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OEM Transmission Part Numbers - evo 1/2/3, 1g & 2g


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Jul 27, 2011
Cherry Hill, NJ

These are all JDM part numbers for the Evo 1/2/3 transmissions (W5M33):

3rd Gear Double Synchro MD747255
4th Gear Double Synchro MD747255
5th Gear Synchro MD745892
Reverse Synchro MD746439
1/2 Steel Shift Fork - MD749754
3/4 Steel Shift Fork - MD749755
3/4 Forged Shift Rail - MD749456
Input Shaft (Evo 1) - MD747885
Input Shaft (Evo 3) - MD747887
1st Gear (Evo 1) 2.571 Gear Ratio - MD748095
1st Gear (Evo 3) 2.750 Gear Ratio - MD743979
2nd Gear(Evo 1) 1.600 Gear Ratio - MD744839
Evo 1 2nd gear synchro - MD742614
Evo 3 3rd Gear - MD747250
3rd Gear Subgear - MD743314
3rd/4th Hub/Slider - MD747378
3rd/4th Gear Hub Springs - MD742441 x2
3rd/4th Gear Hub Keys - MD742777 x3
Evo 3 4th Gear - MD747376
Evo 3 10% taller 5th Gear - MD743980
Evo 3 5th Intermediate Gear - MD743319

92-93 Evo 1 large single synchro 3rd Gear - MD743313
92-93 Evo 1 large single synchro 4th Gear - MD743316
93 Evo 1/2 shallow recess double synchro 3rd gear - MD746748
93 Evo 1/2 shallow recess double synchro 4th gear - MD747252
Evo 1 HD large diameter 3rd/4th hub and slider- MD747651
Evo 1/2 HD small diameter double synchro 3rd/4th hub and slider - MD746716
92-93 Evo 1 large diameter single synchro for 3rd or 4th gears - MD742536

Evo 1 Reverse idler gear shift lever (MUST USE WITH EVO 1 Input Shaft and 1st/2nd gear assembly) - MD743281

If you are going to use the Evo 3 double synchro 3rd/4th gearset with a USDM 3rd/4th hub and slider assembly (MD747646), you will need to machine the hub to clearance the double synchros, otherwise you will desroy it immediately. You should otherwise use the proper hub/slider assembly from Japan (MD747378).

2G Synchros:
1st gear MD745477 (original OEM)
1st gear Shallow (uses 2 springs) MD742419
2nd gear (double synchro) MD746435
3rd gear (93-99) MD745479
4th gear (93-99) MD745479
5th gear (93-99) MD745892
Reverse gear MD746439

Input Shaft and Gearset Info:
Input Shaft (1990.10-1999) MD747884
Input Shaft Inner Tapered Roller Bearing MD732314
Input Shaft Outer Tapered Roller Bearing MD726235
3rd Gear Subgear MD741925
3rd Gear Subgear Wave Washer MD723535
3rd Gear Subgear Snap Ring MD724392
3rd Gear Needle Bearing MD718033
3rd Gear MD748582
3rd/4th Gear Hub Springs MD742445 x 2
3rd/4th Gear Hub Keys MD748663 x 3
3rd/4th Hub/Slider MD749416
4th Gear Needle Bearing MD749902
4th Gear MD741838
Input Shaft Snapring (1.4mm) MD723276
Input Shaft Snapring (1.45mm) MD730889
Input Shaft Snapring (1.5mm) MD723277
Input Shaft Snapring (1.55mm) MD730890
Input Shaft Snapring (1.6mm) MD723278
Input Shaft Snapring (1.65mm) MD730891
Input Shaft Snapring (1.7mm) MD723279
Input Shaft Snapring (1.75mm) MD730892
5th Gear Needle Bearing MD719137
5th Gear MD743162
5th/Rev Hub Springs MD742441 x 2
5th/Rev Hub Keys MD742777 x 3
5th/Rev Hub/Slider MD747654
Input Shaft End Shaft Oil Seal MD739390

Intermediate Shaft and Gearset Info:
Intermediate Shaft (1991.5-1999) MD748830
Intermediate Shaft Inner Bearing (ALL YEARS) MD726236
Intermediate Shaft Outer Bearing (ALL YEARS) MD736638
Intermediate Shaft Snapring (1.4mm) MD703779
Intermediate Shaft Snapring (1.5mm) MD703780
1st Gear Needle Bearing (1990-1999) MD737652
1st Gear (DSM 3.083 Gear Ratio) MD743179
1st/2nd Hub Springs MD742445 x 4 (use 4 springs with shallow synchro -- 2x springs per side, 3 springs with OEM synchro -- 2x springs on 2nd gear side/1x spring on 1st gear side)
1st/2nd Hub Keys MD742775 x 3
1st/2nd Hub/Slider MD749414
2nd Gear Needle Bearing (1991-1999) MD737652
2nd Gear MD748577
5th Intermediate Gear (ALL YEARS) MD742581

Output Shaft and Pinion Shaft:
Output Shaft (23-spline 91.06-99) MD741190
Output Pinion Shaft (91.06-99) MD742530
Output Shaft needle Bearing MD718578
Output Shaft Inner Tapered Roller Bearing MD718322
Output Shaft Outer Tapered Roller Bearing MD727861

Center Differential:
1990 FWD Turbo Differential Carrier (M/T Diff Case) Bearings: MD710663
90-99 Center Differential Inner Tapered Roller Bearing MD727860
90-99 Center Differential Outer Tapered Roller Bearing MD720623
Center Differential Case 1991.5-1999 MD741919
Center Diff Pinion Gear Kit + Spider Gears MD733338
Center Differential Spider Gear Side Shims (x2) MD737658
Center Differential Cover MD727551
Center Differential Case Bolts MD727552
1991-1999 Center Diff Oiling Washer 2.75-2.82 MD741405
1991-1999 Center Diff Oiling Washer 2.67-2.74 MD741406
1991-1999 Center Diff Oiling Washer 2.59-2.66 MD741407
1991-1999 Center Diff Oiling Washer 2.51-2.58 MD741408
1991-1999 Center Diff Oiling Washer 2.43-2.50 MD741409
1991-1999 Center Diff Oiling Washer 2.33-2.42 MD741410
1991-1999 Center Diff Oiling Washer 2.25-2.32 MD741411
1991-1999 Center Diff Oiling Washer 2.17-2.24 MD741412
1991-1999 Center Diff Oiling Washer 2.09-2.16 MD741413
Pinion Gear Oiling Washer 1.17-1.24 MD724949
Pinion Gear Oiling Washer 1.09-1.16 MD720677
Pinion Gear Oiling Washer 1.01-1.08 MD720676
Pinion Gear Oiling Washer 0.93-1.00 MD720678
Pinion Gear Oiling Washer 0.83-0.92 MD720679
Pinion Gear Oiling Washer 0.75-0.82 MD720680
Pinion Gear Oiling Washer 0.67-0.74 MD724950
Pinion Gear Oiling Washer 0.59-0.66 MD724974

Front Differential:
Front Differential Roller Bearings (x2) MD706566
Front Differential Case MD763447
Front Differential Gear Kit MD722127
Front Differential Spider Gear Oiling Washers (x2) MN178197
Front Differential Cross Shaft MB001106
Front Differential Cross Shaft Roll Pin MN178199
Front Differential Ring Gear 1991-1996 58-tooth MD748872
Front Differential Ring Gear 1997-1999 57-tooth MD770499
Front Differential Ring Gear Bolts (x8) MD040557
Front Differential Shim Kit MB185340

Shift Forks:
1st/2nd Gear Shift Fork MD723439
3rd/4th 1992.5-1999 Gear Shift Fork MD746854
5th/Reverse Shift Fork w/ plastic shift pads MD748630

Shift Shaft Assembly Parts:
Gearshift Interlock Retainer Bolt MD717876
Gearshift Interlock Retainer Bolt Gasket MD720602
Shift Shaft Assembly (9405.2-1999) MD747904
Shift Shaft Limiter Plate MD740179
Shift Shaft Stopper Kit (w/ retainer spring) MD720248

Shift Linkage Lever Assembly Parts:
Inner and Outer Linkage Bushings MD719165
Shift Linkage Lever (9405.2-1999) MD721253
Inner Flat Washer MD713416
Outer Flat Washer (95-99) MF450194
Lock Washer MF450405
End Nut MF430005
Dust Cap MD713757
Shift Selector Roll Pin (M5x22mm) MD705490

End Shaft Nut (x2) MD731948
Plastic Shift Pad MD712919
Roll Pins 5.2mm x 26mm (x3) MD701722
Transmission Filter MD738053
Input Shaft Seal MD741818
Front Left Axle Seal MD719710
Front Diff (Right Axle) Oil Seal MD707184
Output Shaft Seal MD723202
Throwout Bearing MD749998
Throwout Bearing Retainer Spring MD706185
Throwout Bearing Bellhousing Sleeve MD716349
Clutch Fork MD770506
Clutch Fork Pivot Ball MD719602
Clutch Fork Boot MD718077
Bell Housing Case MD739932
Gear Cluster Case (8903.1-9208.1) MD726632
Gear Cluster Case (9208.2-1999) MD744770
Intermediate Case Section MD746412
5th Gear Outer Cover (9105.3-1999) MD741184
Short Outer Bolts (x9) MF241294
Long Outer Bolts (x2) MD720558
Transmission Case Bolts (x12) MF241288
Black Plastic Intermediate Shaft Oil Guide MD726480
Transmission Breather #1 (x2) MD711443
Transmission Breather #2 MD721764
Transmission Breather Bulb MD733296
Bellhousing Dowels (x2) MD020260
Transmission Case Dowels (x4) MF472405
5th Gear Outer Cover Dowels (x2) MF472402
Reverse Wave Spring MD744342
Reverse Cone MD725928
Reverse Cone Machine Screws (x3) MD736513
Reverse Switch MD730979
Reverse Switch Washer MF660035
Reverse Lockout Bolt MD734488
Reverse Lockout Bolt Washer MF660035
Shift Rail Interlock Plunger MD720908
Bellhousing bolts (2G): MF140471
cont. MD740892
cont. MF140266
cont. MD706012
cont. MF140021
Viscous Coupler Detent Ball MF540008
Viscous Coupler Snapring (1.5mm) MD720687
Fill Plug MD701850
Fill Plug Gasket Washer MF660036
Drain Plug MD728088
Drain Plug Gasket Washer MN130495
Drain Plug Magnet MD955485
Reverse Bracket Allen-Head Screw MD734702
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