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[SOLD] 1082/2000 - $4000 - Phoenix, AZ - SOLID CAR

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CAR IS SOLD - 05.30.09

First thing's first...

This is not a beat ass DSM. This is not a 4-door DSM that gets your sorry ass around the expensive insurance premiums you deserve for driving like a shit heel teenager. This is a solid, thoroughly gone over Galant VR4. It's a limited edition, homologated rally car with a proud motorsports heritage that you should feel damn proud to drive every time you get behind the wheel. It's ready for YOUR chosen modifications and there's just enough little shit left to do on it that you can actually ENJOY working on your car.

That said, I've been working on this car for over a month. The previous owner was of the mouth-breathing, bus the tables, make the sandwiches, or ask if you'd like fries with that variety. Car had a 16G barely installed, two jammed up fuel pumps, an assortment of bullshit, mystery wiring "security" system, and when lesser scum broke out a window to steal electronics they couldn't even use, this genius left the car (which wasn't running - surprise, surprise) just sit for more than a year without a window in it. I even think animals were living in it at one time.

I have gone through and unfucked this Galant so you don't have to.

So you're looking at these pictures and you're thinking, "Doesn't look like a $4000 car to me." Well, here's how I see it...

You can spend $6000 and get a super nice, lightly modded, absolutely reliable Galant VR4 right here on, you can take delivery and drive that car every single day without dropping so much as a nickel on repairs. You can also buy a $2000 GVR4 and then spend an easy four large on fixing a bunch of not-so-little things that either don't work when you get it, or break soon after. OR, you can find something in between. If you want to actually drive your new GVR4 more than you work on it, you should be expecting to spend $6000 in the first year. This is just the way it is.

1082, here, has had the following done within the last few hundred miles:
- ACT 2100 installed
- All new belts, hoses, filters, coolant and synthetic fluids (Redline/Mobil 1)
- New alternator
- New power steering pump
- Optima redtop battery
- New radiator cap & thermostat
- Maradyne slim, pusher fan for AC (stocker was junk)
- Walbro fuel pump (in tank)

Since you don't want to buy someone else's project, this car is 99% stock:
- Fresh 14b turbo (was an unused rally car spare, actually - zero shaft play, zero smoke)
- Stock GVR4 intercooler
- Stock intercooler plumbing for the most part, save the line from BOV pipe to TB
- Stock downpipe and exhaust
- I even took the can't-get-them-anymore stock air filter-to-turbo piping off my own 195 for this car.

These are the only "mods" left on the car:
- Ground control coil over sleeves.
- Cross-drilled rotors (suspect pads might be upgrades, but no idea)
- Hacked aircan
- Some mystery inline fuel pump disconnected, but still mounted under the car
- Fuel pump rewire
- EGT probe still installed in the manifold, runs inside cabin (for your convenience)

This stuff is broken or doesn't work (right):
- Power antenna
- Dash clock
- AC (system is intact, but might need recharge or new seals)
- Dome lights don't come on with any door opening
- Driver's auto seatbelt won't retract without the key being in the ignition
- Dash speakers missing
- I stuck a radio/cassette (with aux input jack) in the dash to fill the hole, but not wired up
- Central locking has been disabled (likely related to dome light issue?)

This Galant starts on the first try and idles like a top. It will sit in 103*+ Phoenix heat and idle all day long without overheating. Temps stay right in the middle of the gauge like they should. Both fans work when they're supposed to. Car rides nicely, even with the coilovers, doesn't pull any which way.

Doesn't leak any oil or fluids and I'd have no worries about getting in this thing tomorrow to drive anywhere in the country. (Aside from it being kinda hot and there being no music in the car.)

The clearcoat is doing the usual, Mitsubishi fade, it's got a few little door dings in it, and there's probably some little trim-related odds or ends that I'm missing, but that's just because they're so insignificant that I haven't noticed. It's a strong running Galant that's ready for daily duty.

Now, even though I'm being a little firm with my wording, here, that's not to say that we aren't open to some negotiation on this one. If you've read this far, you're definitely interested in picking up a GVR4. Maybe this is a bit more than you can spend, but you really want to get a Galant VR4 that isn't all kinds of fucked up. That's fine. Drop me a PM, explain your situation, and we'll see what we can do. Just don't come in here and ask if we'll take $2500, some dirtbikes, or a turbo Mirage, okay?

If it matters to you AT ALL, my line of thinking, when spending hours upon hours in the blazing, Phoenix sun working on this Galant, was that I wanted to make damn sure this car was the way I would want it to be if I bought it. I've busted MY ass because I don't want YOU to have to. I see way too many super nice Galants getting parted out, so this is my attempt to do something good for the community. Buy this one and ENJOY IT.

This, the longest for sale post in probably several months, has been brought to you by the Foundation for Increasing Galant VR4 Values in North America.
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Looks nice, has it always been an az car?


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G - From the Carfax, it looks like it was originally titled privately in Texas, then moved to Arizona in the late nineties. It's had a few owners, but there's no reports of any accidents that I recall. In fact, it's just got a couple entries where it failed emissions, which might be due to owners ignorance, since they can't do AWD rollers here.

I've been inside, outside, under, and next to this car and the *only* spot of rust I can see is just a tiny spot on the driver's door where it aligns with the b-pillar. I suspect this was from leaves or pine needles collecting and holding water there for a while. (Again, the car sat for more than a year before we picked it up.)

Thanks for the reply, sir. Appreciate it.


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i think I remember someone owning this car in Sierra Vista when I was stationed there in 2002, i begged and pleaded with the guy to sell it......and he wouldnt.....oh well G/L


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I don't think this car has ever been registered that far south in Arizona, but it might be possible. Keith picked it up in late 2005 and it was up north for at least two years prior to that. Anything's possible.

Again, if you're interested, but the price is a bit too high for you, please drop me a PM so we can discuss.


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wow, that was long, but I feel you man, sounds like you put heart and soul in to ths bad boy, good luck with the sale, and Im sure we all feel that way when we see our vr4 brothers and sisters like that.

1665. Do you by any chance have any spare turbos? I need one for my 1893 that I just got. My seals are gone. Was this car ever at Ray Peter's shop? I think I might have met you there one time...


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Quoting woowoopdoo:
1665. Do you by any chance have any spare turbos? I need one for my 1893 that I just got. My seals are gone. Was this car ever at Ray Peter's shop? I think I might have met you there one time...

This car might have been at the shop at one time, when the clutch was replaced, but it's been out on Greenway for months since then. There's a no badge car on the lift at the shop waiting for me to fix up some wiring before I drop a fresh engine and transmission into it.

If you know Ray and the shop, there's a good chance we've met. Real name?

I think we've got something like five or six turbos up in the mezzanine, but the only one that wouldn't need rebuilt is the remaining spare for the rally car and isn't for sale.

I'm going to see about getting a bunch more pictures posted up this afternoon sometime.

Price is negotiable, people.

Oh I see. My name is Jose. I met Ray when I had my awd laser. I went over there to borrow his timing light one night. I think I might have seen this car there. I for sure saw the one on the lift though.


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That night you borrowed the timing belt? This was not the car on the lift. That was one of the non-badged cars. It's still there today. I only just got started cleaning up the wire harness yesterday. It should be running inside of a couple weeks, tops. EDIT: Jose, it looks like you've got a Galant too. You should come on down to In-N-Out sometime and meet everyone. With 1101 sold again and 3/1000 under the knife, I'm often the only Galant down there. :p

Back on topic: Got a couple interested parties in the region. Posted more pictures on Tarmac & Gravel if anyone's interested. Details on interior, doors, paint, engine bay, etc.. In the meantime, here's a couple pictures of 1082/2000 alongside my 464/1000 and Keith's 82/2000. I figured I've been carrying around all these Galant keys for the last couple months, I might as well line 'em up for a picture. Had it not been 110* that day, I might have moved them all into the sun.

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CAR IS SOLD - 05.30.09

Thanks for reading.
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