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Manifold selection

Ok let me start off by saying I don't own a vr4, but I plan to once i get back from deployment. I plan on running a Holset HE351VE turbo, they have a weird flange pattern to them its not quite t3 and its not quite t4, I ordered a flange for the turbo already. The thing that I am stuck on is this, what is the difference between a T3/T4 exhaust manifold and a regularly flanged dsm manifold? The flange I have is made of stainless steel exhaust manifold with the regular dsm flange could I just cut the flange off and have mine welded on with no negative effect or would it be best just to go and get a T3/T4 manifold and cut the flange off in order to get the best possible flow. That leads me to my next question, if its best just to go with the T3/T4 manifold, I know you can weld stainless to cast as long as the welder does the process correctly, I am looking at the ERL manifold, Is there enough room in the engine bay for that? I was thinking I would probably have to go with a civic radiator, just because of the turbo size though.

Here's a novel idea... Buy a new exhaust housing for the Holset turbo so that you can bolt it up to a DSM flanged manifold???

Thank you for the suggestion Jesse, but the dsm flanged holset turbine housing is not an option for me. If I was running the hx-35 or hx-40 I could. The whole point of getting the HE351VE is to use the VGT function that comes on the turbo. Someone found a way to control the VGT function using a 14b actuator, and since I love trying something different and the turbo was cheap I figured why not give it a shot thats the only reason why I am going through the trouble.

Don't weld cast to stainless, the metals will expand at different rates when they get hot, causing the manifold to crack. Ebay manifolds do this a lot.


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Oct 22, 2007
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Quoting RvlutionMtrsport:
Here's a novel idea... Buy a new exhaust housing for the Holset turbo so that you can bolt it up to a DSM flanged manifold???

Wouldnt that point in the direction of... Bullseye (assuming there was a Mitsu hotside for this Holset)?

Makes sense especially since it will be supporting the weight of the turbo.

So I've been looking at the DSM and the T3 flanges, I don't see any reason why you couldn't fab up some kind of adapter. Space might be an issue though.

In case it's helpful:


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