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SOLD: 1991 Galant VR4 497/2000 Rochester NY $2000

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This is a 1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4, it is number 497 of 2,000 made in 1991. I'm just putting it out there for the local guys. There is a 1" thick file on this car that I have that lists everything that was done to it. There are some performance parts, but I will have to decide what I want to keep. It is an OE Belize Green Metallic that has been repainted about 10 years ago, there is no fading clear coat and only a few scratches. It has about 170k miles on chassis and block, but a rebuilt cylinder head was replaced at about 50k mi. I have done a lot of work to it and The interior is very good. The seats are in perfect condition, very rare for these cars. The headliner is starting to fall down, but not bad. The carpet is in good condition just dirty. The suspension is very good, I have replaced every front ball joint, sway bar link with quality Moog parts that are greasable. There is a new control arm on one side, and a good used one on the other. The fuel pump and fuel line have been replaced and upgraded to a 3/8" from the stock 5/16" and also rewired. I am currently running about 18psi of boost with no problems. The engine runs very strong, trans shifts fine, and it is very fun to drive.

The bad: This car was in a collision where the drivers front top frame rail was pushed in by a guard rail. I got the car with the intention of pulling out the rail and driving it. I have gone to 3-4 different body shops and found out that it will cost more than I want to put into the car right now. It would also need two tires and a windshield in addition to pass inspection. I do have a good hood and passenger fender on the car, and it will come with a good drivers fender. I can also include a front bumper cover that is only for a 91-92 Galant VR4, so you don't have to find it.. I would say it is extremely reliable at this point. It is on the road now and has made from Rochester to Cortland (about 2 hours) numerous times. This would be a good project car if you work at a body shop or know how to straighten a frame.

I love this car and want to keep it, but I need to get a reliable car for me and my daughter. I would be open to trades also. I would like something that is good in the winter, like a Jeep, Subaru, Audi, or equivilent. I prefer standards, but..... I would take an auto. Pm, email, or call me for more info 585-402-3308. The photobucket link is here
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Bump for $1800. It might not be in very good condition, but it runs and drives.

Here are some pics as it sits.

This is the aftermarket sunroof. It works perfectly, doesn't leak, and closes when you turn off the car. I would keep the car just for this and the seats if it was a perfect world.
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Sep 11, 2003
Orange County, NY

Please let us know if the car is available so we can manage the thread appropriately.



Sorry, just checked this now. I'm changing the title now. It has been sold. If anyone wants to trade a VR4 for a 2000 Ranger, let me know.
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