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Possible future VR-4 owner

Hello my name is Greg and I am an avid mitsubishi enthusiast. I've always wanted a galant vr-4 ever since I first learned about them many years ago. I am looking into purchasing one and I am wondering what to look for and what common issues may arise with this car. I'm somewhat familiar with DSM's but I know these cars are a little different. I'm no stranger to tempermental mitsubishi's, I have a 1988 Chrysler Conquest I'm currently restoring/modifying. I've searched around a little bit but I'd like to here from experienced owners also. Help is much abliged! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


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Jan 11, 2007
Aurora IL
if you can shop a DSM you already know what to look for, other than body of course.
- A good rust indicator on ours is behind the front fender dogleg where moisture gets trapped inside fender.
- Look for split in dash, visible looking into windshield, ps side.
- The front bumper reinforcement is often cut out if that matters to you.


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Jun 25, 2011
Some wack town in CA
Well I would check the Timing Belt, suspension,axles make sure the boots are good and not torn drive the car in a circle best way to tell if there good or bad you should here some clacking noise if there bad,

Also any leaks Boost leaks, oil leaks, check the 4ws lines.

See how well the tranny shifts 2nd gear sncryos go out on these car from what I heard.

I would also rent a compression tester to see how good the motor is.

I would ask as many questions as possible like when was the last time you gave it a tune up, performed a boost leak test, what kind of oil does it use,have the balance shafts been removed if not when was the last time the Balance Shaft belts were replaced etc...... you can usually tell if the car has been in good hand if he can Answer most your questions or he has no idea what a timing belt is and just head scratching trying to figure out what the hell your talking about.
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