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Old HKS Electronic Boost Gauge wiring diagram


Well-known member
Feb 23, 2009
Toronto, ON, Canada
Hey guys I've got an older HKS Electronic Boost Gauge sitting around here which I pulled from a previous car of mine a while back, which I want to fit into my Galant GT - trouble is I can't remember which wires were connected to which on the car I pulled it from.

On the back of the gauge itself it has two sockets, one plug goes to the boost sensor and has three wires (pink yellow and white) but on that same loom are three other wires (green, grey and brown) which I have no clue what they go to.

On the other plug is four wires, black which I'm assuming goes to earth, red which is constant power, and yellow and orange which one must be illumination feed and the other could be +IGN feed, but I don't see why you would need a separate power feed for constant battery and +IGN.

I've tried google searching and there's plenty of other people asking the same question but no answers at all from what I could see.


*edit* it's been pointed out to me that the gauge is a peak and hold type which is why it would need constant battery power, so am just wanting to know what the other three wires (green grey and brown) on the same plug as the boost sensor loom do.
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May 4, 2003
Clarksville TN
We'll I would say send HKS an email but they have no clue, I have two of the old cdi boxes that are period correct and I want to use one but can't seem to find out what wires to what. I tried numerious emails and calls and get we never build one like that to we don't support older units. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/banghead.gif


Well-known member
Jul 16, 2008
New Zealand
I've got a Greddy boost gauge and a HKS EGT and oil pressure gauge, all of which are peak and hold, probably from the same period (doesn't have the fancy HKS logo on them). I don't have my car for the next couple of days so I can't do much at the moment :/
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