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Making a new, more sturdy hood latch support

There's a problem when trying to mount up a nice big front mount intercooler, its that damn factory hood latch support! When I had my old fmic I just completely took the old support out, causing me to have problems closing the hood etc.

I recently got a Spearco 2-216 which is basically the maximum width IC you can fit (33" wide w/ tanks) and its 3.75" deep, I wanted to be able to make my hood close nice and tight, and still be able to mount up the big fmic. So I made a support out of steel.

I wanted to make sure it was real sturdy so I got some steel that is a hair bit bigger than 3/16" (7/32 if you want to get real tech /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif) x 1.25". You can still use the normal 3/16 x 1.5" steel.

Looking directly from the side the crossmember and the hood latch dont quite line up, so I cut the steel to length and bent it using my vice. I then marked and drilled the holes and bolted it on. At first the latch was actually too high, so I drilled a lower hole and the results amazed me. The hood latches very tight (virtually no play) and just feels great w/ the rubber stops at the proper height.

The next step was to hold up the fmic and drill a hole to mount its support to the actual hood latch support.

Pictures speak better than words /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif



This actually gave me alot more room to work with the new intercooler and is a way more sturdy way for me to properly shut my hood.

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