driver side has some wear, but really good for a 1991. We had to replace the engine and rebuild the transmission a while back...somewhere aroung 170,000 miles. Timing belt blew. :-( . The car was parked over the winter, and I went to start it up this spring. I was shocked that it fired up with no hesitation- the second I turned the key she roared to life- better than my daily driver- a 2001 Jetta 1.8T!

This is a family car- we have had it since 1991. We've tried to keep it clean and maintained well. We have not driven it much the last few years though. We all love this car. It's been great and drives amazing, but it needs a home willing to give it some TLC and use. Please adopt!

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More info: The timing belt was done at 177,500 miles. The car now has 212,000- I need to change that above. Other things that have been done over the years....replaced power steering lines, a couple brake lines, battery, alternator, radiator, shocks and some bushings. Had the car since 1991, so a lot of stuff over the years has been done to keep it maintained. At runs good, but idles a little high.

More photos...

Facebook Galant Photo Album


Well-known member
Sep 8, 2006
Middle, Michigan
Damn, I thought that Chad was going to pull through on that car! I hope you find a buyer for it! I still have a few people that might be interested, I'll try to help you get it sold.

i wish you were closer in michigan....this is like the exact color i wanted to! damn!

hey.. i sent you a msg on facebook. i hope that was alright. maybe we could do business /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif


Well-known member
Dec 21, 2004
Cleveland, OH
You have a PM /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Thanks all! I don't know what it is, but VR-4's have some kind of addictive quality about them. There's a lot of interest in the car, so it goes to whoever pays first I guess. I know whoever the new owner is obviously is a fan of the Galant, so I hope they'll be happy with it and get some good memories driving it, tuning it, or whatever else they plan to do!

We have a roof ski/snowboard rack for the Galant as well, so if the new owner or anybody else wants one for their VR-4 lemme know.


Active member
Sep 18, 2007
Cedar springs, MI
I am sorry Jared I tried the hardest I could to buy this and as any younger person, money is not always there and Michigan is not the best spot to sell a BMW I guess. Anyway I am sorry. Steve I did everything I could to get this but I have to plan for Colorado. I have owned a few rare cars and this one has to be the best one yet. I will get another one very very soon.

It's all good-

I opened the trunk and found the original red valve cover, and some extra head lights! I posted some more photos of the car- interior shot of leather seats, tires, valve cover, etc. I did find a rust bubble on fender :-( . Took a photo of that too.

why do you post more pictures to taunt me? damn you sir....damn you! goodness i think im in love.....the 4 hour trip is starting to look a whole lot shorter!

Will a couple hundred bucks off for gas money taunt you to come get it out of the driveway? Can I do that, or are the mods going to delete this post?

why do you post more pictures to taunt me? damn you sir....damn you! goodness i think im in love.....the 4 hour trip is starting to look a whole lot shorter!


Man if i was in the states and not on deployment and had the money. I would drive up from Virginia in a heartbeat lol. Good looking VR-4

Two questions:
1. AC? Working?
2. Would it make the drive from MI to Southern California (in your opinion)?

A/C and heat work very good. Heat got more of a work out than the A/C being from Michigan. SOCO is what? 3000+ miles? I think it would make the trip. For the cost of gas and 4 days of driving time it would be worth while to ship it though I think!

1. AC? Working?
2. Would it make the drive from MI to Southern California (in your opinion)?


Also- somebody asked for the VIN #: JA3CX56U0MZ012360

If the car doesn't sell I think we should raise some money and donate to it to the soldier in Iraq (to his home in the U.S....not Iraq. That would cost more than the car to ship!)

lol.. seems like there are 2 people looking at this car that are on a deployment! airmail.. im assuming you are in the air force? haha.

Haha I would have been in the air force if the recruiter wasn't a douche bag haha. I'm in the navy though, currently messing around in the MED. What about you? If this car isn't gone by December which I expect that it will be, and as long as my wife keeps out of my bank account, I'm totally going to be trying to get it. It seems rare to find one so unmolested.
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