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JDM Galant VR4 Front CV axles in a 2G AWD Trans?


New member
Aug 4, 2018
Nanton, Canada
This is my first post and would appreciate any help at all.

The last couple months have been a real bumpy road to ride for getting this JDM Galant VR4 back running after the timing belt skipped a tooth because of a failed hydrualic tensioner.

After many random parts deciding to fail I thought I finally was able too drive the car again after fixing all the worn down 28 year year old parts.

So just as I got the car back from the shop a leak arises not even 2 hours of having it back and its from my front right CV axle seal with quite a bit of play in the green thing beside it /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/banghead.gif

So here are some questions regarding the compatibility of 1G AWD JDM Front cv axles from the RHD GalantVR4 with a 2G AWD USDM K-W5M33-2-NZPT Transmission from an 96 Eclipse.

Will A 1G axle be compatible with a 2G transmission in the application?

If they are compatible, then why does my right side CV axle have 1cm play and a leak? Could it be just a seal? or maybe the whole bearing assembly behind the seal? Is it possible that the axle wasn't seated right? and If that's possible with it still being connected mechanically to the other wheel how can i diagnose / Fix it my self without taking it back to the shop?

If they aren't compatible what Cv axles should I be looking at getting ?

Thanks for any input guys. I'm a newb so I hope this question is okay in this section /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


Apr 30, 2006
Sorry, we only do questions from Canada on Tuesdays, can you come back then? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

Donnie (or one of the other driveline guru's) will have your answer on the compatibility question.

One [possibility on the leak is that it's possible that the axle circlip wasn't fully seated in the transmission, and the c.v. joint worked loose from the trans.

I've had that happen to me, and learned the hard way to make absolutely certain to make sure the c.v. is in and the circlip is seated before finishing the job.

Somebody else may have a better way, but I usually just use the axle itself as a reverse slide hammer.

Starting with the axle on the floor, note that the inner c.v. has some plunge travel.

pull the strut out of the way, and bungy/ strap it

insert the axle into the trans as far as it will go,

pull the axle back out of the inner c.v. untill you reach the end of it's internal plunge travel in the c.v. cup

Then, with the c.v. housing cup fully seated in the trans, (holding the axle level and square to the trans), plunge the axle back towards the trans firmly (like a reverse slide hammer)

When the axle trunnions bottom in the c.v. cup, it will "pop" the c.v. circlip into it's happy place.

Job done, have a beer, eh?
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