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newbie with 801/1000

hello. i just picked up a 92 gvr4 from a friend who was tight for cash. its kind of in rough shape. the original motor had a broken rod and two spun bearings so the motor was removed and for some reason a purple intercooler? idk. then it sat in his garage untill last week when he asked if i wanted it. my first car was a subaru legacy which i spent alot of time working on and loved the awd. so i said what the heck. $500 landed me the car and two days later i got a motor from a gsx. as of now the car has small surface rust on the deck lid and rock chips all over it. greasy and dirty and filled with parts. the aws system is blocked out but id kinda like to experience that so ill be looking to repair that. i did read the newbie intro and found that helpful. this is the 4th gvr4 ive ever seen and the first im going to drive /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif if you guys have any helpful pointers point away and im looking foreward to getting this back on the road.

a couple quick questions: my car has zero exhaust. any pointers on where / what i can use for her? i can always take it to a shop nearby and have them build one but id like to know from your guys' experience whats going to sound the best. ( no nasty cans yo /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif )

anything in particular i should investigate on the car before putting the new motor in/ i am putting new timingbelt, balance shaft belt, water pump and pullys on beforehand.

thanks guys,i look foreward to some discussion, pics as soon as i can


Well-known member
Nov 18, 2009
When you do the engine swap- the motor mount bracket that bolts to the block, that is located below the turbo, is galant specific - you can not use the bracket from the gsx doner car. If you dont use the correct bracket your driveshaft angle will be wrong and you will have trouble getting motormount to line up. This is the only motor mount bracket that is different.


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Jul 27, 2011
Cherry Hill, NJ
first off welcome to the wonderful world of the amazing GVR4 and secondly just take your time putting the car together, these cars can be tricky if you try to rush..


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Apr 7, 2011
Houston, Texas
read this click and welcome aboard.


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Apr 25, 2010
Orlando, FL
A 2g downpipe with a 1g cat back works for an exhaust. If the AWS is blocked off I wouldn't bother repairing it. All the lines are NLA.
+1 on the proper front motor mount, a Galant specific mount will be marked 344 and is the ONLY one acceptable for that position.

Welcome to the board... Now get to posting pictures.

alright after getting caught up in other things, ive got some progress done, motors in,new seals blah blah, im confused on my driveshaft.
a little background, i know the guy i got this car from, and our mutual friend has a 91 vr4. he thought his driveshaft was bad so he pulled it (idk y) and took the shaft out of my car (while my friend owned it, minus motor). so i get the car and ask for the driveshaft back, he gave me his since his car is in storage with my driveshaft installed on his car. this driveshaft looks fine, i got new bushings and went to put it up, when the shaft is splined into the transfer case the first carrier bearing slides into the mounting studs, but not the rear, when the companion flange is against the diff, the rear bearing slides onto its mounting studs, but the front does not. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/banghead.gif
what am i missing here? did my buddy give me the wrong d-shaft?

yeah thats what i was thinking, if i can snag my girlfriends camera tomorrow ill get a pic of it, kind of annoyed its snowing out and i havent driven my car yet. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/bawling.gif

If the driveshaft is too short it will be obvious. The difference is like 7-8 inches between the galant one and the dsm one. Plus side is that a driveshaft from a galant gsx is a direct bolt in.
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