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Sensor in Japanese Wiring Harness


Well-known member
Nov 29, 2006
Dubai UAE
Hi everybody,
i have ECU + engine wiring harness that comes from galant vr4 1991 japanese version ( ECU part number : MD163994 Eprom ecu) , i rewraped and repaired with intact connectors but i found some difference between my wiring harness and american version , one of them is that there is a sensor with 3 pin connector that i dont know the works of it . Another different that my wiring harness doesnt have fuel pump relay like american version .
There is alot pics from my wiring harness that you can show the place of this sensor .plus i made the schematic pic that you can see the number of pins on the ECU diagram !

click click click click click click click click click click click click

Thank you in advanced !


Well-known member
Jun 9, 2007
Wgtn, NZ
Hmm, I've just had a good look over both my pre and post facelift j-spec's and couldn't find that connector on either of them.

Was the car the loom is from originally automatic?


Well-known member
Aug 4, 2004
Midlands, UK
Thats a mixture adjuster. fitted to cars with no o2 and no cat. UK, some Europe, Saudi and most general (phils,south america) export cars came with them.

Not A JDM at all. All jdm cars had unleaded and cats from the early eighties.


Quoting misterfixit:
Thats a mixture adjuster.

Interesting. So, its sort of like an O2 simulator. It takes the +5 volts and divides it down to feed the ECU with a fake O2 voltage, which can be used to affect the mixture/fueltrims?
Viento, I would think that if your car has an O2 sensor you would not want to use that, but connect the O2 sensor to pin #4 instead. As he said, that harness is not JDM, but off a GVR-4 intended for the Saudi or another market.


Staff member
Mar 5, 2005
THE Ottawa
Any other numbers off the ECU case or board? I'll add this to the archive I'm compiling of ECU #'s and the cars and markets they came from.
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