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List of Whiteline/SuperPro bushings for the GVR4

Hi, here's a list of them for you guys just so you have it. If I've missed any that you know about please let me know. Lots of these aren't even in the application guide as it is and I've had to dig a little to find them. So, to the best of my knowledge here's the list with prices and descriptions:

SPF 1439K $50 Rear Hub, Front Bushing of Lower Rear Trailing Arm
SPF 2031K $70 Upper Rear Control Arm Inner Bushing
SPF 1343-xxK $8 Front Sway Bar to Chassis Bushing *xx=sway bar diameter in mm's
SPF 1344-xxK $10 Rear Sway Bar to Chassis Bushing *
SPF 1438K $29 Rear Lower Inner Control Arm Bushing
SPF 1313K $40 Front Lower Control Arm (rear bushing) no caster change
SPF 1314K $40 " " " " " increases passenger side caster
SPF 1315K $40 " " " " " increases p. side & decreases d. side
SPF 1315aK $40 " " " " " increases both p. side & d. side
SPF 1437K $47 Front Lower Control Arm (front bushing)
KCA365 $66 Rear Control Arm Upper Bushing (Camber Adjustable)
KCA321 $44 Front Control Arm Rear Bushing (Caster Adjustable)
W0623 $56 Front Control Arm Bushing Kit
W0624 $56 Rear Control Arm Bushing Kit
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/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif Quote:
SPF 0427K $17 Panhard Rod Bushing

Our cars don't have panhard bars, those are for the FWD models /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif.

Thanks for pointing that out! I was sorta wondering the same thing myself... that part # came from Zack @ Global when he was telling which bushings they made for the GVR4.


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Aug 19, 2003
Independence, MO
SPF 1439K $45 Rear Hub, Front Bushing of Lower Rear Trailing Arm
Is this the one that bolts to the car, or the one that bolts the trailing arm to the trailing arm control pivot? i welded my arms solid, and need the bushing that bolts to the car.
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