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new Problem

ok so i just got done installing my new manual boost controller and dejon intake and i went to start her upshe started just fine, took hr around the blocks a couple of times then parked to see if i was leaking any fluids, so then when i figured out she was fine to drive she didnt want to start up, all i hear is the fuel pump kick in.

i notice the gauge in the center of my console go from negative to positive??
i have no idea what is wrong.


Check the intake to see if its clamped down all the way on the turbo and make sure the MAS is still plugged in.


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If the car has a DSMchip the stock boost gauge is used for seeing what the stutterbox is set to. Is you ecu stock, or chipped?

Does the motor crank over, just not firing? Or, doesn't the starter even engage?
The boost gauge moving just means you are tapping the gas pedal, changing the stutterbox setting. Ignore it.

the motor wont crank at all, all you hear is the fuel pump. do yu think i need a new starter?

The first thing I would try is unplugging the lower clutchswitch, the starter interface switch which checks to make sure you have the clutch pushed in. The plastic button in the linkage breaks after many years of abuse, falls out of the hole, so the switch doesn't get pushed in far enough.
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Quoting Sw4n3e:
the motor wont crank at all, all you hear is the fuel pump. do yu think i need a new starter?

Where are you located as you are local, PM if you want, I can help you..