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Intake Manifold Shootout

Can't decide what aftermarket intake manifold to buy? Stop going on hearsay and tooners talk and start using real information. RMDSM is doing an intake manifold shootout this weekend to gather some real data. This was my idea and Hal (Hal on this board) and Dave Landry as well as other RMDSM and NABR members have come together to make it happen. Please contribute if you can as we are making all the data publicly available to the DSM community and are funding it out of our own pockets. Lots of dyno data, measurements, volumes and runner lengths will be available for you to make an *educated* decision.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for results.

[ 05-07-2004, 01:13 PM: Message edited by: Hertz ]

Yea, that test is great... thanks to all involved and I can't wait to see the results.

Send all money to Dave in that link provided. Jon I need to get your manifold to Hal as soon as I can.

Great idea.

Can we get a stock cyclone /w non-ecu controlled runner actuator in the field?

I will sending money tonight. I would like to see a Cyclone jsut to see one, But Im not gonna hold my breath either.

i'm supplying the magnus and $100 plus I'll be wrenching. The session is closed to the public because we will be VERY busy with all the manifolds we have.

I'd really like to see a Cyclone tested. Run it with runners held open and run it with runners held closed. Then it would be easy enough to lay the two dyno graphs on top of each other to see what it would look like if the runners were switched open at the optimal point.

Also, this is less testing and more presenting, but it would be nice to see 'as tested' weights for each of the manifolds.

Good luck.


I will try to remember the scale to get rough weights. I believe a cyclone is in the works but no promises.

Big thing here is to make a good notes of the mods.

Ricer mentality is that if one intake worked best on one car it will work best on theirs, WRONG!!

Don't be drug into that pit people.

How about a stock motor with a stock turbo and say some usualy bolt-ons like the guy down the street has (not a real guy, just hypothetical). Then another with a few more mods and so on and so on. That way you get a good idea of what each intake will do at a given level and if it is worth it for you.

Street driving impression is also an imprtant factor, albiet a subjective one. But none the less, street manners and driveablity are very important factors to consider. Remember dynos only tell part of the story.

Still, hopefully some good usable data can come from this.

Good info wil come from this, And I know the truth is out there as far as this test goes. But on somthing lke this you cant say lest test them on 10 diffrent cars. I admit the test car is fairley extreme but its at the point of needing one. Most 16g guys dont need or want one. i will trust their judgement and data to choose whats gonna be right for me.

We'd love to do other cars. In fact we were going to test my galant as well, 20g, stock motor but there is just not enough time and money. Remember I *personally* will be swapping manifolds on a hot car all day just to get through the ones we got! If we had to do it twice on different cars we'd never finish.

So we picked the best compromise. This is not a shop car but a well built enthusiast car that your average person could build. No super secret parts or impossible to do stuff. I think you'll get good data but about top end and low end mainifold performance. Dynos aren't the whole story but they are the most objective way to gather good data.

The people who take the results as gospel are the same buyers that change their turbo 7 times before they run low 12s, and most likely one of those was a Mutt. I think this is a great test, and appreciate the amount of work it will take to pull it off. If I had to predict the test will show what has been known forever and that there is no perfect manifold, what one gains in xxx area it will lose in yyy area, and this will be a good judge of which one you want based on your needs.


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Nov 30, 2002
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I respect the amount of time, effort, money going into this project. I can imagine alot of burned forearms, fingers, and hands after the day is finished. Donation sent. Good Luck with the testing.
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