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Really annoyed by brake noise!!

Noise comes and goes now! but definite when braking. The rotors are drilled rotors (I dont remember the brand right at this moment. but their not cheap! Oh I got it! powerstops!) I also have pretty decent break pads called axxis. These were put in last year. I do have a pretty back shake when braking hard (very noticeable during highway speed and braking hard). As far as driving, car has pretty good alignment and it doesnt pull to neither direction. I'm thinking my caliper is good but rotors is bad. I have alot of rust buildup and I am thinking about changing the rotors. Or I might drive it until I can see something really precise. I will go to dyno very soon at the local shop so I will try to ask my buddy regarding the issue. I am soooo happy!! No more idle surge and no more misfire! ISC and COP installed!
I can't belive the difference of COP! smoothe and very nice throttle response compare to the stock setup and wires. I didnt know it could make this much difference just from COP.
For all the newbies out there! get yourself a COP as a start. I have three set of plugs that I purchased because of misfiring. COP fixed the problem right the first time!


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Feb 4, 2009
Northern Connecticut
Sounds like your rotors are warped. Bad rotors will wear your pads much faster. I'd look into getting some replacments even if they are just stockers for now. Not sure if you could have the powerstop's turned but that might be an option as well.
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Apr 20, 2008
Karachi, Pakistan
You said you have rust buildup on the rotors? Rusty rotors will definetly make loud metal to metal contact noise. Kind of like when the car is standing in rain with the rotors wet for few days and when you start to move the car, it will sound pretty bad. I still did not see you mentioning anything about wheel bearings. Are you sure that they are good? You might be having caliper problems as well as wheel bearing problem at the same time.
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