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Noise coming from dash area that increases with speed

I pulled the lower dash panel down from the driver's side to perform an alarm install. Ever since then, I can hear a sound (almost like a tire sounds sometimes when it has a nail in it) from the dash. The sound continues if I coast in neutral and disengage the clutch. The noise gets faster with speed. The noise can't be heard outside of the car with the windows open.

I am wondering if things tend to be a bit noisier on this vehicle with panels removed. The noise isn't that bad, low radio and low setting of the heater drown it out easily. I just want to make sure that it wasn't sinister.
I am wondering if I ran too many wires through the speedometer cable grommet and the cable is being crushed or something.

Any thoughts?



Well-known member
Sep 26, 2004
Chicago Suburbs, IL
Speedometer cable I'd say. Does it do it when it's really cold outside?

It seems to do it more when it's cold...but I have only owned the car for a few months now.
Seller advises that the speedo cable is new. I am seriously wondering whether or not my running
a million wires around it is causing an issue.

What is this tri-flow stuff and which side of the cable do I spray it on?

It really doesn't irritate me as long as it is benign. The whole car is a noise box due to the PTT clutch and I am happy with that.

Thanks again


Staff member
Jul 29, 2002
Chicago, IL
Google thinks it is this: click

I'd spray it from the dash side if that's where its making noise, but probably wouldn't hurt to do the other side too. Did the seller grease the cable before install? New ones are shipped dry and include a small tube of some white grease.

Did you ziptie any wires to the cable?
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