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How to get center console off...

I'm trying to get the console off so I can install the Symborski shifter bushing kit I've had laying around here, but I can't seem to budge it at all. I've tried using the Haynes manual to get an idea what to do, but it's practically useless. Any quick tips to make it easy to get off????

Screw it! I dunno if the console is welded to the chassis or what, but my God it's nearly impossible to get off. Not to mention it's like 200% humidity out today. If anybody knows of an easier way to install those bushings then I'd really appreciate some tips. The install instructions I've found thus far are for T/E/L's which have a notably easier console to get into.

ken inn

Well-known member
Feb 23, 2001
krum texas
lesse if i remember. up front, on each side, there is trim that kinda covers the very front, and is held on by black machine screws. once you remove them, there is a gold colored screw on each side that holds the metal part of the console to the dash frame. they are very hard to see, but they are there. these are the sumbitches. you need either a hand impact, or drill them out. dont even try a regular phillips, it will just strip them. then, you need to remove the radio, and the 4 gold screws holding it down. in the rear, there are 2 black screws, about 2 inches from the very rear of the console. you also need to remove the cover, just lift it up, and you will see 2 screws, and the cover itself is kinda tricky, the ends that go into the console kinda hook in. the black inside just lifts out, then you push the plastic guides for the seatbelts OUTWARDS, and snake the whole assemblies INWARDS as you lift out the console. after you have removed the inside of the console(the black container), reach in and pop off the black plastic part that holds the coin tray and the mirror switch, and disconnect the mirror switch. unscrew the shift knob, and reach in and pop off the boot, it is held on by little nubs on all 4 sides, they just pop off, then you can remove the boot. on the left side of the parking brake lever, there is a piece of trim that just pops off. you also will have to disconnect the shoulder belts one each side from the seat belt receptacle, and snake them thru into the console as you remove it. after everything is unbolted, you lift up the rear of the console, and pull it back, you may have to put the car in like 4th gear. not too bad, only a couple of good cuss words on this one.[This message has been edited by ken inn (edited 08-11-2002).]

Oh dayum! Anybody care to give me a hand with it???
Just kiddin'
Maybe I'll wait until I get a 1G shifter assembly then do it...might as well do it all at once ya know. Thanks a mil!

Ian M

Well-known member
Jan 11, 2002
Ken nailed it. Its a PITA at first,but once you find all the screws,it isnt too bad. Once you get the lever (If you dont have one yet,Ernies had a few,but they're crushing a bunch of cars,so Id check quick) swing by the the 'burg,ill give you a hand.
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