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PSA - check your fuel filler hose


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Less than two years ago, my OEM fuel filler hose sprang a leak. I found a thread on here that gave a great tutorial on how to replace it using stock diameter elbows (1 5/8"). I bought mine from

Lately, I've been smelling gas when I exit the vehicle. I suspected the fuel filter connections, as I have recently replaced my fuel filter. That always appeared dry, and I carried on.

While smelling my brakes, I learned the culprit was my less than two year old solution. My filler hose was cracking like crazy!

Jump online, only to learn that stock size rubber elbows were no longer available. At least I couldn't find them. I considered an exhaust shop for a one piece solution, but didn't think they could make right enough bends. The best solution I came up with was stock od aluminum elbows for intercoolers. Mated with J1527 marine hose couplers (97 cents a foot), I rebuilt the tube. The new soft hose is significantly more stout than my previous set up.

Hopefully, this will last more than 2 years. The old house looked like radiator hose, although was not sold as such. I'm not saying it was, but there is a good reason the old house is no longer available from the manufacturer.

Take a moment and look at your filler hose, ESPECIALLY if you've rebuilt it using parts from Simply pressurizing the old tubes with my mouth revealed leaks.


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FYI, I cut off the ends of my old tube to help determine the length of my new tube. They were not originally that frayed.