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New owner of 1458


So I found this vr4 1 mile from my house that was on a dead end road.
I work for the post office and had to fill in for this route and that’s when I found it.
The owner said it’s been parked for the past 5 years (yes, literally parked 1 mile from my house for 5 years) after money shifting it.
The engine locked up and supposedly didn’t attempt to start it.
After I got it home, the first thing I did was give it a good pressure washing.

Cleaned up the interior and vacuumed.

I started pulling the head and the timing belt had 80% of the teeth sheered off.

With the head removed, all of the valves were bent and one broken.

I started disassembling the head and really concerned with what the previous owner was thinking. Do you see it?

I drained the oil and there’s a very fine glitter with no chunks. The crank spins freely with no snags. I was going to pull the pan but after seeing everything, I’m going to pull the block and either drop my 6 bolt out of my gsx in it or rebuild this engine since it seems salvageable with a spare head I have on the shelf just to get it on the road. Just figured you guys would like to see the fuckery of this car. My wife and son says it’s ugly so it has the nickname Big Ugly. I’ve got to find a few interior parts and replace or rebuild the rear calipers before it’s road ready. The body seems to be in great shape so I’m just hoping the trans/diff is good.

And of course, had to have a little fun while I was washing 6 years worth of dirt off it.

I’ll keep you guys updated on the car as well as possibly post tutorials on anything I do that’s not covered already. Enjoy!


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Holy crap is that a stock exhuast?! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/jawdrop.gif


Sure is! Other than a Ching Chong turbo that was put on right before the damage, this car is pretty much stock. Not only factory intake/exhaust but still has the tb/cas brace, ps heat shield, all emissions, no vacuum deletes, etc. and PLENTY of rat turds. Honestly I wanted to keep everything on the car but it’s a pain to work on so I’ll probably get rid of emissions, block off fiav and get rid of the turbo cooling lines and possibly switch to a ff ofh if it will fit. Long time DSMer btw, I’ve owned over 30, still have my main 98 gsx, and 6 non running/parts cars.
Here are some more pics of the galant.

My 98 GSX, stock block, hx35 build.



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Stoked to see another one saved!

If you end up ditching that stock intake and maf, I believe there was somebody on here hunting for one. I’ll go looking for their s/n.

Edit: Their screen name is deedo.
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Nice array of both 1g and 3g lifters above LOL


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The ultra rare summit white, nile black Galant VR4.



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Hmmm, I'm seeing Belize Green as the "washed" color...

Maybe my screen image.


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I suppose it is, or you're stuck in the Matrix.



Pressure washed the bay and looking better already. I’ve rebuilt the rear calipers and resurfaced the rotors for now. Passenger side parking brake was completely froze, but managed to find a new oem one to replace it. The driver side isn’t seized but doesn’t want to release pressure when the parking brake is let down so now I’m on the hunt for the driver side cable. I found a rust hole on the frame near the front I’ve cut out and waiting on a welder to weld in a new piece. I’m also trying to source a good engine instead of pulling the 6 bolt out of my 2g. Lots of small things to do, but stuck until I can find the ebrake cable and welder before I throw an engine in.


If anyone has a new driver-side parking brake cable (MB570774) message me. 😬